Another precious treasure is being eliminate from our lives

I know what your thinking; is Joseph bringing up something on the level as the end of drive-in theaters?

Well, not quite. Our secular calendars are more incline these days in leaving out the moon cycle’s and as God’s loving people we should know that the moon is God’s calendar. It was used from the beginning in recording history from the creation of Adam and just about every major event in Church history. Even the Muslim’s have a moon on their flag. So, when shopping for a new calender try to find one with God’s clock on it and hopefully this will keep the Tradition alive.

Trump did not officially proclaim Pride Month. Reply to a Catholic

First, you should not be going on the mostholyfamilymonastery. website because these guys are professional liars. Not only are they good at twisting the truth but they’re HERETICS.
One has to realize that the President is the head of a liberal majority nation. He uses phrases to pacify certain groups in order to win their support. No matter; we had no choice for the office and the Church teaches that we choose the LESSOR of the two evils. Read the below facts on the subject.   In Christ, Joseph

Trump wants credit for acknowledging LGBTQ Pride Month…

Feast Day: Queen-ship of Mary – May 31

A 3882

Special days to honor the Blessed Mother, the Assumption and the Queenship of Mary. At the end of Mary’s earthly life, she was assumed into heaven and upon entering she became Queen of Heaven. By looking into the Scriptures, how can we deduce these things? Many non-Catholics strongly disagree with these declarations about Mary, because it isn’t explicitly stated in the Bible, but Our Lady of the Apocalypse can be compared to Our Lady of Guadeloupe. These events are not hard to see if we observe how God has worked with His people here on earth.

Mary’s Faithfulness

First, it would be hard to deny that Mary was the most faithful follower of Jesus. She was willing to be stoned or scorned or left destitute just by agreeing to conceive Jesus.  At one point fleeing to Egypt to save her son’s life. She faithfully observed the Laws of Moses and raised Jesus in faith. The list can go on and on, but the question to ask is, how did God reward other people for faithfulness?