Turkey wants to criminalize adultery

Not Christian Nations

The recent flood of news about instances of child abuse around Turkey has caused a backlash of anger among the public and politicians from different parties. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructed six ministers to work on more effective administrative and legal measures to address child abuse, including harsher penalties, such as the highly debated chemical castration for offenders. The commission held its first meeting Feb. 22. MORE

Paul VI and the Church’s Paradigm Shift on Homosexuality

The one reason of the delay in Paul VI’s canonization was that Father De Nantes had proof of Paul VI homosexuality and threatened to give out the evidence if they put him up for Saint hood. Others have since exposed this truth but Rome has their own agenda for Sainthood.
The Proposed Canonization of Paul VI – Why It Should be Terminated

[NOTE: With the so-called “canonization” of Pope Paul VI looming, investigative journalist Randy Engel has kindly granted us permission to publish in full the following chapter taken from her magnum opus Rite of Sodomy. I am certain that aka Catholic readers will find this work facinating and highly informative. If you have yet to obtain the complete five volumes of Rite of Sodomy, I strongly encourage you to do so as the information contained therein is as relevant today as ever. – Louie Verrecchio] MORE

America’s promiscuity sexual Addiction

Is it a surprise that now we have all these sexual harassment complaints. Well folks, it all started in the 60’s. First? came the mini skirt, peace-niks, flower children, topless bars, psychedelic drugs and marijuana. Psychologist’s were advocating wife swapping and if it feels good do it. The movies were showing nude sexual scenes and woman started taking the pill with Rome’s approval. Later men started taking Viagra. Today the general age of consent is now set between 16 and 18 in all U.S. states, with varying degrees of enforcement.
So there you have it folks. There is an old saying, “What goes around, comes around.”


COMMENTARY: Here’s plenty of proof that liberals are just plain nuts

Bowe Bergdahl, one of the worst traitors in America’s history, was just given a slap on the wrist by a liberal judge. No jail time. Multiple heroes and patriots who loved our country gave their lives searching for this traitor. The liberal judge didn’t care.

One hero soldier is badly brain damaged for life. He can’t speak or walk. He can’t kiss or hug his wife or child. The liberal judge didn’t care. MORE

VIDEO: Vatican to stop selling cigarettes in its shops

I was the first Catholic to call smoking sinful in the 70’s, especially young ladies who plan to have children. Even AntiChrist, John Paul II came out against smoking. I’m surprised it took them this long to stop selling them at the Vatican.

The Vatican announced Thursday that it would no longer sell cigarettes to employees in its duty free shop and supermarket — giving up an estimated 10 million euros ($11 million) a year in profit. MORE