Palm Sunday is the first day of the Creation

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Palm Sunday is the first day of the Creation and here you have the people of Jerusalem hailing our King. Little did they realize they were saluting the God-Man Who created them and started the creation on that very day. Then they run away when he’s arrested not realizing that they’re now sharing in Adam and Eve’s sin of betrayal. So, now the Lord goes to atone for their sins and for making the imperfect God in Adam by dying on the same DAY that he created him. Good Friday. The Passover spring full moon is God’s witness in the sky. Psalm 88:38. Happy Birthday World.
It’s so simple and obvious that it’s pathetic, just as the same reasoning of His return on the Birthday of the new life of Man, Pentecost Sunday.

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Joseph a Doctor of the Church?

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Joseph has a degree in “Reality.” I can’t find it taught anywhere today.  It comes from studying Church teaching, the Bible and understanding Tradition. Then you apply it to current events whenever possible. Try to remember that the Church teaches “All revelation ended with the last book of the Apocalypse, anything of the faith is old not new.” So, what we have here is some what of a paradox. We all believe the AntiChrist will come into the world but we didn’t know who he was until Paul VI signed the heretical decrees of the Council and as I’ve pointed out, at the time, most of us were led into thinking there was only the one main AntiChrist. We have the same problem with the main false prophet, at the time being the Rev. Billy Graham.

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Reply to preacher who doesn’t believe in God

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The paradox to this; the Atheist who believes in a God that he can agree with. A paradox involves two statements that are contradictory yet true.

WE MUST MOURN TO BE HAPPY (MT 5:4).  These are not contradictions and there is no mythology in the Bible. The Bible is the most accurate Book in the world, in it’s category.
It tells us when the universe was created by following the Spring Passover full Moon.
That’s why Jesus was crucified on Friday. That’s the day He made the imperfect God ADAM.
What Fools these mortals be.  Psl. 88:38

Quinquagesima Sunday- St Paul to the Corinthians This coming Sunday

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1st Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthian 13: 1-13~Douay-Rheims Bible
My Dear friends. I have and always will, make a distinction on St: Paul’s commentary on the need for the virtues of Faith Hope and Charity. With out these virtues, one will lack the ability to reason. St. Paul stresses the importance of charity above all things but one must understand that God would never give anyone the gift of prophecy or the faith to move mountains if one did not have charity in the first place. In Christ, Joseph

Charity is to be preferred before all gifts.

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The Chances of a future TRUE Pope

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First written in March 3, 2009 at 9:03 PM

The object of this article is to show the futile policy of some of the Fathers in predicting a future True Pope.

No matter that even as sede vacantists we do not even recognize the Vatican II hierarchy, and with no hierarchy we have lost formal jurisdiction and the normal means to ELECT a pope. We also adhere to the fact that when Paul VI went against the Ottaviani intervention in September 1969, as he became a public formal heretic and since the concerned Cardinals didn’t condemn him and/or the Vatican II Council, and by not electing a true pope, these resulting actions caused a break in the papal line of successors.

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The Mass the Confiteor, the two witnesses and the Third Missing Witness

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As for the two witnesses which come into the world during the Great Apostasy, we will be without a true Pope as the Antichrists will control the apostate church while the faithful seek refuge in the wilderness. Apocalypse. 12

Elias and Enoch do not come back but are represented by the current two witnesses. In Christ’s time we had two witnesses: St. John the Baptist, who represented Elias 4, and Jesus who represented Enoch. Enoch was married and represents the married state in the mystical body of Christ.

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Man’s Obsession with Eliminating Original Sin

The world since time immemorial has been motivated towards solving the world’s problems (not that we shouldn’t work to lessen the ills of society). But since time immemorial we continue to ignore God’s revelation that He did not create this world for it to be a paradise on the equal level as Heaven. Even though Adam and Eve were as perfectly happy as one can be in the imperfect state of the godly image, we see Adam as lonely, and Eve choosing the forbidden fruit, which resulted in Original SIN. 

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Joseph preaches what the Church Teaches + Soldiers for Christ Needed

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Dear Catholics:  There is a Joseph in the old Testament, in the New Testament and in the Last Testament.

The Truth is a broken record. It’s the same tune over and over again. The Church teaches that there is no new Divine Revelation and that all Divine Revelation ended with the last book of the Apocalypse and is contained in the Traditions of the Church. Anything of faith is old not new.

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Why Saint Peter Denied Jesus Christ that night of the Last Super

When it comes to remembering one’s faults and virtues, it’s the faults that seems to get the attention more so than the virtues. In the case of St.Peter’s three time denial of our Lord in the court yard of Caiphas.

So let’s take another look a at what really happened that night in the Garden of Olives when the band of soldiers and servants came to arrest him.”Jesus answered, I have told you that I am he. If therefore you seek me, let these go their way. …..”  At this point Simon Peter, having a sword, drew it, and struck the servant of the high priest, and cut off his right ear…”Jesus therefore said to Peter: Put up thy sword into the scabbard. The chalice which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?” Well my friends at this point you could only imagine what was going through St. Peters mind. Here he was ready to KILL and DIE for Jesus and the Lord stops him. As you recall, ALL the Apostles ran away, one ran naked after he lost the sheet wrapped around him, so instinctively St. Peter joined them. Now my friends, at this point you had, not one Apostle denying Christ but ALL twelve. However there was one Apostle who  followed the Lord at a distance and wound up in the court of the High priest in order to check on the Lord and that was St. Peter. So it’s no wonder that the Lords prophecy would come true on his prediction of St. Peters three time denial of the Lord. Understanding our Human nature, even our Lord had trouble with dying, “Father if it be possible, let this cup pass me by, but not my will but thy will but done.”

So my friends we must be careful how we portray the lives of the Saints as with St. Peter who went from a fisherman to the “Rock of the Faith.” on which the Church was built. He walked on water. His preaching,(along with others) on Pentecost Sunday converted three thousand. He too cured the sick. Later he miraculously escaped from prison with the help of the continuous overnight prayers of the faithful.

Another point of interest that many fail to remember is that during Pentecost Sunday these Jews that were gathered in Jerusalem came from all over the world and after, those that got converted were really the first ones to bring the good news back to their countries so that once the Apostles started traveling around the world, they already had contacts there who were ready to receive them.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph          4-25-18  St. Mark Ev.  Easter Season

AntiChrist Francis and SSPX have joined up together and are planning Joseph’s Crucifixion.

How ironic that what is transpiring with SSPX and AntiChrist Francis would be happening during the passion week of Our Lord. Not that I will be killed this weekend but the fly is in the ointment, as they say.
First, let me explain that Joseph from the offset of becoming aware that the Lord would come back on Pentecost Sunday in 1970 set out to tell the whole world and I started with the Bishop of Rome Paul VI. I sent him a registered letter. Next my Cardinal Manning (Cardinal McIntyre was just being phased out.} my Pastor Father Redahan RIP. Than I proceeded to inform all the Traditional Bishops and Fathers. Many of the Traditional Bishops and Fathers endorsed my finding but CMRI later changed it’s position. Continue reading