Beheading St. John the Baptist – August 29

Father Kevin O’ Sullivan commentaries 1957,
St. John the Baptist, Elias and God’s Kingdom

When John the Bap­tist appeared at the Jordan river, pro­claiming that the kingdom of God was at hand (cf. Mt. 3:1-12; Mk. 1:2-8; Lk. 3:2-18) the Jews flocked to hear him. The expectation of the Promised Re­deemer, the Messias, was strong at this time, and here was a Prophet announcing his proximate arrival and calling on the people to repent of their sins in order to be prepared to receive him. Continue reading

Reflecting on our Faith as Catholics

See that none render evil for evil to any man; but ever follow that which is good towards each other, and towards all men, always,  always rejoice, pray without ceasing,  (Meaning to have God in your heart at all times) Thess. 5:15,  In all things give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you all. 19 Extinguish not the spirit. 18, Despise not prophecies. 20, But prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 21.If any man will not work, neither let him eat. II Thess.3:10
Dear friends.
Our enemy is not the Jews, Protestants, Masons or Communists. Our enemy is MORTAL SIN. Without MORTAL SIN their would be NO Jews, Protestants, Masons or Communists.The church teaches that every dis-order in the world is a reflection of Mortal Sin.

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The reasons why Catholics believe, “No one knows when the End will come.”

In as much as I have written on this before, like for the last 47 years, human beings being what they are, continue to find those loop holes that I figure were not necessary to explain. So once again I will try to give a more in depth explanation of this subject which really started in the 1500’s.
To begin with, we have to go to the first prophecy and sign we have for Christ’s return in St. Paul’s letter 2 Thessalonians when he tells us that the Lord cannot come back until the “Man of Sin” the son of perdition comes into the world. I’m sure that all through the century’s there were lots of people accused of being the Man of Sin or the AntiChrist. Pope Leo X got this distinguish title from Martin Luther.

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We were Created, Redeemed and the World ends with a Full-Moon

As I continually point out every-year the sequence of events pertaining God’s Creation of the world, (Ex: 12) His Redemptive act and the final Testimonial Judgment week all happen under a Full-Moon.
Adam was created under the Spring Passover Full-Moon. Christ Redeemed us under the Spring Passover Full-Moon and the final Testimonial , Judgment week starts on Pentecost Sunday and ends on the eve of Trinity Sunday, with a Full-Moon. (1)
 Here you have it my friends. God even puts a little Humor in it all by having the Gospel for Trinity Sunday tell us we all left for Heaven and Hell last night by saying. “I will be with you till the End of the World.”
He warns us from the very beginning of His Creation, in Psalms 88:37, ” His posterity shall continue forever, and his throne shall be like the sun before me; Like the Moon, which remains forever a  FAITHFUL WITNESS in the sky.”
So now my friends, you need not worry about the General Judgment Day till next year. The Great Chastisement should take place during Lenten Tide. A sign in the Heavens of a Cross should warn us but I don’t know if all will see it.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Parousia Joseph
(1) My booklet, “The Day of the Lord & the Signs of His Coming.”

Prophecies About the Messiah

Soon after the Resurrection of Christ, many theories were put forward to explain the empty tomb. But we have not only the evidence of the Holy shroud of Turin to prove the death and Resurrection of Jesus, but some historical records and traditions. Thus we have the records of Josephus, a reliable Jewish historian, whom the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem had made commander-in-chief of Galilee when the Jewish revolt broke out in 66 A.D. He was captured by the Romans and was witness of the destruction of Jerusalem and Temple.

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Why the Vatican II popes cannot be Popes and Explanation of Church Teaching on Papal Infallibility

by Rev. Fr. Noel Barbara  RIP
Hear, Father Noel Barbara’s dynamic lecture,  given originally in French by Fr. Barbara in the 1980’s. The author (who was probably the first European priest to come to the conclusion of the vacancy in the papal chair), “after recalling the Catholic doctrine on the Church and its Magisterium, shows why the popes of Vatican II cannot be  popes.”

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May Jewish American Heritage Month

President Donald Trump proclaimed May Jewish American Heritage Month, continuing a tradition maintained by every president since 2006.

“During Jewish American Heritage Month, we celebrate our nation’s strong American Jewish heritage, rooted in the ancient faith and traditions of the Jewish people. The small band of Dutch Jews who first immigrated in 1654, seeking refuge and religious liberty, brought with them their families, their religion, and their cherished customs, which they have passed on from generation to generation,” read the proclamation issued late Friday by the White House. MORE

Five Misleading teachings taught by many of the Fathers & Doctors of the Church


1. There would never be another physical State of Israel.

They began to apply Israel (God’s People) to the Church in meaning in new biblical translations because after the final destruction of Judea the Jews were dispersed through out the world and the Roman Emperors issued an edict that Jews were forbidden to return there. Even after Constantine freed the religions he and others never thought of lifting the edict. In 600 the area was mostly controlled by Arabs and they were the ones who opened the door for the Jews to return.
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Easter, Opening of Heaven on Ascension Thursday, Pentecost and Parousia

Ascension-Piotr-BasinA Blessed Easter Season 2017
Christ’s death and Resurrection begins the work of Our Redemption, but Christ’s work is incomplete, 1 (666) as Heaven needs to be opened and the Birth of the Church needs to be propagated.

Heaven having been closed now for about 4000 years is once again opened on  Ascension Thursday. “He ascended into heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God , the Father Almighty; FROM THENCE He shall come to judge the living and the dead.”  2
The Limbo of the Fathers also called Paradise and the Opening of Heaven a place and state of rest wherein the souls of the just who died before CHRIST’S ASCENSION were detained until he opened HEAVEN to them; also referred to as “Abraham’s bosom. Continue reading

Jewish changes that were made by Christians

images (26)I’m sure, like myself, you always hear the same old complaints about how Christians broke the Law by doing away with the Sabbath.  As a result I decided to look at the whole picture just to set the record straight.

1.To begin with Christians never did away with the Sabbath per-say, but made the Lords Day the primary day of worship. You can thank Moses for the Sabbath Holiday and the Apostles & Constantine for the Lords Day Holidays. Constantine made Sunday a no regular work day. Continue reading

Summary of Changes Since Vatican II (Page 2)

vaticanII-imageLatin Mass / Catholic Trad. | Mass Changes | Fruits of Vatican II

Traditional Latin (‘Tridentine’) Mass

A Revolution in the Church?

Primary Sources Include: Davies, Amerio

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