Catholic Identity Conference 2013: Fr’s Perez, Kramer lectures Censored

Catholic Identity Conference 2013: Fathers Perez,  Kramer lectures get censored. I guess their talks were a little TOO Sede Vacantist?  Well here you have it my friends. Both are furious and I hear Father Perez has scheduled a talk at his church on Oct. 20th. I warned Father Perez about the Rat-Ratzinger pack before joining, well the truth always hurts and will come out on the 20th. Yea Yea Yea  —    Joseph

Father? Malachi Martin Radio show statements

Lectures or Talks by Father? Malachi Martin Radio show. Read  what he says & compare. Only one side of tape.

Q. When will the Pope come back and be a real Apostle, he will come back but not in our time.
Once your in the Great Apostasy the AntiChrists control the papacy until Christ comes back. Church teaching. No turn around. Continue reading

Dear Mr. Schindler:

Dear Mr. Schindler:                                                                                      July 29, 2013 St. Martha V
I’m sorry to disturb you but I find it only charitable to explain to you what the meaning of a Prophet is. You see a prophet is one who speaks in the place of God. Once Our Lord established the papacy the role of prophets was eliminated and given to the Popes. The popes have the triple crown of the major High priest, major prophet and doctor of the Church. As a prophet & doctor all popes have to carry Infallibility. In other words their can never be a major prophet in the world as long as you have a Pope. Continue reading