Father Francis Miller’s letter to Father Dan Jones & his response 1988

In this response from Father Jones, he may not have realized at the time but he gave out one of the mystery’s of the “Book of the Apocalypse”. The two horns of AntiChrist. This comes from St. Zachary’s prediction that St. John the Baptist was born as “a horn of salvation”, which means he is a prophet. Now after Christ established the papacy, major prophets became obsolete, because every pope is the number one high priest & king, prophet and doctor. So when John Paul I took the name of two previous anti-popes, he gave himself two horns of heretic prophets.” He has two Horns like those of a lamb but speaks as a Dragon. Apocalypse 13:11. I have this article “The Two Horns of AntiChrist & AntiChrists,” on my web site under. Apostasy & the Beast.


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Some facts on the New Mass of 1969 from Traditional Catholics in India:

Paul VI found the traditional Mass too Catholic and directed that it had to replicate the Calvinist Communion Service as revealed by his confidant, Jean Guitton;
The New Mass closely replicates the 1959 Communion Service of the Protestant “Church of South India;”
The New Mass never had an Offertory.  Preparation of the Gifts is one of the 18 blessings taken from the Talmud, reference, REAL STORY OF THE OFFERTORY’S REPLACEMENT


A Look at the past Traditional Catholic Hero’s

jxxiiithe VOICE

The Catholic Laity “are permitted and sometimes even obliged to express their opinions on those things which concern the good of the Church”…Constitution on the Church.

Vol, 8 – NO. 14 – Nov, 13, 1971 ~ Editor: Hugh McGovern

“VATICAN II DID CHANGE DOCTRINE: IT CHARTED COURSE OF A NEW RELIGION,” SAYS NOTED WRITER – Prof. Marcel De Corte, famed French Catholic apologist and professor of University of Liege, takes Vatican II over the hurdles in fully documented 17-page essay in Courrier De Rome (Paris, France). Continue reading

Jurisdiction: Epikeia and Papal Mandates

15369780398_51b40b339f_zQuotes on Jurisdiction: ‘Necessity makes licit what is illicit.’ Pope Gregory IX ‘It is true that one sins against the rule who adheres to the letter and leaves aside the spirit’ Pope Boniface XIII ‘The HIGHEST LAW is the SALVATION of Souls’ Pope Pius X Canon 2261.2-3, 1917 Code of Canon Law: “… The Faithful may for any just cause ask The Sacraments or Sacramentals of one who is excommunicated, ESPECIALLY, IF there is no one else to give them (c. 2261.2). Continue reading

True or False Pope by John Salza and Robert Siscoe

hqdefaultTrue or False Pope? is the most thoroughly researched, detailed and systematic refutation of Sedevacantism that exists, (so they think), and represents the most cogent defense of the Papacy and Church against their specious arguments. In this 700 page tome, John Salza and Robert Siscoe present material from Popes (?)  (So do Sede Vacantists) The book True or False Pope states that Vatican II was not Ex Cathedra nor infallible because they did not define anything as “dogma that is divinely revealed.” The book also states that in order for the church to be infallible on a given teaching, the church must claim it is teaching infallibly. (?) Continue reading

Clarification of the opposition LEADERS to the Vatican II Council

mqc00257Original Letter.

Why did Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci proceed to offer the New Mass anyway? If the Ottaviani Intervention was sufficient to establish the crime of heresy of Paul VI?

Their complaint was only that it was problematic, but they ended up tolerating it. I do not know of one Church Theologian who believes that Paul VI’s rejection of the Ottaviani Intervention was sufficient to establish Paul VI’s crime of heresy. Do you?

Otherwise, Ottaviani and Bacci would have declared Paul VI to be a formal heretic, and they would have refused to say the New

Clarification of the opposition LEADERS to the Vatican II Council

When Pope Paul VI rejected the “Ottaviani Intervention,” on November 19, 1969,  he also rejected all of the RELIGIOUS who were in defiant to the Vatican II Council. On this day he said “that using the new rites was an act of obedience, Continue reading

The Validity of the Thuc Consecrations

THCDuring a conversation with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1980, I hinted about my worries over finding a bishop after his death who would ordain traditional Catholic priests and confirm our children.

The archbishop — at that time he hadn’t indicated whether he would one day consecrate bishops — tactfully replied that the question worried him, too, and that “Deus providebit” — God will provide. He added, with one of his trademark French chuckles, that each time he had a coughing or sneezing fit in the seminary chapel at Econe, he could almost hear the 80 seminarians silently change their prayer to just one fervent petition: “God, let him live — at least till he ordains me!” MORE


The one main reason for the turn around toward bad Popes.

Was Julian the Apostate the last Roman ruler who tried to rid the Western world of Christianity?
Julian the Caesar Augustus after Constantine, tried to reverse Constantine’s approval of Christianity, by restoring the temples of the old Gods and stripping lands the Christian priests owned. As a result the Catholic countries, Rome, Milan, Florence, Sicily to name a few, now had no protection from the State and as a result had to form their own Armies. In the case of Rome the pope would generally appoint a relative as a Cardinal and put him in charge of the army (Not all Cardinals were priests then).

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Was Cardinal Siri ever the Pope?

Cardinal SiriWhen Paul VI rejected the Ottaviani Intervention and announced on November 19, 1969 that all Catholics have to accept all the changes of the Vatican II Council he became automatically excommunicated and as a result brought us into the Great Apostasy and the End Times. As a result broke the line of perpetuity of the papacy. There is no pope during the end times, only AntiChrists.

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Angelus Press October 1990, Questions and Answers

by Father Francois Laisney

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This is the Dogmatic position of the Sede Vacantist

lateran-angelNo Pope No Church Thesis ~ 6-30-11 Com. St. Paul St. Peter    Revised

This is the  Dogmatic position of the Sede Vacantist Catholics ~ 4-10-16  2nd Sunday of Easter

Dear friends of the FAITH:

The Vatican Council  (1869), which defined Papal infallibility & Perpetual successors in the Papacy, makes it clear by the Church that there can never be a break in the line of successors of  Peter (and there never has been beyond death or resignation). Also under Infallibility in the 1912 Catholic Encyclopedia  it states “…were a pope to become a public heretic, i. e., Continue reading

APOSTASY – How Suppression of Truth about God led to Depravity and Supression of Truth about Marriage and Family

holyroodHere in Italy the summer has reached its height: the sun beats down on the city and on the countryside by day, and by night the elderly sit outside and watch the people passing by.

To the eyes of the Faith, by contrast, the whole of mankind is plunged in the most profound darkness, for both the Church and the World are in the throes of the gravest and most profound crisis in the history of their existence. The crisis is one of Apostasy, not so much in the formal sense of the explicit rejection of the Catholic Faith, but rather in the general sense of the falling away from God. MORE

“There is no going back to the past” for the Mass, according to Francis

BACKOn March 7, 2015, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Roman parish of All Saints. He went there for the fiftieth anniversary of the first Mass celebrated in Italian by Paul VI in that very church.

Commenting on the Gospel of St. John in which Jesus chases the merchants from the Temple, the pope dwelt upon the expression: “you shall not make my Father’s house a house of trade” (John 2:16). For Francis, this refers to “a type of religiosity”: Jesus’ act is an “act of cleansing, of purification”. God “does not appreciate exterior worship performed with material sacrifices and based on personal interests,” he explained. It is “a reference to authentic worship, to a correspondence between liturgy and life; an appeal that applies in every age and even for us today — that correspondence between liturgy and life.” And he insisted: “This is not primarily a doctrine to be understood, or a rite to be performed; naturally it is also this, but in another way, it is essentially different: it is a font of life and of light for our pilgrimage of faith.” Continue reading