Paraguay moves Israel embassy back out of Jerusalem

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The move presents an embarrassing diplomatic setback for Israel, which had hoped to build on the momentum started by the U.S., Guatemala and Paraguay, which all moved their embassies to Jerusalem in May. In response to Paraguay’s decision, Israel said it was shutting its embassy there, warning that ties between the countries would be “strained” by the decision. MORE

Dr. J. Vernon McGee: The Bible Bus radio show. 8-27-18

Made a big mistake yesterday. He said he didn’t know what 6 6 6 meant and he didn’t think anyone else knows either. That’s a lie. Most likely he said that was because most of the protestants consider the Jews as God’s people still, and he didn’t want to be offensive. 6 6 6 is the symbol of the Jewish faith. Comes from the 6 days of the creation. The seventh day God rested. Hence the 7 day week. Six stands for imperfect or incomplete without the Messiah. With the Messiah they become the perfect number of 7. Their candle stand on the altar has 6 branches and the one in the middle makes seven and represents the Messiah.. The one in the middle does not get lite until the Messiah comes into the world. So since they don’t have Christ they are imperfect. Look at the foot notes in Apocalypse 13:18. Catholic Bible. (Extreme) imperfection. Extreme can be an over exaggeration, depending if it’s used in the future text with today’s AntiChrist Churches. For more on this go to Apostasy & the Beast.

In Christ, Joseph Saraceno

Nationality law makes Israel’s Druze second-class citizens

Israel’s Nationality Law has elicited an angry reaction from the country’s small Druze community, which feels betrayed. The law officially declares Israel the nation-state of the Jewish people and makes Hebrew the sole official language, downgrading Arabic, which had previously also been recognized as an official language. In short, it relegates non-Jews, including the Druze — who serve in the Israeli military and have paid the ultimate price in Israel’s military conflicts and occupation — to being second-class citizens. MORE

Israeli Druze feel abandoned over new Nationality Law

In the week when hundreds of people from the Druze community were massacred in Syriaby Islamic State terrorists on July 25, their Israeli peers are struggling for their status in the state following the passage of the Nationality Law. According to the Druze, the Nationality Law, anchoring the Jewish character of the state, hurts them. And they feel particularly hurt because many members of the community are loyal citizens who serve in the army. MORE

VIDEO: Israel passes divisive law declaring only Jews have right to ‘national

Ironic that the Jews have done what Hitler did in Germany. The master race is a concept in Nazi and Neo-Nazi ideology in which the Nordic or Aryan races are superior.

Israel’s parliament has passed a divisive law declaring that only Jews have the right to “national self-determination” in Israel, prompting angry accusations from Arab citizens that the government is formally codifying racism. MORE

Israeli president stands up against Arab discrimination

Various proposals for a new Basic Law, formally known as “Israel: The Nation State of the Jewish People,” or the “Nationality Law” for short, have been sitting before the Knesset for several years now. The proposed law is intended to protect the rights of the Jewish majority, infuriate and dishonor Israel’s Palestinian population and prove that the people behind the law are true patriots. MORE