Annual Fatima Conference at Mount St. Michael. October 9-13

Fatima Conference 2019: Behold Thy Mother

October 9 – 13: Annual Fatima Conference at Mount St. Michael. Theme: “Behold thy Mother.” A gathering of Traditional Catholics from around the country for five days of Latin Masses, spiritual exercises, inspiring lectures and sermons, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Registration fee (includes meals, room for 5 nights): $300 per person. 


Here’s is a quick solution to end the Afghanistan War

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Pick out a Taliban village or city where some are hiding. Then give the town 3 days notice to get out of town because we are going to destroy it completely. After it’s done, give them three days to respond. If they don’t, then go to the next town and keep repeating until they come back to renegotiate. We intentionally won’t be killing anyone and I bet it will only take one town.  Two at the most.
Joseph.B. D. Saraceno

17 children fall victim to gun violence across St. Louis

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Remember when they had those riots in the city next door when that young man stole those cigars and was later shot. Now look at whose paying the price of the lawfulness. It’s up to 20 as of yesterday.

A wave of gun violence across the St. Louis and Metro East area has left 17 children, all under the age of 16, and a young mother dead since early May. VIDEO