Week of the Creation ~ Happy Birthday World, You Too Adam + How I Would Change the Rosary

Week of the Creation.
Happy Birthday World, You too Adam and how I would change the Mysteries of the Rosary if I were Pope.

March 19th would be the first day of the week of the creation by the solar calendar but God goes by the Full Moon which would be April 5th this year. So Adam’s birth or creation day would fall on Good Friday April 10th.   Ex: 12. The reading on Good Friday, and Holy Saturday Gen: 1.

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A reply to a Catholic priest on my “Second Coming of Christ” writings.

Dear Father:

First of all, you and hundreds of Fathers are not quoting the 5th Lateran Council or Pope Leo X but Adolphe-Alfred Tanquerey, pss (1854-1932)A great theologian in his day. His Manual of Dogmatic Theology was translated into English here in the United states in 1959. Unfortunately he misquotes the Fifth Lateran council. (Enclosed) and as you see, I do not DATE SET, which you can do with permission from Rome or the Local ordinary, regardless, again I do not date set, I day set. That’s like saying, Jesus will come back on Sunday, but that’s not accurate either because it’s Middle East time, so in the west it would be late on the Sabbath or Saturday night so it’s Sunday and Saturday at the same time (Pentecost Sunday is proven as well).

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My trip to Mexico City Joseph A tribute to Irene Cram

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My trip started out July 12, going down to San Diego as my friend and I booked a flight out of Tijuana Airport. Being that it was a direct flight leaving Tijuana at midnight, it was a lot less costly. 

Things went pretty smooth until we got to the check in counter, as my friend had too many check in bags.  Many of the bags contained clothes and Christmas gifts and a Christmas tree for friends in Guadalajara,

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This Sunday’s Gospel St Luke does not go in depth as does St. Matthew

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This Sunday’s Gospel –  First Sunday of Advent

Again as I explained for the last Sunday after Pentecost. St Luke does not go in depth as does St. Matthew  24:34  

Luke 21:25-33
[25] And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, by reason of the confusion of the roaring of the sea and of the waves;[26] Men withering away for fear, and expectation of what shall come upon the whole world. For the powers of heaven shall be moved; [27] And then they shall see the Son of man coming in a cloud, with great power and majesty. [28] But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand. [29] And he spoke to them in a similitude. See the fig tree, and all the trees: [30] When they now shoot forth their fruit, you know that summer is nigh;

(Spring Time)

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Why the Church takes Refuge in the United States during the End Times

Those of you who know me are aware that I announced the second coming of Christ in March 1970. I had also made a couple of banners which were a reflection of the Book of the Apocalypse Chapter 12., Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20. Our Lady, or (Church) clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet. Only I made my banner to have an eclipse of the sun and put Our Lady in the center, then put twelve crosses (for stars) around her on the edge of the moon, like the back of the miraculous medal. I also alluded, too, that this banner represents the Church going into the wilderness as a result of the immorality of the 60’s followed by the Vatican II Council at the same time. I was hoping to rally the Blue Army groups of Our Lady behind these banners to combat the evils of our times.

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Don’t thank me, thank my SON JESUS

I can hear it now. There he goes again. The kooky guy from California. A friend once said that if you were to put Traditional Catholics in a circle and hand them all guns, they’d shoot each other.

Traditional Catholics are supposed to be the LIGHTHOUSE of the world but most are FOG HORNS. A good case in mind is the latest meteorite that is heading towards earth. No mind over the Apocalyptic weather conditions wiping out the world down here. As long as it’s somewhere else, most don’t give a damn.

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Why Pope Pius XII picked May 1 for St. Joseph the workman

What Catholics seem to forget is Italy became the biggest Communist country outside of the Iron curtain. Most of the labor unions where vastly becoming controlled by the communists. Since May 1st was the adopted celebrated day for the communists, Pope Pius XII turned to St. Joseph (The workman) to help stop the takeover of Italy by these communists. At the time these labor union thugs were shooting top executives in the knee who wouldn’t cooperate with their agenda.

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Palm Sunday is the first day of the Creation

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Palm Sunday is the first day of the Creation and here you have the people of Jerusalem hailing our King. Little did they realize they were saluting the God-Man Who created them and started the creation on that very day. Then they run away when he’s arrested not realizing that they’re now sharing in Adam and Eve’s sin of betrayal. So, now the Lord goes to atone for their sins and for making the imperfect God in Adam by dying on the same DAY that he created him. Good Friday. The Passover spring full moon is God’s witness in the sky. Psalm 88:38. Happy Birthday World.
It’s so simple and obvious that it’s pathetic, just as the same reasoning of His return on the Birthday of the new life of Man, Pentecost Sunday.

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Joseph a Doctor of the Church?

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Joseph has a degree in “Reality.” I can’t find it taught anywhere today.  It comes from studying Church teaching, the Bible and understanding Tradition. Then you apply it to current events whenever possible. Try to remember that the Church teaches “All revelation ended with the last book of the Apocalypse, anything of the faith is old not new.” So, what we have here is some what of a paradox. We all believe the AntiChrist will come into the world but we didn’t know who he was until Paul VI signed the heretical decrees of the Council and as I’ve pointed out, at the time, most of us were led into thinking there was only the one main AntiChrist. We have the same problem with the main false prophet, at the time being the Rev. Billy Graham.

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Reply to preacher who doesn’t believe in God

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The paradox to this; the Atheist who believes in a God that he can agree with. A paradox involves two statements that are contradictory yet true.

WE MUST MOURN TO BE HAPPY (MT 5:4).  These are not contradictions and there is no mythology in the Bible. The Bible is the most accurate Book in the world, in it’s category.
It tells us when the universe was created by following the Spring Passover full Moon.
That’s why Jesus was crucified on Friday. That’s the day He made the imperfect God ADAM.
What Fools these mortals be.  Psl. 88:38

Quinquagesima Sunday- St Paul to the Corinthians This coming Sunday

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1st Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthian 13: 1-13~Douay-Rheims Bible
My Dear friends. I have and always will, make a distinction on St: Paul’s commentary on the need for the virtues of Faith Hope and Charity. With out these virtues, one will lack the ability to reason. St. Paul stresses the importance of charity above all things but one must understand that God would never give anyone the gift of prophecy or the faith to move mountains if one did not have charity in the first place. In Christ, Joseph

Charity is to be preferred before all gifts.

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