Same Sex Marriage & Constitutional Farmers- Blacks not human?

same sex marriage ringsTo Richard Cohen:

Your latest article  on same sex marriage was in the Daily Breeze. There were two points that you are not aware of. 1st mixed marriage’s between blacks and whites was considered immoral because blacks were not accepted as human and lacked soul’s. Read Scott v Sanford Decision of 1857. This decision declared that since blacks are not “persons”, they have no constitutional rights. Continue reading

Was Abp. Lefebvre Invalidly Ordained by a Mason?

archbishop lefebvre41917 Canon Law 2335
Persons joining associations of the Masonic sect or any others of the same kind which (plot against the Church) and legitimate authorities contract ipso facto excommunication simply reserved to the Apostolic See.

Was Abp. Lefebvre invalidly ordained by a Mason?

Some months ago I read an article in a mimeographed publication which “proved” that Archbishop Lefebvre was — of all things — an Arian. Continue reading