The Vatican restricts Traditional Latin Mass – Today on Our Lady of Mt. Carmel’s Feast Day

Slap the face of one of the two witnesses, the Prophet Elias –  Mt. Carmel was his dwelling-place. A Slap in the face for SSPX –  their negotiations are out the door. And most Catholics slap Traditionalists in the face, they’d rather turn Protestant instead of searching for the Truth. And who’ll consecrate Russia? What does that even mean any more? Those who are stuck in the Fatima crusade, I have news for you, Russia’s more religious then the U.S. and the WHOLE world! Pray for your own country’s conversion.

The Vatican’s Secretariat of State has issued an instruction regarding the celebration of Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, suppressing Masses said by a priest by himself, and restricting the celebration of the extraordinary form of Mass in the Latin rite to one altar in the crypt of the basilica. MORE

Francis plans to abolish the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum

How would this effect SSPX  ?

From what is known, it would be a return to the indult — with a prior authorization of the bishop [as under the motu proprio Ecclesia Dei], or of the Vatican — with all that it entails, that is, a reintroduction of the prohibition of the celebration according to the Missal of St John XXIII, so many denials of authorizations, and the ghettoization, in practice, of the priests and faithful attached to the old rite. After Moses, the Liberator, Pharaoh returns. [Source]

AntiChrist Francis gets tough with SSPX

February 11, 2021 – Apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes Double Major Feast Francis-Bergoglio Issues Implicit Threat to Neo-SSPX Accept the (Heretic) Vatican II Anti-council or Get out of Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio Lays Down the Gauntlet To the Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX And even to His Own “Indult” Groups Like the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP): Get Behind the (Heretical) Vatican II Anti-council Or Get Out of My Newchurch There Will Be No Negotiation Compromise, or Dialogue with You Fellay and Pagliarani Who Have Been Trying to Sell out to Newchurch Will Now Have to Fish or Cut Bait There Is Now No Middle Ground Left for Them

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“To hell with Vatican II”

“Carthago delenda est! (So, what about Vatican II?)

Written by  By Father Michael Johnson, FSSPX
“To paraphrase Cato the Elder, we may – nay, we must insist, Concilium Vaticanum Secundum delendum est – The Second Vatican Council mustbedestroyed! Amen.”

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Pope John XXIII leads the opening Mass of the Second Vatican Council in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican Oct. 11, 1962. A total of 2,540 cardinals, patriarchs, archbishops and bishops from around the world attended the opening session (CNS Photo)                              

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SSPX and the Sainthood of Paul VI

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In SSPX  latest newsletter, SSPX 10-13-18, in complaining over the Sainthood of Paul VI they claim that Paul VI acknowledge the problem with the changes of Vatican II when he stated, “The Smoke of Satan has entered the Church.” But if you look at the date when Paul VI said this, it was 7-29-1972.  You can see he’s really addressing the Traditionalists who were rebelling against the changes of the Vatican II Council as with the March on Rome in 1971. This is over a year from the March.  Hello.

May 31, 1971 – A version of this archives appears in print on May 31, 1971, on Page 34 of the New York edition with the headline: CatholicTraditionalists … Catholic Traditionalists March Across Rome MORE

A Novelty in the SSPX Structure: The General Councillors

A Novelty in the SSPX Structure: General Counselors by Fr. Patrick Girouard

by Fr. Patrick Girouard | Jul 20, 2018 resistance-news/fr-girouard’s- analysis-of-new-office-of- general-councillor-in-sspx/

Dear faithful,

I have learned on Cathinfo, (and checked on DICI and it is confirmed by them today), that the General Chapter of the SSPX has created two new high-echelon administrative posts to its managerial structure. Indeed, the Chapter has instituted the function of “General Councillor”, to be exercised by two SSPX members elected by the Chapter. Their official duty is to assist the General Superior (and his two Assistants) in the daily administration of the Society. They will be part of the General Council. Continue reading

What will the new SSPX Superior General mean to Traditionalists ~ Month of the Precious Blood

Obviously Bishop Williamson’s restoration following are ecstatic over Bishop Fellays demise. Whether or not this will bring the two groups together remains to be seen. Most likely,  the new superior Father Davide Pagliarani, will cancel the negotiations with Rome, for now. Unfortunately this could hurt the Sede Vacantes who have gotten some of the SSPX people who left because of Bishop Fellays negotiations with (pope) Francis. For the most part, I would say that most of the SSPX people are relieved over the anxiety that Bishop Fellay was causing among themselves.

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Communiqué of the General House of the Society of Saint Pius X

Hopefully this is a victory against AntiChrist Rome.

On July 11, 2018, Father Davide Pagliarani was elected Superior General, for a mandate of 12 years, by the 4th General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X.

The new Superior General is 47 years old and is of Italian nationality. He received the sacrament of Holy Orders from the hands of Bishop Bernard Fellay in 1996. He exercised his apostolate in Rimini (Italy), then in Singapore, before being appointed Superior of the District of Italy. Since 2012, he was Rector of Our Lady Co-Redemptrix Seminary of La Reja (Argentina). MORE

Msgr Lefebvre and the Society of Saint Pius X

Declaration November 21, 1974

The following short article appeared in the January 1987 issue of Catholic. It sets out clearly the position of Msgr Lefebvre and the Society of Saint Pius X as it was only four years after the SSPX was founded. In 1976 Msgr Lefebvre was suspended ‘a divinis’ because he ordained more priests. His comment then was “Suspended from what, and by whom?” Continue reading


The following interview with Archbishop Lefebvre  with the French magazine of the Society called “Fideliter”. It took place towards the end of last year, 1990.
Fideliter: Since the Episcopal Consecrations in June of 1988 there have been no more contacts with Rome, however, as you told us, Cardinal Oddi telephoned you saying: “We must come to an agreement. Make a little apology to the Pope and he is ready to welcome you”. Then why not try this final step, and why does it seem impossible to you?

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“Vatican-Moscow Agreement” & St. Michael prayers after Mass The Angelus 1988

The Angelus ~ June 1988 ~ Vol,  XI, No. 6

Ask Me…
answers given by Father Carl Pulvermacher

Q. Could the “Vatican-Moscow Agreement”—as acknowledged by The Fatima Crusader magazine been the reason why Archbishop Lefebvre’s and the other 450 prelates’ petition for a Council condemnation of Communism was silenced? (R. R., Metairie, LA)

A. Most people know nothing of this “Vatican-Moscow Agreement.” Pope John’s legate, Cardinal Tisserant, and K.G.B. Patriarch Nikodim of Russia negotiated that Vatican II and Rome would not condemn Communism, in exchange for the Russian Orthodox sending delegates to the Council (Vat. II). In “Apologia I” by Michael Davies, Archbishop Lefebvre says (p. 151) “The Pastoral Council which brought together 2,350 Bishops said not a word, in spite of the 450 signatures of Fathers demanding a condemnation, which I myself took to Msgr. Felici, Secretary of the Council, together with Msgr. Sigaud, Archbishop of Diamantina.” Continue reading