“Gay” Mess:’s & the Peace Symbol

“Gay” Mess:  I remember seeing this in the 70’s but can’t find it anywhere yet. Also at the time Priests were also wearing the Peace Symbol of the upside down cross as well. If anyone has any pictures of these Gay Mess’s or Peace Mess’s back then, please forward them to me. parousa2009@yahoo.com  

Gay Mess

Gay ‘Mess’ in which presbyters gather around the bishop in the rainbow-colored flag, the Radical Gay Movement’s war banner Roger Cardinal Mahony St. Dominic’s Church,
Eagle Rock, California February 4, 2001

The 9/11 Saints and the 9/11 Victims

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What I neglected to Relate until now.

Don’t ask me to explain this, I have been reading my Missal daily since at least the 60’s and here 17 years after the 9/11 terrorist attack and according to my Maryknoll Missal the Saints for September 11 Protus and Hyacinth were burned alive. We know hundreds of the 9/11 victims were burned alive in those Twin Towers.

God sometimes puts these blinders on me for whatever reason unknown to me but to be revealed at a later time. As far as I know no one else related these two coincidences either. Checking back to 2001 breaking news story was, “By the early 2000s, Church sexual abuse was a major global story. In the US, determined reporting by the Boston Globe newspaper .”

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The Amazing parallel of Julian the Apostate and today’s Liberal Agenda

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I checked out this article and found it consistent with Catholic Historians.  In Christ, Joseph

According to some historians, the influence of that Roman ruler, known as Julian “the Apostate” (A.D. 361-363), was a critical point in the history of the Christian movement. Let us pick up some background on this matter.

The new religion of Jesus Christ was scarcely out of its swaddling clothes when persecution hit it hard. First, as the book of Acts indicates, the Jews targeted the Christian movement as an object of determined persecution. Then, in the latter days of Nero’s administration (A.D. 54-68), the Lord’s disciples fell victim to the forces of the Roman Empire. MORE

Democrats pick several firsts

ST. PAUL, Minn. — In a night of firsts, Democrats in Vermont’s primary chose the nation’s first transgender gubernatorial nominee. In Minnesota, they picked a woman who would be the first Somali-American member of Congress. Connecticut Democrats nominated a candidate who could become the first black woman from the state to serve in Congress. MORE

Are Animal Worshipers effecting Americans

Most Early and today’s American Christians believed that animals do not have souls like human beings. Most of our founding fathers were European Christians, Jews and Black Slaves. Later came the Chinese, Other Asians, people from India and other 3rd world countries specifically so in the last 50 years.  There are at least 15 different animals that are widely popular and significant religious ritual of animal worship, also called zoolatry, certain animals are considered as deities. They depict an important aspect of humanity and our association with our planet. Since the ancient times, these sacred animals have been worshiped in different cultures and traditions because of their divine characteristics and mythological reasons.

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Public Officials Should have a mandatory Retirement age

No public official should be allowed to stay on the job or run for office who are over 75 years of age. Senators McCain and Feinstein are two examples who need to step down. McCain has brain cancer and Feinstein may need a wheel chair to get around with soon. Most of these elderly will most likely die in office and will need to be replaced anyway. So save the taxpayers the added expense by keeping those elderly out in the first place.