APOSTASY – How Suppression of Truth about God led to Depravity and Supression of Truth about Marriage and Family

holyroodHere in Italy the summer has reached its height: the sun beats down on the city and on the countryside by day, and by night the elderly sit outside and watch the people passing by.

To the eyes of the Faith, by contrast, the whole of mankind is plunged in the most profound darkness, for both the Church and the World are in the throes of the gravest and most profound crisis in the history of their existence. The crisis is one of Apostasy, not so much in the formal sense of the explicit rejection of the Catholic Faith, but rather in the general sense of the falling away from God. MORE

“There is no going back to the past” for the Mass, according to Francis

BACKOn March 7, 2015, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Roman parish of All Saints. He went there for the fiftieth anniversary of the first Mass celebrated in Italian by Paul VI in that very church.

Commenting on the Gospel of St. John in which Jesus chases the merchants from the Temple, the pope dwelt upon the expression: “you shall not make my Father’s house a house of trade” (John 2:16). For Francis, this refers to “a type of religiosity”: Jesus’ act is an “act of cleansing, of purification”. God “does not appreciate exterior worship performed with material sacrifices and based on personal interests,” he explained. It is “a reference to authentic worship, to a correspondence between liturgy and life; an appeal that applies in every age and even for us today — that correspondence between liturgy and life.” And he insisted: “This is not primarily a doctrine to be understood, or a rite to be performed; naturally it is also this, but in another way, it is essentially different: it is a font of life and of light for our pilgrimage of faith.” Continue reading

Nine American Priests of SSPX ~ Letter to Abp. Lefebvre

MGR DOLANNine priests outline the grave problems in the Society of St. Pius X in their March 25, 1983 letter to Archbishop Lefebvre and the General Council of the Society. The priests would be expelled the following month.

Your Grace and Rev. Fathers:

It is our understanding that the reason for which the Society of St. Pius X was founded was to promote fidelity to Tradition, by which is mean loyalty to the Church, her doctrine, more teaching, worship, sacraments and discipline. That such an organization was necessary was due to the fact that the reforms introduced by Pope John XXIII set in motion a process that has resulted in radical change, which constitutes a substantial rejection of traditional Catholic doctrine, morality and worship. Continue reading


paulvi.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxNOSTRA AETATE

ON OCTOBER 28, 1965

1. In our time, when day by day mankind is being drawn closer together, and the ties between different peoples are becoming stronger, the Church examines more closely her relationship to non-Christian religions. In her task of promoting unity and love among men, indeed among nations, she considers above all in this declaration what men have in common and what draws them to fellowship. Continue reading

On the Remnant Church today

stmichael3-1024x490Friends of the Faith;

On the Remnant Church today. To help understand the facts,  I need all to understand church teaching. To begin with Archbishop Thuc of Vietnam did have a papal mandate to consecrate Bishops by Pope Pius IX and cmri comes from his line. Even if it were not so, a papal mandate was not needed from the beginning, as the Apostles consecrated Bishops themselves. Continue reading

The Deposit of faith & Papal Infallibility.

DEPODear friends of the faith:
One has to understand that Catholics are only obligated to accept the deposit of faith. That is The Pope & Hierarchy, Tradition and the Bible. Private revelations have no jurisdiction on the faithful, even those that are approved.  Also there is no such thing as new Divine Revelation. The Bible has everything we need to know from the beginning to the end of the world. Continue reading

“Why the V-2 Popes cannot be Popes.” Lecture by Rev. Fr. Noel Barbara

Explanation of Church Teaching on Papal Infallibility
by Rev. Fr. Noel Barbara  RIP

Hear, Father Noel Barbara’s dynamic lecture,  given originally in French by Fr. Barbara in the 1980’s. The author (who was probably the first European priest to come to the conclusion of the vacancy in the papal chair), after recalling the Catholic doctrine on the Church and its Magisterium, shows why the popes of Vatican II cannot be  popes. Continue reading

The Pope’s Office cannot be Divided

Dear follow Catholics:
This is the teachings of the First Vatican Council and Pope PIus IX 1869-1870
Here is what it says, “1831 [Canon]. If anyone thus speaks, that the Roman Pontiff has only the office of inspection or direction, but not the full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the universal Church, not only in things which pertain to faith and morals, but also in those which pertain to the discipline and government of the Church spread over the whole world; let him be anathema. This is repeated in canon 1827 below. “let him be anathema.” Continue reading

The AntiChrist would have to be a false pope; St. Bernard

lstDear friends of the faith.

The AntiChrist would have to be a false pope; St. Bernard

Any time you hear or see the phrase, Restoration, or the like, denies divine revelation that the first AntiChrist was Paul VI and that the final solution can only be the Second Coming of Christ. Do not trust Traditionalists who preach or indicate, ‘restoration,’ ‘Sedeprivationists,’ ‘material formula popes,’ ‘interregnum,’ ‘a future Pope,’  etc, on these subjects. You notice that I use a capitol C on AntiChrist, which means he has to be a priest, or acting priest.
They are all denying Scriptures. St. Bernard voiced his opinion that the AntiChrist would have to be a false pope. Not an Anti-Pope. An Anti-Pope can still be Catholic. An AntiChrist has to be an apostate.

Continue reading

For the Good of the Church I am forced to make the following Proclamations

10690Fellow Catholics. Since the legalization of the Vatican II Council the Fathers have had over 43 years to come to an objective conclusion. As it stands to this day the Fathers are as deeply divided over the following facts as they were 43 years ago.

As a result, I am forced to issue the following Anathemas in the name of Truth and Justice, while I can. For me not to do so would make ME guilty of “Derelict of Duty.” These Anathemas only apply to those who go AGAINST the following TRUTHS. Continue reading

Most Reverend Blaise S. Kurz One of the forgotten Hero’s of the Church

page44July 17, 1966 – Bishop Blaise S. Kurz, O.F.M., left, and Rev. Gommar A. De Pauw
Thank you, Bishop Kurz!…
Text of
The Most Reverend Blaise S. Kurz, O.F.M., D.D., LL.D.
Titular Bishop of Terenuti         Prefect-Apostolic of Yungchow
Witnessing the continuing harassment heaped upon the Reverend Father Gommar A. De Pauw, J.C.D., the priest who is President of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement and also serves as my personal secretary, I am bound in conscience to make the following public declaration:

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