The Vortex–Church is Crawling with Gays

The Vortex is 50 years to late. Pope Paul VI, a homosexual himself, opened the door for (gay mass-es) however this in itself wasn’t the major problem as we have had many immoral popes in the past.
The major problem is that the Vatican Council II contains Formal Public Heresy and Paul VI approved and supported these changes and by doings so occurred the wrath of excommunication. As a result this broke the line of perpetual successors of the papacy and now he  identifies with the “Man of Sin,” spoken of by St. Paul.
Prepare ye for the Coming of the Lord
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph

The Movement to Bury Pets Alongside People

When Chris Nichols was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer, he knew exactly where he wanted to be buried: Ramsey Creek, a 33-acre nature preserve just outside Westminster, South Carolina, minutes from his home. One attendee at the funeral was his dog, Briar. The pet watched as Nichols was bundled in quilts sewn by his great-grandmothers and lowered into the ground inside a coffin his father had made. MORE

Was Paddock’s Killing Racial and Anti-Establishment?

Paddock’s life had very little meaning. No religion, didn’t seem affiliated with any particular groups. I notice that his previous wife of 5 years was Japanese’s or at least had a Japanese name. He had many skills and good paying jobs, one of which was an accountant.
I’m sure Paddock was well aware that Las Vegas was originally controlled by Mormons and then became partners with the Jewish Mob’s in the 40’s. So without a doubt he was aware that minorities were discriminated against and for the most part not wanted in Las Vegas.

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The old maxim is entirely true; as goes the Church, so goes the world.

The old maxim is entirely true; as goes the Church, so goes the world. One can plainly see today’s world is completely falling apart and at every level. Logic and reasoning, gone, the weather conditions and Chaos around the world.

Relax folks: Fr. Robert Barron has it all figured out

There’s no need to get all worked up over this “gay marriage” thing. Fr. Robert Barron has it all figured out: “We’ve been here before.”

Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, dead at 91

The man who morally undermined America is dead and no one is saying a word…Well, I have a few things to say…. What did Hefner stand for really? Hedonism, debauchery, lust, envy, lasciviousness–all of the deadly sins that lead to the downfall of nations. Yet we idolize such men as gods! And what about the females…so eager to expose themselves, without shame, without conscience, and knowing that what they do corrupts others? Without Hefner there might not have been a “sexual revolution” resulting in the deaths of 60 million unborn children. Estrogen from birth control pills now contaminates every water supply and fresh water river in America…And 100 million females use these drugs regularly! 

Now, Virtually everyone in America is immoral.

  1. The traditional family unit is extinct
  2. The divorce rate is reaching 80%
  3. Marriage between a man and a woman is a thing of the past
  4. Sexual promiscuity and perversion is taught in gov’t schools to children as young as 5
  5. Rapes are committed by almost as many females as males ( see When Predators Are Women   “48 Hours” investigates sex abuse by women teachers )
  6. Government controls over the lives of the people boarders on absolute tyranny!
Just a few thoughts—–

Today’s Professional American Sports Prim a-donas

It saddens me to have to write this letter, but obviously you are either ignorant or don’t care about the Greatness of this Country.
The United States has the best judicial system in the world. It came from, not just the founding Fathers but from one of the Greatest Presidents who ever lived, Abraham Lincoln. Union soldiers shed their blood, not just for blacks but for all Americans so we could be free from tyranny and have justice under the law.

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Christians, Repent (Yes, Repent) of Spreading Conspiracy Theories and Fake News—It’s Bearing False Witness

Conspiracy theories are nothing new—they’ve been around for centuries.

People love to speculate on hidden meanings or to jump at the potential of juicy secrets. Unfortunately, when these things are unfounded, lies are told and people are hurt. And most unfortunately, Christians are often involved in perpetuating them.

And now I noticed that many of the same conservative Christians who shared about #pizzagate have been spreading the #SethRich conspiracy theory. And it’s time to call it out. MORE

Young woman not rushing to get married and have a family.

The milestones of adulthood for today’s millennials: economic security and finishing school — not rushing to get married and have a family.

And once they are married, young women in America are less likely to see homemaking as a career.

The share of young women 25 to 34 who opted to forgo outside employment in favor of managing a household plunged from 43 percent in 1975 to just 14 percent last year, according to the Census Bureau. Census demographers believe that number could be among the lowest on record. MORE

The Economic Contributions given by Catholic Culture

wpid-SF_313_Patrick_StThis is my response to all the Catholic bashers who consistently want to find fault with Catholic Culture.

In this letter I’m focusing on the economic business contributions that Catholic culture contributes to our economy. I’m leaving out schools, hospital’s and the like.

Starting with January 1 and New Years Day

New years day on January 1 comes from Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII.

I could not find a monetary figure of the spending done on New Years Eve so I estimated the spending to be around 15 billion dollars.

Valentine’s Day is estimate to be around 20 billion dollars.

St. Patrick’s Day I’m estimating it to be about 3 billion dollars.

Mardi Gras, I’m estimating this to be around 50 million dollars.

Easter Sunday, estimating it to be about 5 billion dollars.

Halloween, is estimated to be about 5.9 billion dollars.

And the biggest money spender of them all, Christmas. The estimated spending for Christmas for 2016 is put at ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

So these Catholic bashers who are laughing all the way to the bank should move to some communist country and live in their own dream world.

In Christ, Joseph