New Church, New Religion. Mass deception

c396492408429037bb5a34ad04ae33acNew Church, New Religion. Mass deception


The media and The Examiner have reported that you have been appointed by Francis I auxiliaries of the Archdiocese of Bombay. As baptized and confirmed Catholics, who had embraced an orthodoxy and orthopraxis  which our forebears had embraced with pride for over 400 years, and  who had done much for the Catholic Church in Mumbai, we are committed to offer our frank comments as under: MORE

The Mystery of the Church and the AntiChrist

images (23)(This piece was written by Abbey George de Nantes, in May of 1963, just before the death of Pope John XXIII. It makes interesting reading today, particularly when read in conjunction with the article about the revolt of some of the Australian hierarchy. Ed.)
I have been asked whether I think the antichrist is a person or a theory. I am not a prophet nor am I charged with the interpretation of prophesy. Continue reading

Location in the Holy Bible where you will find the Vatican II Council

Dear friends of the Truth.

It never ceases to amaze me how the mind cannot seem to comprehend the Obvious. I bring this up because, as most of you are aware, I have given Traditional Catholics and the rest of the world for that matter, Seventeen Mysteries of the Faith. These mysteries have never been revealed in it’s entirety in the history of the world until the last 46 years.

Since the good Lord has given me a little kick back time before the end of the world, I will try to open your eyes to some more obvious facts of life and provide you with the location of the V-2 council in the Holy Bible. Continue reading

Explaining Sede Vacante & Sede Vacantism–Anti Popes & AntiChrists

530093346Impugning the known truth is a mortal sin against the Holy Ghost

The definition of Sede Vacante is not defined correctly. It is an adopted word to explain an empty chair as a result of a death or resignation of a pope. The problem with this definition alludes to the state of the church to be headless.  Our Lord said “Thou art Peter . . . . and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”  This implies that no matter what happens to the pope there will always be someone to act in the place of the pope who will run the church until another pope is elected. Hence we have the term “perpetual successors”. The Church has always taught that St. Peter’s successors to be in an unending, an unbroken chain. So up until the Vatican II Council, there has never been a break in the line of successors (Vatican Council I).What I wish to state is up until the Vatican II Council, the proper understanding of Sede Vacante is really Sede Transition for, as I pointed out, the Church is never without its delegated authority. Continue reading

Bishop Pivarunas “The Vatican II Council is the “Great Apostasy.”

z13Adsum ~ October 2014
Ordination to the Diaconate

Dear Friends and Benefactors,
On the feast of St. Isaac Jogues and Companions, September 26, Rev. Timothy Geckle was ordained to the diaconate; his ordination comes in an important time as he can assist at the distribution of Holy Communion, especially at Sunday Masses and take care of sick calls to the infirm in our parish. Continue reading

“Instead of Praying for Francis-Bergoglio Can You Suggest an Alternative?”

download-3A Reader Asks: “Instead of Praying for Francis-Bergoglio Can You Suggest an Alternative?”
From The TRADITIO Fathers

Pope Leo XIII, after He Had Had a Vision in 1884 Of the Catholic Church Being Overwhelmed by the Forces of Satan,To Be Saved only By St. Michael the Archangel, Prince of the Heavenly Host Ordered that Prayers for the Church Be Prayed after Every Low Mass These Consist of Three Aves, the Salve Regina The Prayer for the Exaltation of the Church, and the Prayer to St. Michael To Protect the Church against Satan

Dear TRADITIO Fathers: Continue reading

Explaining why the European Union Flag & My Banner(s) have the same source.

EUFLAGThe European Union Flag with Its Twelve Sun-colored Stars on a Sky-Blue background, the Flag’s Designer, Arsène Heitz, now admits that He Based His Design,on the Description of the Blessed Virgin Mary in St. John’s Apocalypse 12,and also based on a medal created by Saint Catherine Labouré following a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary which also has twelve stars on the back of the (Miraculous)  metal.. ..The Flag, as Fate Would Have It, Was Adopted on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Little did Mr. Heitz realize that the E.U. and their flag is a reflection of the “Beast of the Apocalypse.” Continue reading

Billy Graham: Judas Is a ‘Warning’ — In The End, Unbelievers Lose Everything

graBilly Graham why Judas turned his back on Jesus Christ. But you did the same thing Billy when you joined up with the AntiChrist John Paul II and didn’t oppose the heretical Vatican II Council & their new Bibles which made Jesus just another prophet. How about the dangers of not defending the truth?

World-renowned pastor Billy Graham said that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver because of his “unbelief” and interest only in himself,  and that because of his self-inflicted death, whereby he lost everything, Judas “stands forever as a warning of the dangers of stubborn unbelief.” MORE

‘Finally, brother,’ Pope Francis says in historic meeting with Russian Orthodox patriarch

PATFRAPope Francis on Friday crossed the Atlantic Ocean and then a millennium of division and distrust when he traveled to Cuba and met with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

It was the first encounter ever between the heads of two of the largest branches of the Christian faith, whose estrangement for 1,000 years represents the deepest East-West divide in Christianity. MORE

APOSTASY – How Suppression of Truth about God led to Depravity and Supression of Truth about Marriage and Family

holyroodHere in Italy the summer has reached its height: the sun beats down on the city and on the countryside by day, and by night the elderly sit outside and watch the people passing by.

To the eyes of the Faith, by contrast, the whole of mankind is plunged in the most profound darkness, for both the Church and the World are in the throes of the gravest and most profound crisis in the history of their existence. The crisis is one of Apostasy, not so much in the formal sense of the explicit rejection of the Catholic Faith, but rather in the general sense of the falling away from God. MORE

Traditional Catholics turn a blind eye to God’s wrath & the Space ship Challenger

SHUTTLE2Space Shuttle Challenger &  Sign of the Beast of the Apocalypse 1986
by Joseph Saraceno

On or about December 1985, I was working on an article entitled “the Two Horns of Anti-Christ” I can’t remember who the particular priest’s were that I was in contact with at that time, but I remembered one that I had just recently met and was promoting his newsletter. A Father Dan Jones from Colorado. Continue reading

THE GREAT APOSTASY By Joseph B. D. Saraceno

Edited by Rev. Courtney E. Krier

“Mr. Joseph Saraceno focuses accurately on the depth of the problem, uprooting the past evils of the Conciliar Church by turning over each sordid stone one by one and at the same time he elevates the Holy Scriptures showing a prophetic outline of our future.

About Mr Joseph B. D. Saraceno

Joseph B. D. Saraceno is a respected authority of Biblical prophecy, well known lecturer and author of numerous essays and articles, including “The Day of the Lord and the Signs of His Coming.” Continue reading