“To hell with Vatican II”

“Carthago delenda est! (So, what about Vatican II?)

Written by  By Father Michael Johnson, FSSPX
“To paraphrase Cato the Elder, we may – nay, we must insist, Concilium Vaticanum Secundum delendum est – The Second Vatican Council mustbedestroyed! Amen.”

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Pope John XXIII leads the opening Mass of the Second Vatican Council in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican Oct. 11, 1962. A total of 2,540 cardinals, patriarchs, archbishops and bishops from around the world attended the opening session (CNS Photo)                              

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The SSPX Has New Clothes & and no “treasure”

On 21 January 2019, this same Petrus Romanus assured his readership that “Fr. Pagliarani is diverging from his liberal predecessor”, that he is making a “complete and utter break with the Trad-ecumenism of Bishop Fellay” and that his “making of doctrine pre-eminent above a practical arrangement” is a sure sign that “liberalism may be on its way out in the highest levels of the SSPX”.3MORE

SSPX and the Sainthood of Paul VI

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In SSPX  latest newsletter, SSPX 10-13-18, in complaining over the Sainthood of Paul VI they claim that Paul VI acknowledge the problem with the changes of Vatican II when he stated, “The Smoke of Satan has entered the Church.” But if you look at the date when Paul VI said this, it was 7-29-1972.  You can see he’s really addressing the Traditionalists who were rebelling against the changes of the Vatican II Council as with the March on Rome in 1971. This is over a year from the March.  Hello.

May 31, 1971 – A version of this archives appears in print on May 31, 1971, on Page 34 of the New York edition with the headline: CatholicTraditionalists … Catholic Traditionalists March Across Rome MORE

Bernie Fellay Now Admits: I Was a Secret Agent for the New Order Sect He Has Now Admitted to Serving Covertly as an Official of New Order

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Bernie Fellay

Now it can be said officially. Bernie Fellay, former Superior-general of the Neo-SSPX and current member of its Executive Committee, is a heretic. He has personally embraced the heretical Novus Ordo by serving as an Official hired by the heretic Newpope Francis-Bergoglio’s administration.

Fellay publicly admitted the truth at a press conference on September 3, 2018 — not, however, from the Neo-SSPX headquarters at Menzingen, Swizerland, but from a much more distant land, the Philippines. Yet the news these days is worldwide, and his admission of heresy did not escape the notice of the international press. Fellay admitted that he had served officially in several cases as a Novus Ordo judge. He even used a kangaroo Newvatican court to punish one of his own priests. By these acts, Fellay recognized the legitimacy of the heretical Newchurch of the New Order.

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Nationality law makes Israel’s Druze second-class citizens

Israel’s Nationality Law has elicited an angry reaction from the country’s small Druze community, which feels betrayed. The law officially declares Israel the nation-state of the Jewish people and makes Hebrew the sole official language, downgrading Arabic, which had previously also been recognized as an official language. In short, it relegates non-Jews, including the Druze — who serve in the Israeli military and have paid the ultimate price in Israel’s military conflicts and occupation — to being second-class citizens. MORE

A Novelty in the SSPX Structure: The General Councillors

A Novelty in the SSPX Structure: General Counselors by Fr. Patrick Girouard

by Fr. Patrick Girouard | Jul 20, 2018

https://www.cathinfo.com/sspx- resistance-news/fr-girouard’s- analysis-of-new-office-of- general-councillor-in-sspx/

Dear faithful,

I have learned on Cathinfo, (and checked on DICI and it is confirmed by them today), that the General Chapter of the SSPX has created two new high-echelon administrative posts to its managerial structure. Indeed, the Chapter has instituted the function of “General Councillor”, to be exercised by two SSPX members elected by the Chapter. Their official duty is to assist the General Superior (and his two Assistants) in the daily administration of the Society. They will be part of the General Council. Continue reading

What will the new SSPX Superior General mean to Traditionalists ~ Month of the Precious Blood

Obviously Bishop Williamson’s restoration following are ecstatic over Bishop Fellays demise. Whether or not this will bring the two groups together remains to be seen. Most likely,  the new superior Father Davide Pagliarani, will cancel the negotiations with Rome, for now. Unfortunately this could hurt the Sede Vacantes who have gotten some of the SSPX people who left because of Bishop Fellays negotiations with (pope) Francis. For the most part, I would say that most of the SSPX people are relieved over the anxiety that Bishop Fellay was causing among themselves.

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