Dream of 3 faiths worshipping in one building meets reality in Berlin

All of the faiths are joining up with the Beast.

Three religions. One building. The concept could be profoundly simple or particularly complex. For Berlin’s “House of One,” it’s turning out to be a bit of both. Dubbed “the world’s first churmosqagogue by one Reddit user, the House of One — “the world’s first hybrid church-mosque-synagogue” — will break ground in Berlin on May 27, 2021. MORE

Dr. J, Vernon McGee ,Father Kramer- Anti Christ will do away with “Capital Punishment”

Image result for what did john paul ii do to capital punishment

Dr. J,  Vernon McGee in his radio show the Bible Bus, stating  in The Apocalypse on 2-10-21 That the “The Anti Christ will will do away with ‘Capital Punishment'” bringing about a loss of justice. Here below, Father Kramer says the same thing, “”The Anti Christ will de Christianize  Nations.” Doing away with Christian Laws. And did not (St.) John Paul II do just that, abolish Capital Punishment. ‘Hello’.

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The Biblical False Prophet, Catholic, Protestant or Jew?

I just recently recollected, that when I first put the Rev. Billy Graham in the Bible as the false prophet, a well versed Traditional Catholic challenged my findings, stating that the “False Prophet had to be a Catholic.”  So in my recent writing on the new “False Prophet”, I have President Biden a Catholic, succeeding the other two false protestant prophets. 

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We have a New False prophet that fits better with the AntiChrist

In my New Years resolutions article, I stated at the end of the article, that Christ has a better chance of coming back in 2022. Mainly because of the Q-19 virus.  I should have known, I had Trump listed as the False prophet that succeeded the main False prophet Rev. Billy Graham. I also was aware that the AntiChrist and the False prophet have to be in union with each other, which was not the case with Trump and AntiChrist Francis.

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Anniversary of space ship Challenger disaster Jan. 28, was an inter-faith, ethnic, and sex flight

The Challenger crew. Back row (L-R): Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnick. Front row (L-R): Michael J. Smith, Francis “Dick” Scobee, Ronald McNair. I had just mailed out my latest article on the “Two Horns of AntiChrist,” and what got my attention was the two type horn display by the explosion.

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My reply to FITZINFO.NET It’s the one with Francis and the communists and Jews

My reply to FITZINFO.NET  It’s the one with Francis and the communists and Jews, which got printed.
REPLY: pope John XXIII is the precursor of the “Man of Sin Paul VI” . pope John XXIII is the Star that falls from Heaven and opens up the Gates of Hell. (Vatican II Council) in Apocalypse 9. Paul VI becomes the first AntiChrist by enforcing the heretical degrees of the Council and try’s to eliminate the Mass, other sacraments and doctrinal Bibles. 

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Bishop Fulton Sheen Predicted Already in the 1950s A Counterfeit Catholic Church

Bishop Fulton Sheen Famous Catholic Orator of the 1950s Accurately Predicted the Ascendency Of the Evils of Atheistic Communism And of a Counterfeit Catholic Church Although Soviet Communism Fell in 1992. It Has Been Replaced by a Far More Atheistic Chinese Communism Binding 1,500,000,000. The “Institutional” Catholic Church Has Been Replaced
By a Counterfeit Newchurch of the New Order Which, just as Sheen Prophesied Would Look Externally Like the Catholic Church, But Internally Be “Emptied of Its Divine Content”

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AntiChrist pope Francis Endorses Biden for President

This may sound farfetched but his latest endorsement of same-sex civil unions is another slap in the face for the Catholic Church, Evangelists, God fearing people’s and the Republican party. (pope’s interview for the feature-length documentary, “Francesco”). MORE

The timing of this announcement is critical, 12 days before our election. It’s no secret that the pope and President Trump clashed over closed borders and the immigration problem. How this will effect the outcome of the election remains to be seen, but it’s surely obvious that it’s not going to help President Trump.

The pope needs to go to confession before he dies, or he won’t make it to the promise land.
In Christ, Joseph

Whomever wins this Presidential election, might be our last President

2020 presidential debate live updates: Biden vs. Trump

Barring he die’s, gets impeached, or resigns in Office. Many of you may be aware that I felt the same way about Benedict XVI but he outsmarted me by resigning. However, he’s still alive and could still be here when Christ comes back. Another coincidence we have, is that when the two witnesses were killed, (John the Baptist & Jesus) back then, we had two High Priests. Annas and Caiphas.

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In 1968, Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s Bible Bus Predicts Our Endtimes – Start 6:10 in

Thru the Bible – J. Vernon McGee – Life Changing Radio

Zephaniah 1:2-5 – September 16, 2020 – 17:14  PODCAST 

Listen to Dr. J. Vernon McGee. His show is called, the “Bible Bus.” He has a good reputation and non-denominational, has been on the radio for about 70 years, been dead for about 25 years and his show is going strong world wide. In this enclosed, today’s show first played in 1968, he states that all the main Christian religions have Apostatized. In 1969 we had the Cardinal  “Ottaviani Intervention.” A reliable outside source who agrees with us Traditionalists.

Beware, A Conservative Catholic Conspiracy Is Brewing

LDS Church, BYU Jerusalem Center remain neutral amid Israel ...

The corona-virus put a spike in AntiChrist Francis’s plan for the large gathering of the Religious in Jerusalem next year—not to mention the money crises. Francis realizes that one way to bring in millions of dollars is to retire and set up a conclave for a future false pope. It has already been reported in one of the Catholic papers in India, that he has set up a couple of Cardinals as the first step in the preparation for a conclave.

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