Speaker stuns 2019 More-house grads, to pay off student debt

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God bless this Billionaire. On the other hand, if he were White giving this money to an all WHITE college he would have been labeled a Racist or a Nazi follower.

A billionaire technology investor stunned the entire graduating class at Morehouse College when he announced at their commencement Sunday that he would pay off their student loans __ estimated at up to $40 million. MORE

Listen to Dr. J. Vernon McGee – Defend Our Lady’s Virginity against the New Catholic Bibles


Dear faithful:When Pope John XXIII called the Vatican II Council he stated in his opening address that he wanted to bring all the Christians together, open the windows and let in some fresh air. However what he meant was, he wanted to bring all Religions together. Question; how do you bring all Religions together with Jesus as God Man. Simple; you make Jesus just another prophet by printing new Bibles and changing those prophecies that make him the Messiah.

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A Town with No Divorces


Their Wedding Featured a Tradition from a Town with No Divorces …

Did you know that there’s a town called Siroki-Brijeg in Bosnia-Herzegovina where there haven’t been any documented divorces or broken homes for centuries? Perhaps it has something do with an ancient marriage tradition called the “marriage crucifix.” MORE

Is SMOLLETT the new Gay, O.J. ?

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Is SMOLLETT  the new Gay, O.J.? If the glove don’t fit, don’t convict.
It’s not that he was exonerated. He gave up his $10,000 bond and 
did community service. Now if he had kicked a dog in the ass, he would have been in prison by now .

Both these women publicly support infanticide

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This is a mockery of our faith as Catholics! Both these women publicly support infanticide! Where is our Leadership?  With so much lack of faith within our church right now, it would’ve spoke volumes if these priests denied both these women ashes. I know ashes are not a sacrament but they are still a sacramental sign of our faith. These women wearing ashes on their foreheads are giving a subliminal message to those who support abortion that the Catholic Church is OK with this. That’s where I am coming from in my opinion.