A little history lesson on Mr. Joseph B.D. Saraceno.

A reply to a friend who told me that a lot of his friends think I’m a Kook.
Here are a list of Catholic newspapers which have run my ad, “Christ’s Return & the Beast of the Apocalypse.” in the past.
Veritas  1973…This one printed my article, “The Great Chastisement & Second Coming of Christ on Pentecost Sunday.
Spotlight around 1975,
The Maryfaithful  1984
The Remnant    1984
The National Educator 1989
The Wanderer   1993
Catholic news out of Australia      Printed my Article “Sede Vacante–a Title or a Definition”  2000
The Four Marks, which I helped get started   2005
The Catholic Family News would not because I clashed with John Vennari. RIP

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On Pope Pius XII and the Mass Changes

The documents of Pope Pius XII concerning liturgical reform and it is nothing different than Pope St. Pius X–who was the one who started the movement. Will he be next on the list and then Pope St. Pius V? For Traditio it is a fight for their refusing to follow Pius XII’s Restored Holy Week Liturgy–and rejecting of Papal authority. Can you tell me that all the great theologians of the sixties who opposed the Novus Ordo and the first reference was always Pius XII’s Mediator Dei and Humani Generis–not John XXIII’s lying promise not to remove Latin while changing the liturgy. You have to remember that under Pius XII, anything that was Modernist was condemned and the perpetrator punished–just look at all the bishops thrown out of the Vatican by Pius XII  and rewarded as Cardinals under John XXIII, all the theologians silenced by Pius XII and re-instated by John XXIII. John XXIII did not fire–he still worked on same commission–it was that he needed someone more acceptable and higher to promulgate his Conciliar vision. If John XXIII is aware of the so-called error of the Restored Liturgy, why did he not reject it? No, he changed the prayer for the conversion of the Jews so it would be more neutral because he knew what he was doing, establishing a syncretic church–and Traditio supports him? It was only two months after his election that he brought Bishop Montini into the Vatican and made him a Cardinal.From this point on Montini was running the show. One month later he called the council. Pope John XXIII was just a transition Pope and everyone new it.
Also you will find Pope John XXIII in the book of the Apocalypse chapter 9 as the one who opens the gates of Hell.

In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno

VIDEO: An Italian rock band in the Bible and Perry Como’s song Till the End of Time

For your humor.  – There is an Italian rock band in the Bible called the “Caesarea Miracles,” directed by a centurion called Cornelius.
Acts 10:1
And believe it or not. As most of you know, I have been preaching the End of Times for the last 47 years. The song, “Till the End of Time,” was made famous by Perry Como in the 50’s.  (Video of Perry Como is at the continued page.) The music comes from one of Schubert’s serenades, but the words comes from a friend I met in the late 50’s, named, “Ted Mossman,” Some of the guys I was working with used to get something to eat and drink after work at about 9 pm at night. This restaurant we stopped in was called “Tiny Naylors”, they also had a cocktail lounge. Ted got hired there to play in the Lounge. He had one of those pianos that had other instrument sounds so that it sounded like a little band. So once or twice a week we would go in there to eat drink and sing,

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Jewish changes that were made by Christians

images (26)I’m sure, like myself, you always hear the same old complaints about how Christians broke the Law by doing away with the Sabbath.  As a result I decided to look at the whole picture just to set the record straight.

1.To begin with Christians never did away with the Sabbath per-say, but made the Lords Day the primary day of worship. You can thank Moses for the Sabbath Holiday and the Apostles & Constantine for the Lords Day Holidays. Constantine made Sunday a no regular work day. Continue reading

Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will.

Nativity WallpaperDear friends of the Truth and of the Faith

As Americans and in other protestant countries, the Angels quote’s for Christs birth in the Christmas cards is the protestant version.  “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14..The original Catholic version was “Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.” Continue reading

The sin most commit but seldom confessed is FOOLISHNESS

9downloadFoolishness is the result of a person misusing the intelligence God has given him. A fool uses his reasoning skills to make wrong decisions. The most basic type of foolishness is denying God’s existence or saying “no” to God (Psalm 14:1). The Bible associates folly with a quick temper (Proverbs 14:16–17), perverse speech (Proverbs 19:1), and disobedience to parents (Proverbs 15:5). We are born with an innate foolishness, but discipline will help train us in wisdom (Proverbs 22:15). Continue reading


download (50)Fides quarens intellectum
Faith seeking understanding

Ever since Satan deceived Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit under the pretext of becoming as gods (Gensis 3:5, “You shall be as gods knowing good and evil.”) Man has been struggling to find himself until Jesus Christ came into this world to give him back his spiritual rebirth. In going back to God’s original plan (Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in Our image and likeness.”) What Eve didn’t realize was that she and Adam were already created as gods, but of the imperfect state. Continue reading

Week of the Creation, Happy Birthday World, Adam and Good Friday.

img_0421Around March 20th  would be the week of the creation by the solar calendar and spring full moon,  so this year the creation week starts on 20th and Adam’s birth or his creation day would fall on Good Friday March 25th.  Ex:12. The reading  on Good Friday,  Holy Saturday Gen: 1.How ironic that our Lord would die on the day He created Adam. Some say that they were both buried in the same area but I can’t vouch for that. Continue reading

Rev. Billy Graham, kind of, mislead Nancy Reagan

BILL&NANCYRev. Billy Graham  reassurance Nancy Reagan that they would be reunited after death. Fact is Billy boy wasn’t being 100% truthful with Mrs. Reagan. What most do not understand about the after life is yes we will all be reunited at the General judgment but only as a testimonial to where everyone is going. However those who go to heaven will be transformed into their glorified bodies and we will become like the Angeles. There will not be a family, husband and wife, type relationship in heaven. We will all be related as God’s family period. Matt.22:30 Mark 12:25 Continue reading

New Catholic Bibles attack the Immaculate Conception

eyes-crying-our-lady-of-sorrowsDear Friends of the Faith.

Most of you know that I have, over the last 45 years pointed out many of the heretical teachings of the Apostate Church of Rome. But to my surprise one change got passed me. As I was browsing in this library sale I happen to notice a Saint Joseph Edition of  “The New American Bible.” 1970. As I have pointed out in the past, some of these new Bibles changed,  Isaias 7:14, prophecy from aVIRGIN shall conceive, to a young women with child,” casting doubt not only on Our Lady’s Virginity but on the Divinity of Our Lord. I also mentioned that the American Bible changed it back to the similar phrase of what it was before to, “..the virgin shall be with child, and bear a son…..(conceived was left out) but close enough. However still absent from the other New Catholic Bibles. Continue reading

VIDEO: Las Vegas priest’s journey spans 2 states, 3 languages

vegas%20priestSunlight is just starting to filter through the palms east of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in downtown Las Vegas when The Rev. Courtney Edward Krier begins his day.

At 7 a.m., the priest’s floor-length black cassock sweeps along the courtyard of the church on the corner of Ninth Street and Ogden Avenue as he pours out old holy water in preparation for his first Mass of a long day. Back inside, he fills the large, silver pot with water from the kitchen tap and carries it down a narrow hallway and into the elaborate church, where it is placed by the door and blessed for use by congregants in ritual purification as they enter the church. MORE


Updated Joseph’s face book reply

FFHDear friends of the Faith.

It is my hope to make you aware that in 1973, I officially announced the Second Coming of Christ and that He will come back on Pentecost Sunday. As of 2015 we are finally approaching the last few years. He will return, shortly after the Biblical Chastisement of the fire from Heaven which will seem to come from the SUN. Understand that the faithful will be protected. Continue reading

Henoch or Enoch – Prophet Means – Consecrated


Jan. 22….Saturday, January 19, 2008 6:05 PM

The saints of the Old Testament are not titled as such, and we do not have feast days for them for the most part. (Holy Machabees, Martyrs Aug.1).

Those who were involved in the transition, between the old and new, because they were linked to the birth of Christianity, got the rank of sainthood, as with the Holy Innocents.

When Moses was born, Satan had babies killed, when Christ came into the world, Satan had babies killed, after (Elias) came into the world, the world legalized abortion and babies were killed. Continue reading

Some suggestions in helping keep Satan at bay, beside the Sacraments.


1st. And again, read your Missal’s reading and Gospel daily.

2nd Pray either the Rosary or if not enough time, evening and morning prayers.

3rd. Fast at least once a week, from morning to at least 5 pm. Liquids are O.K.

4th Remember Our Lords commandment to always do good. It’s awful difficult to slander a person who’s doing good all the time. Continue reading