Joseph’s reply to: What to the slave is 4th of July RNS 7-4-20

One has to understand that God chose a people who belonged to Him. All other peoples were not considered human. Whenever his people turned their back on HIM he would punish them and made them slaves.

Jesus did away with the blood line and ALL peoples could now become his people through Baptism of water, even women. However, society was slow to change and as a result black people were neglected and slow to change because of their lack of culture and resistance to change. The mere fact that they got their freedom was due to the Christian spirit in the first place. Those Christian plantation owners who bought these black slaves were going by the old law.
In Christ Joseph Saraceno

Cardinal Joseph Zen Condemns Vatican Silence on Hong Kong

Joseph Zen

China is Earth’s biggest polluter by miles. Why doesn’t Francis criticize them directly? MORE

“I’m sorry to say that we have nothing to expect from the Vatican,” Cardinal Zen told Crux, a U.S.-based Catholic news outlet. “In these past few years, they have never said anything to reproach China for their persecution.”

Instead, the Vatican has “surrendered the Church to the Chinese authority,” said the 88-year-old cardinal. MORE

In America everyone is INNOCENT until PROVEN Guilty

In the recent case involving the death of George Floyd the perpetrator who was mainly responsible was arrested and charged within a very reasonable time before the protesting escalated. Once reaching large proportion’s it became fashionable to express, “No justice NO peace.” The fact is, once the crowd became uncontrollable, they were defeating the very principles they were supposed to be defending. As chaos became more apparent, I began to see the real reason for this protest.

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Traditio Network supports James Caviezel & Mel Gibson’s new movie

The Passion of the Christ 2: Resurrection Poster ~ * Can't wait ...

Traditio Network supports James Caviezel & Mel Gibson’s  new movie the “Resurrection.”  They don’t know it, but they’re playing into the AntiChrist Francis hands by promoting Fidelity among all, so-called Christians who in turn are promoting the Interfaith Gospel.

How can they promote James Caviezel, and producer/director Mel Gibson’s new movie? When Jim is a Novus Ordo snob and Mel makes sure his church people conform to his standards. I know I’ve been there.

Traditio is allowing itself to fall down to the level of a scandal sheet news item and prints story’s that sell. The truth and facts of these Vatican II AntiChrists are swept under the rug for the sake of circulation. Woe woe woe, may God have mercy on those who cheat on the truth when the fire comes down from Heaven.

In Christ, God’s servant, Joseph

Tax the Rich: Pope Francis Calls for Global Wealth Redistribution

The hypocrisy of this man is overwhelming. Besides the obvious, the question arises; where do taxes go to? American taxpayers are paying for abortion through Medicaid. They also pay for sexual treatments from 2012-2018, over $63,000 in funds going to treatments for sex offenders. Not to mention erectile dysfunction drugs.
First and foremost should be to the Most Holy Trinity. That’s where our debt lies.

Tax cuts for the wealthy constitute a “structure of sin,” Pope Francis said Wednesday in a passionate address calling for international wealth redistribution. MORE