Dr. J. Vernon McGee does it again on the Mighty Angel

Dr. J. Vernon McGee does it again on the Mighty Angel, He’s helping me again. On his last two shows, his accounts of Apocalypse 10:1-2,  the Mighty Angel  comes down from heaven wrapped in a cloud, with a halo And he had in his hand a little book, open. And he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot upon the earth. A strong angel, proclaiming with a loud voice: Who is worthy to open the book. First of all, that’s the angel I have on the cover of my booklet, The Day of the Lord and the Signs of His Coming,” The angel has full authority over ALL Creation. 

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Pope Francis to visit Iraq in March

Don’t think the AntiChrist inter-faith gathering can happen in 2020 in Jerusalem, as it stands right now. Also if it happens after Pentecost Sunday the Lord still would not be back till Pentecost 2021.

Pope Francis to make his first overseas trip in more than year, if COVID allows. MORE

AntiChrist pope Francis Endorses Biden for President

This may sound farfetched but his latest endorsement of same-sex civil unions is another slap in the face for the Catholic Church, Evangelists, God fearing people’s and the Republican party. (pope’s interview for the feature-length documentary, “Francesco”). MORE

The timing of this announcement is critical, 12 days before our election. It’s no secret that the pope and President Trump clashed over closed borders and the immigration problem. How this will effect the outcome of the election remains to be seen, but it’s surely obvious that it’s not going to help President Trump.

The pope needs to go to confession before he dies, or he won’t make it to the promise land.
In Christ, Joseph

At UN, Africa urges fiscal help against virus ‘apocalypse’.

In this image made from UNTV video, Alassane Ouattara, President of Cote d'Ivoire, speaks in a pre-recorded message which was played during the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Thursday Sept. 24, 2020, at UN headquarters, in New Y

Oops, there is that crazy word “Apocalypse” again. Just think of the ridicule Noah went through for about a 120 years before the rain’s came.

African nations came out swinging on the third day of the United Nations annual gathering of world leaders Thursday, calling for dramatic fiscal measures to help economies survive the coronavirus pandemic — which one leader called the “fifth horseman of the apocalypse.” MORE

In response to Traditio: Government Enemies of the True Faith Are Using

Illuminated Manuscript

Dear Faithful: One has to understand that when government and the Supreme Court ruled to justifiably close down religious institutions, they already had the consent of most of the religious leaders. In our case, AntiChrist false pope Francis had already closed all the Churches. Hello, ‘all roads lead to Rome.’

In Our Own Times Government Enemies of the True Faith Are Using Exaggerated Fears of the Chinese Virus To Close down Churches Indefinitely
August 26, 2020 – St. Zephyrinus, Pope & Martyr ~ Simple Feast

British Archaeological Dig Discovers Artifacts for Illegal Masses. Used during the Time of “Bloody” Elizabeth I, when Catholics Were Murdered for the Faith

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Ven. Fulton Sheen lays out the 12 tricks anti-Christ will use to destroy Christians

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Very Good, only there is more than ONE AntiChrist. All these Vatican II popes are AntiChrists. The word means a false Christ against Christ.

While Sheen’s description of the anti-Christ was given almost 70 years ago, his words may be more pertinent in our own times than they were in his. His prophetic message is absolutely crucial for every sincere Christian who seeks to be faithful to Christ to the end. He states: MORE VIDEO

No one knows when the End will come?

Letter Responses to the Catholic World Report
Is the Corona Virus a sign of the End.
In reply to your article by Lionel Hanaghan, then my response to Lionel – No one knows when the End will come.

Reply – Lionel Hanaghan – May 22, 2020 at 2:52 am

Yes, Our Lord did say, “It is not for you to look at dates and times” at the Ascension but that was only to call the disciples to look to heavenly truths and not the earthly (Israel) kingdom. In the gospels he gives apocalyptic warnings in great detail and says, “I have told you these things in advance”. He did that for a reason: that it’s something that we should consider as major doctrine of our faith. I personally find it inspiring that Jesus has the power to bring all things to an end and for right and wrong to be finally revealed – I just try to stay on the right side! I think the author has missed the point about the current stirrings about the “end time”: it is nothing to do with coronavirus (that’s just another plague); it is about the smoke of Satan entering the higher parts of the Church. Consider the German synod (‘There’s no difference between man and woman’, etc, etc) and all the enormous scandals that are ‘testing the faithful’. I think it’s perfectly legitimate response to wonder about the end times and renew our efforts to be “on the watch”.

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Low Sunday ~ Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter today. Here’s the Problem

Orthodox Christians worldwide celebrate Easter like no other amid ...

What they continually don’t wish to understand that it’s both a Solar calendar and Moon calendar, the full-moon  is needed for the Passover and they have none. It comes from Adam’s birthday and in Psl. 88:38…like the Moon, which remains forever–a faithful witness in the sky.
Orthodox Christians are gathering around the world to celebrate Easter. Followers mark their faith’s most important festival day on 28 April, one week after fellow Christians. The different dates arise from use of the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar.