Ven. Fulton Sheen lays out the 12 tricks anti-Christ will use to destroy Christians

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Very Good, only there is more than ONE AntiChrist. All these Vatican II popes are AntiChrists. The word means a false Christ against Christ.

While Sheen’s description of the anti-Christ was given almost 70 years ago, his words may be more pertinent in our own times than they were in his. His prophetic message is absolutely crucial for every sincere Christian who seeks to be faithful to Christ to the end. He states: MORE VIDEO

No one knows when the End will come?

Letter Responses to the Catholic World Report
Is the Corona Virus a sign of the End.
In reply to your article by Lionel Hanaghan, then my response to Lionel – No one knows when the End will come.

Reply – Lionel Hanaghan – May 22, 2020 at 2:52 am

Yes, Our Lord did say, “It is not for you to look at dates and times” at the Ascension but that was only to call the disciples to look to heavenly truths and not the earthly (Israel) kingdom. In the gospels he gives apocalyptic warnings in great detail and says, “I have told you these things in advance”. He did that for a reason: that it’s something that we should consider as major doctrine of our faith. I personally find it inspiring that Jesus has the power to bring all things to an end and for right and wrong to be finally revealed – I just try to stay on the right side! I think the author has missed the point about the current stirrings about the “end time”: it is nothing to do with coronavirus (that’s just another plague); it is about the smoke of Satan entering the higher parts of the Church. Consider the German synod (‘There’s no difference between man and woman’, etc, etc) and all the enormous scandals that are ‘testing the faithful’. I think it’s perfectly legitimate response to wonder about the end times and renew our efforts to be “on the watch”.

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Low Sunday ~ Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter today. Here’s the Problem

Orthodox Christians worldwide celebrate Easter like no other amid ...

What they continually don’t wish to understand that it’s both a Solar calendar and Moon calendar, the full-moon  is needed for the Passover and they have none. It comes from Adam’s birthday and in Psl. 88:38…like the Moon, which remains forever–a faithful witness in the sky.
Orthodox Christians are gathering around the world to celebrate Easter. Followers mark their faith’s most important festival day on 28 April, one week after fellow Christians. The different dates arise from use of the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar.


Symbols are an important part of our faith and are very evident within our churches. The icons; the altar, the icon-screen, the candles, and even the vestments of our priests are all symbols of various types and each holds a meaning that must be understood if the symbol is to touch our lives with more than its mere external appearance.

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First Year without Papal Travel since 1979

Coronavirus likely to cause first year without papal travel since ...

TIA. Maybe AntiChrist Francis will make up with president Trump and become our heroes. Then again it might be the next AntiChrist false pope who will.  (Joseph)

Remember the days when Popes didn’t travel? That is a novelty of Vatican II Popes, starting with JPII the Great Traveler and Showman. The only Great he merits after his name.

Well, one other good result of the coronavirus: Pope is staying home again.

Unfortunately, NOT a return to tradition. Just fear of the Coronavirus: He’s leading the way for the rest of our clergy and Prelates. Stay inside in safety and forget the Sacraments and saying Mass. ..

Truckers find the roadways Rougher.

I had this problem on my trip to Vegas. On the way up, in Barstow, CA I pulled into a gas station and fueled up. Went to the bathroom, got coffee, an ice-cream sandwich and left. But on my return from Vegas was different. Stopped at the same service station but this time the restroom was “out of order.” The lady recommended the 99 cent store across the street, they said, only the Lady’s room was available, so I said let me use that. End of story. A guy outside recommended Walmart about a mile away. On my way down I tried another service station. I go in to see another big sign, ‘restroom out of order’. I got the message, if you keep the restroom open you have to disinfect it 5 times a day. California virus law. Well thank God for Walmart. This time, no problems there. So can you imagine what these Truckers are going through who are trying to get the stores loaded with merchandise. Is this premeditated? And for what purpose?

The nation, he said, would crumble without people like him. MORE

The origin of April Fools Day

Why are we asking this now?

Because it’s that day again; after another boring 364 days of sober honesty all round, the beloved annual festival of practical jokery is upon us once more. If you’re reading this before midday, it’s your one chance in the year to pull the wool over somebody’s eyes with impunity.

So why are the rules different on 1 April?

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One of the Top Democrat Presidential Candidates: Mayor Pete Buttigieg

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Needless to say and it’s public knowledge, that Pete is a homosexual with or in a same sex marriage. Considering his life style, he carries himself more maturely than most of the other candidates, that’s the funny thing about this election. Pete’s life style seems to be helping him surge to the near top of the field. More evidence which proves how sick we are as a nation.
In Christ, Joseph