Young woman not rushing to get married and have a family.

The milestones of adulthood for today’s millennials: economic security and finishing school — not rushing to get married and have a family.

And once they are married, young women in America are less likely to see homemaking as a career.

The share of young women 25 to 34 who opted to forgo outside employment in favor of managing a household plunged from 43 percent in 1975 to just 14 percent last year, according to the Census Bureau. Census demographers believe that number could be among the lowest on record. MORE

The Economic Contributions given by Catholic Culture

wpid-SF_313_Patrick_StThis is my response to all the Catholic bashers who consistently want to find fault with Catholic Culture.

In this letter I’m focusing on the economic business contributions that Catholic culture contributes to our economy. I’m leaving out schools, hospital’s and the like.

Starting with January 1 and New Years Day

New years day on January 1 comes from Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII.

I could not find a monetary figure of the spending done on New Years Eve so I estimated the spending to be around 15 billion dollars.

Valentine’s Day is estimate to be around 20 billion dollars.

St. Patrick’s Day I’m estimating it to be about 3 billion dollars.

Mardi Gras, I’m estimating this to be around 50 million dollars.

Easter Sunday, estimating it to be about 5 billion dollars.

Halloween, is estimated to be about 5.9 billion dollars.

And the biggest money spender of them all, Christmas. The estimated spending for Christmas for 2016 is put at ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

So these Catholic bashers who are laughing all the way to the bank should move to some communist country and live in their own dream world.

In Christ, Joseph

The simultaneous rise of autistic and transgender kids

AUTISTICThe number of autistic kids is skyrocketing.
The number of transgender kids is skyrocketing. Is there a link?
Yes, said a controversial Canadian expert on transgender issues on a BBC documentary earlier this month. Kenneth Zucker is a distinguished figure in the field of the psychology of sexual behaviour. He is the editor of the Archives of Sexual Behaviour and a professor at the University of Toronto. MORE

In Defence of Male and Female

face-of-the-future“The contemporary woman’s liberation drive toward a decrease in sexual differentiation, to the extent that is leading toward androgyny and unisexual values, implies a social and cultural death-wish and the end of the civilization that endorses it. The scientific and historical record shows that all the way from unicellular organisms to human beings, progress in evolution has been stimulated by the increase in sexual differentiation.”  Amaury de Riencourt, Sex and Power in History, (1974) MORE

Slander: A Cancer in the Christian Life

slanderBy Bishop Paul S. Loverde Special to the HERALD (From the Issue of Dec. 12, 2002)

In as much as this article comes from a N/O Bishop, what he is saying here has always been the teachings of the CHURCH. “The motives that actuate the slanderer are generally revenge, hatred or ingratitude. “The Catechism Explained.” Spirago-Clark  1921

We are approaching the great Solemnity of Christmas, when we relive the birth of the one and only Savior of the World. Continue reading

Hillary to meet with the King of Hollywood Homosexuals

55downloadHere we go again. David Geffen’s hit On Hillary Clinton which helped get Obama Elected in the 2008 Campaign, but now however,  that has all changed. Hillary knows where the money is and is in town for a fund raiser at Dream works Studios or in Beverly Hills?  David Geffen a principle partner in Dream Works Studios along with Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, founded in 1994. Geffen top-tier Jewish, Hollywood Billionaire whose family came from the Ukraine, started off as a theatrical agent who founded Asylum Records. In his early life was actually very charitable person and had some Catholic attributes. He even got seriously involved with Cheer at one point, but that’s all history now. Continue reading

Capital Sins Seldom Heard

sevendeadlysinsThe church has always reached out to sinners, but does not condone sinful behavior. In as much as homosexual behavior and abortion ranks among the capital sins, so does oppression of the poor and defrauding laborers of their wages. I seldom hear the level of outrage leveled at gays and abortion  which should be equally leveled at these other two capital sins just as prevalent in today’s society, if not more so.

Separation of Church and State?

download (25)It’s never really been that way from the beginning. The State violates the First Amendment every time it grants a divorce to someone who was married in a Religious Institution. The Religious Institutions don’t sue because the State provides subsidies to the these Institutions.This being the case if a Religious School wants to exclude Secular People from admission to their Schools they have the right to do so, providing they do not accept state subsides. End of Story.

Joseph B. D. Saraceno

A 2nd look at the Gay Married U.S Ambassador to Vietnam

23161857HANOI — Since their December arrival in Vietnam, US Ambassador Ted Osius and his husband have become the most prominent gay couple in the South-east Asian country.

Mr Osius and Mr Clayton Bond landed with their toddler son shortly before the government abolished its ban on same-sex marriage. Now the couple, who recently adopted an infant girl, find themselves ambassadors of the nascent LGBT rights movement spreading across the country. MORE