Armenians set fire to homes

Armenia is a Christian Country and nobody cares.

CHAREKTAR, Azerbaijan (Reuters) – Still wearing the camouflage fatigues in which he had fought against Azeri forces a week earlier, Arsen, an ethnic Armenian, lit a fire on Saturday under his sister’s dining room table in the small village of Charektar. VIDEO

Colorado Wildfire. Every disorder in the world is a reflection of Mortal Sin

My Dear Faithful:
Every disorder in the world is a reflection of Mortal Sin.
I remember reading this in one of the Lentin readings. I find, even with Traditional Catholics that most are in denial of the increase and intensity of these natural disasters since the close of the Vatican II Council, including the Covid 19 virus. Since my announcement of the “Second Coming of Christ.” in 1973 I foretold that these natural disasters would no doubt increase in frequency as we get closer to the End Times. The book of the Apocalypse clearly explains and anyone who denies this or tries to compare this with past history, has to be a lying hypocrite preaching from the Gates of Hell.
In Christ, Joseph.

Colorado Wildfire Grows Into Largest in State History VIDEO

California Set to Reopen Strip Clubs Before Churches

Easter season goes virtual as coronavirus locks out tradition

San Diego Superior Court judge Joel R. Wohlfeil ordered the state to end any actions that prevent the clubs from “being allowed to provide live adult entertainment,” according to the decision. The owners of two strip clubs argued that their business is legally protected speech guaranteed by the First Amendment—the same argument that churches have been making about their own services. MORE