The Apocalyptic Sign & Symbol

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The Apocalyptic Sign & Symbol that I chose in the late 60′s is to reflect the Church fleeing in the wilderness during the Great Apostasy and the END TIMES.

As the Church finds itself in the wilderness as a result of Vatican II Council, it is appropriate that Our Lady, she who typifies the Catholic Church, be displayed and honored accordingly. This is not something conjured randomly, since the images that are used reflect the importance of our apocalyptic days.

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A Brief Account Leading up to my Two Visions and my Background

With me you might say it started the day May 13. Seems Our Lady had her finger on me.

Not to make a long story longer. After I got out of the Army, 1957, my folks had moved to L. A. So I went to L. A. to start my life again.

One day a Bible salesman came to the house and sold me a Papal edition Bible. At the time I was a party guy but thought that everyone should own a good Bible. Unfortunately in casually looking it over, the old and the new I felt it was contradictory.

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Francis new grotesque mockery of the Cross

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After more than five years of the Bergoglian occupation of Rome, there is precious little evidence that this man is Catholic in any sense of the word; much less that he is the “Holy Father” as some insist on calling him. And yet, there is a mountain of evidence that plainly attests to the fact that he is neither Catholic nor pope. For the simpleminded who simply cannot digest such solid food (yet), take a good hard look at the image below and ask yourself, would a man (much less a cleric) who loves Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic faith ever carry such a grotesque mockery of the Cross?

Stanford to Drop Spanish Colonizer’s Name From Its Address

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This is why I wanted the Fathers to watch the video on “Spanish Florida” The Catholic Church and Western Civilization is being attacked throughout the world. That is the post Vatican II Church.

Junipero Serra led the system of missions in California that “contributed to the destruction of the cultural, economic, and religious practices of indigenous communities and left many tribal communities decimated,” according to the advisory committee that recommended removing his name. MORE

Catholic Traditionalists March Across Rome – The New York Times 1971

I remember this but forgot the date it took place and as a result could not find it. In re-examining the book,”Saul, why do you persecute Me?” by Michael San Pietro I came upon some news clips and there it was. Still my Google search took some time but I finally found it. This helps prove that Paul VI and the world didn’t care about the Traditional Church Teachings and Services.

ROME, May 30—Preceded by 300 white‐clad children, 3,000 Roman Catholic traditionalists from various European countries marched across Rome and into St. Peter’s Basilica this after noon in a subdued protest against liturgical reforms. MORE

The Man of Sin and first Homosexual (Paul VI) to be canonized by # 5 AntiChrist Francis. Clever Francis is using a decent Archbishop who was martyred to cover for the evil one Paul VI, Woe Woe Woe to the World.

ROME – Pope Francis has chosen the date for the ceremony that will see the Catholic Church officially recognize the sainthood of Pope Paul VI and Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, who was martyred as he was celebrating Mass: They will be canonized on Oct. 14, 2018. MORE

Natural disasters are always a wake-up call & Signs of CHRIST’S RETURN

Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier – 9-16-17 – Saints Cyprian & Cornelius opn!

Dear Reader: Natural disasters are always a wake-up call for mankind .

A television station asked to interview me this week about my thoughts about the end of the world—in as much as there were the two hurricanes back to back with also the other natural disasters and a supposed prediction of an asteroid headed toward earth that is supposed Continue reading