Dream of 3 faiths worshipping in one building meets reality in Berlin

All of the faiths are joining up with the Beast.

Three religions. One building. The concept could be profoundly simple or particularly complex. For Berlin’s “House of One,” it’s turning out to be a bit of both. Dubbed “the world’s first churmosqagogue by one Reddit user, the House of One — “the world’s first hybrid church-mosque-synagogue” — will break ground in Berlin on May 27, 2021. MORE

So, What Exactly Is the Spring Equinox?

It happens every March 20 or 21, signaling the return of sunshine, warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and birds, bees, and butterflies in the Northern Hemisphere. Or, for those Down Under, it heralds autumn’s arrival. But what exactly is the spring equinox? MORE

Elon Musk says he WON’T get a coronavirus vaccine because he’s ‘not at risk’ and says the pandemic has ‘questioned my faith in humanity’ because people have become ‘irrational’

The 49-year-old tech giant defended opening up Tesla factories in defiance of lockdowns – a lengthy saga that has seen him sue Alameda County, launch a profanity-laden rant about how lockdowns are ‘unethical’ and allegedly fire employees who didn’t feel safe enough to return to work. MORE