Are Animal Worshipers effecting Americans

Most Early and today’s American Christians believed that animals do not have souls like human beings. Most of our founding fathers were European Christians, Jews and Black Slaves. Later came the Chinese, Other Asians, people from India and other 3rd world countries specifically so in the last 50 years.  There are at least 15 different animals that are widely popular and significant religious ritual of animal worship, also called zoolatry, certain animals are considered as deities. They depict an important aspect of humanity and our association with our planet. Since the ancient times, these sacred animals have been worshiped in different cultures and traditions because of their divine characteristics and mythological reasons.

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Public Officials Should have a mandatory Retirement age

No public official should be allowed to stay on the job or run for office who are over 75 years of age. Senators McCain and Feinstein are two examples who need to step down. McCain has brain cancer and Feinstein may need a wheel chair to get around with soon. Most of these elderly will most likely die in office and will need to be replaced anyway. So save the taxpayers the added expense by keeping those elderly out in the first place.

St. Paul archdiocese to pay $210M to clergy abuse victims

Paul VI opened the door for gays. Starting with Gay Masses, then Seminarians to the point where they started taking over and this is one reason they have all of these problems today. 

You gotta quit giving donations to these this new church. 

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis announced a $210 million settlement Thursday with 450 victims of clergy sexual abuse as part of its plan for bankruptcy reorganization, making this the second-largest payout in the scandal that rocked the nation’s Roman Catholic Church. MORE

This Frustrated Teacher Quitting Her Job Has a Message For Parents: “Stop Coddling” Your Kids

Julie Marburger, a sixth-grade teacher from Texas, is seriously frustrated when it comes to dealing with her students’ parents. After a particularly upsetting run-in with a mom on March 28, she took to social media to express just how defeated she feels. In a now-viral Facebook post, Julie laid out exactly why she’s quitting her teaching job at the end of this school year — MORE

Investigate the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Transgender Clinic

The latest victims of the sexual revolution are children. Our culture obsessed with promoting this twisted and distorted view of sexuality and many are now using children to promote it.

Such is the case at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. At their Transgender Health Clinic, they are telling parents that children as young as three-years-old know their gender identity and that they will begin “medical” (meaning chemical) treatments on children as young as five-years-old.

This insanity has to stop. Children must not be sacrificed to the god of the sexual revolution. Please sign this petition to the Ohio Medical Board asking them to investigate the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for these practices on such young children. MORE



Catholics. Are you a Sinner or a Son of God?

It’s nauseating for me to have to write these articles but Catholics are being brained washed into the protestant theology of “Were all sinners so just accept Jesus and your saved.” To begin with, protestants have no separation of Sins. They categorize all SINS as equal. Where as even Scriptures tells us that, “some sins are unto death and some are not.” (1) Those that are not are called Venial Sins. Venial sins cannot make you a SINNER. The objective and true meaning of a sinner is, “One who premeditates Mortal Sin without the desire to repent.” Continue reading

NRA sues Florida to block new gun law section

First of all, the 2nd amendment pertaining to the Militia was really replaced by our police forces and the United States Army. 

Secondly, it takes 2/3’s of the states to change a constitutional amendment and that will never happen over this issue. We have gone 242 years without a dictator in the U.S.

All public semi automatic assault rifles should be limited to a six bullet clip for public use.

Since the Second Amendment states that 18 year olds can buy guns then I would make it a condition that he belong to the National Guard, outside of that, I would raise the age limit to 20 or 21 years to obtain a fire arm. Continue reading

On Guns, Companies Are Getting Out Ahead of the Politicians

See what happens when society rises up against injustice.

In 1960, black students staged sit-ins that forced Woolworth’s to desegregate its lunch counters, and other stores and restaurants followed suit. In 1986, General Motors, Coca-Cola and dozens of other U.S. corporations pulled out of apartheid-era South Africa after years of pressure from activists, college students and investors. MORE

Turkey wants to criminalize adultery

Not Christian Nations

The recent flood of news about instances of child abuse around Turkey has caused a backlash of anger among the public and politicians from different parties. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructed six ministers to work on more effective administrative and legal measures to address child abuse, including harsher penalties, such as the highly debated chemical castration for offenders. The commission held its first meeting Feb. 22. MORE