In China, they’re closing churches, jailing pastors – and even rewriting scripture

In late October, the pastor of one of China’s best-known underground churches asked this of his congregation: had they successfully spread the gospel throughout their city? “If tomorrow morning the Early Rain Covenant Church suddenly disappeared from the city of Chengdu, if each of us vanished into thin air, would this city be any different? Would anyone miss us?” said Wang Yi, leaning over his pulpit and pausing to let the question weigh on his audience. “I don’t know.” MORE


In this country, it started when they took public prayer out of the schools which started under the Kennedy administration.  And then Vatican Council II.
However, one has to understand that this is divine revelation, “The Great Apostasy,”  and the prelude of the Second Coming of Christ. That’s why it’s imperative that we tell people that Pentecost Sunday is the day, after the AntiChrist pope goes to Jerusalem for the gathering of faiths, etc. The Fathers are suppressing this truth because they’re trying to save the world for their own glorification.  It’s up to the laity to get the truth out for the faithful while we have time.  In Christ, Joseph

Orange County, CA. Democrat Electoral Sweep + Father Starbuck’s prayer request denied

Orange County, CA. Democrat Electoral Sweep  + Father Starbuck’s prayer request denied. (O.L.H.C.) Garden Grove, Ca. 

In late September, to get out the vote for one of the most critical elections, Father didn’t even do much even though all his county went Democrat as most of the State.

I started supporting Rep.Tom McClintock in May 11 & Sept 2 – 2018  Financially and on my website.

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The Clinton’s and Wal-Mart

Bill and Hillary Clinton moved into the White House in 1993 as a first couple of modest means. If they return in January, it will be as millionaires.

Forbes estimates of their wealth range at $50 million; the Clintons got there through hard work, while also benefiting from their fame and their friendships. MORE

Indian Catholic Bishops’ message for Diwali – Vatican News

CBCI's Diwali greeting card.

Thank you Nestor for drawing my attention to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) Diwali message, in these words: The Hindu festival, celebrated on Wednesday, November 7, this year in India, recalls the night when Lord Rama returned to his palace in Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Laxman after a 14-year exile.  This represents the CBCI backing for Ayodhya !!!At the Holy Name Cathedral they usually have a Diwali “mass.”  Regards, John


Sydney Anglicans ban same-sex marriage on hundreds of church

As a row of purple-clad gay and lesbian churchgoers sat quietly watching in the public gallery, the Sydney Anglican Synod on Monday night voted in favour of a policy that will prevent same-sex marriages, parties or events that might advocate “expressions of human sexuality contrary to our doctrine of marriage” on about a thousand church-owned properties. MORE

Sexual Assault of a Child is a Crime!


On October 8, 2018, CRUX news service ran a story on the late Father John Harvey, founder of Courage, written by Opus Dei writer Christopher White. CRUX, as readers who have been following my byline for years know, doesn’t identify its large stable of Opus Dei writers, so until they do, I’ll have to do it for them.