In memory of St. Pope Gregory I the Great’s feast day 12th Catholics cannot say Jesus did not know when He was coming back

St. Pope Gregory I, the Great 590-604
The knowledge of Christ (against the Agnoetae)
[from the epistle “Sicut aqua frigida” to Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria, August, 600

(But) concerning that which has been written: That neither the son, nor the angels know the day and the hour [cf. Mark 13:32], indeed, your holiness has perceived rightly, that since it most certainly should be referred not to the same son according to that which is the head, but according to his body which we are…; He [Augustine] also says …

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Roseanne Barr blames Michelle Obama for getting fired at ABC, calls Donald Trump a ‘genius’

In the months since ABC canceled her showRoseanne, last May, Roseanne Barr has put forth several explanations for her termination. Although the firing came in response to outrage over Barr’s racist tweet linking former Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett, who is black, to the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes, the Jewish comedian has cited anti-Semitism and her views defending Israel. She has also previously claimed to have not known that Jarrett is black. MORE



Fides quarens intellectum. Faith seeking understanding.           

Ever since Satan deceived Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit under the pretext of becoming as gods (Genesis 3:5, “You shall be as gods knowing good and evil.”) Man has been struggling to find himself, until Jesus Christ came into this world to give him back his spiritual rebirth.

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The Benedictus (Canticle of Zachary)

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The Benedictus, given in Luke 1:68-79, is one of the three great canticles in the opening chapters of this Gospel, the other two being the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis . The Benedictus was the song of thanksgiving uttered by Zachary on the occasion of the birth of his son, St. Johnthe Baptist. It is Jewish in form, but Christian in sentiment. The local colouring and nationalistic character of the first half are so noticeable that Loisy has conjectured that it existed previously as a simple psalm, which Zachary adapted, his additions being, he contends, easily discernible. (Revue d’hist. et de lit. relig., May-June, 1903, p. 289). There are, however, grave objections to this view, and an opposite theory has been put forth that the Benedictus was composed with special reference to the names of Elizabeth, Zachary, and John, for Elizabeth, Jusjurandum quod juravit ; Zachary, Memorari (testamenti sui sancti ); and John, Ad faciendam misericordiam .

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Catholic Tradition Newsletter A10: First Sunday in Lent, Confirmation, Holy Martyrs, Family

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Vol 12 Issue 10 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
March 9, 2019 ~ Saint Frances of Rome

1.      What is the Sacrament of Confirmation
2.      First Sunday in Lent
3.      Forty Holy Martyrs
4.      Family and Marriage
5.      Articles and notices

Dear Reader:

Last week the life of Saint Joseph according to the Gospels was begun and I wish to continue this week.

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Both these women publicly support infanticide

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This is a mockery of our faith as Catholics! Both these women publicly support infanticide! Where is our Leadership?  With so much lack of faith within our church right now, it would’ve spoke volumes if these priests denied both these women ashes. I know ashes are not a sacrament but they are still a sacramental sign of our faith. These women wearing ashes on their foreheads are giving a subliminal message to those who support abortion that the Catholic Church is OK with this. That’s where I am coming from in my opinion.

Reply to preacher who doesn’t believe in God

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The paradox to this; the Atheist who believes in a God that he can agree with. A paradox involves two statements that are contradictory yet true.

WE MUST MOURN TO BE HAPPY (MT 5:4).  These are not contradictions and there is no mythology in the Bible. The Bible is the most accurate Book in the world, in it’s category.
It tells us when the universe was created by following the Spring Passover full Moon.
That’s why Jesus was crucified on Friday. That’s the day He made the imperfect God ADAM.
What Fools these mortals be.  Psl. 88:38

The Great Apostasy–Anti-Christ System & the Second Coming of Christ

As I explain more fully the Marks of the Beast and how we are affected by them, is explained in my lecture & writings. Just briefly however, the Great Apostasy doesn’t mean a complete abandonment of Christian principals but is made up of the Vatican II Council of a syncretism, humanistic, & inter-faith gospel, which is being implemented by the imposition of the secular, liberal,  democracy,  the United Nations. E.U., IMF bank and the Vatican II church (Religious Liberty). This system must spread throughout the world before Christ comes back. However you might say most of the world has accepted this agenda. But it seems the Orthodox Russian Church is now opposing the whore of Babylon. Scriptures indicates its down fall before the end. However this does not produce another true Pope or reverse the Second Coming of Christ.

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Dear Church, quit being ‘gay-friendly’ and become sovereign. 

Even though we’re talking about an Apostate Church this article is very informative on State & Church issues.

On Monday March 4, the daily newspaper “La Verità” published an interview Professor Roberto de Mattei gave to Ignazio Mangrano.  It carried as its headline “Dear Church, quit being ‘gay-friendly’ and become sovereign.”  Below we report the full text of the interview. 

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March 6, 2019 ~Ash Wednesday

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The Catholic Church historically observes the disciplines of fasting and abstinence at various times each year. For Catholics, fasting is the reduction of one’s intake of food, while abstinence refers to refraining from meat (or another type of food). The Catholic Church teaches that all people are obliged by God to perform some penance for their sins, and that these acts of penance are both personal and corporeal. The purpose of fasting is spiritual focus, self-discipline, imitation of Christ, and performing penance. Bodily fasting is meaningless unless it is joined with a spiritual fast from sin. St. Basil gives the following exhortation regarding fasting:

“Let us fast an acceptable and very pleasing fast to the Lord. True fast is the estrangement from evil, temperance of tongue, abstinence from anger, separation from desires, slander, falsehood and perjury. Privation of these is true fasting.”