Msgr. Perez: One World Order- Vatican II- U.N. & The Sedevacantist problem

(HE left out the E. U. ) Sermon for the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost –
July 8, 2012 by Monsignor Patrick J. Perez

 In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

In today’s gospel, we have Our Lord feeding the multitudes on the loaves of bread and the fish which He miraculously multiplied. And this is not only a prefiguring of the Blessed Sacrament, meaning it’s a foreshadowing of it because you look at the language they used. He took the bread and giving thanks He broke it. Right? It starts out exactly like what? You know. Last Supper. But then He gave it to the disciples to distribute to the people. He didn’t pronounce the words of Consecration over it. But notice at the end they collected the fragments. What do we do? We put the hosts that haven’t been consumed back into the Tabernacle. It was a prefiguring of that.

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Indigenous day + Indigenous communities, Inculturation of the Vatican II Council

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October 23, Rome: The Pan-Amazonian Synod is in the final stretch after three intense weeks. The Synod intends to give the Church an “Amazonian face” with “a universal dimension.” The phrase isn’t clearly defined but roughly suggests that Catholics the world over will profit from cultural lessons on the care of nature from the Indigenous communities in the Amazon. A Church with an Amazonian face rejects a clericalism and Colonial tradition (see Instrumentum Laboris, 109-110).

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The elimination of St. Michael the Archangel and his prayer after Mass

I think we have this?   
Now my friends; I’ve always alluded to the star that falls from Heaven (Apoc:9) as a Bishop or false pope. But didn’t John 23 take away He that holdeth, (the prayer of St.Michael after Mass- II Thess.2-3) then open the door of the V-2 Council (the key to the gates of Hell)? Which in turn began the reign of AntiChrists with Paul VI, who is responsible for the sad state of affairs in the Church to this very day. Amen… 

*The dedication of St. Michael the Archangel ~ SEPTEMBER 29 
1. The Archangel St. Michael occupies a prominent place in the liturgy. In the struggle of God and the Church against Satan he plays an important role. The battle between God and his enemies, began when Lucifer fell, still continues.

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The true definition of 666 in the book of Revelation

When referring to the Jews, the Jews are associated with their 6 days of creation teachings and they are known as the religion of 6 plus 1. The seventh day is the rest day, the Sabbath. Now in the Jewish religion, (from which we come) the promise of the Messiah is a reflection of the Sabbath. Seven days are the perfect week, therefore, when the Messiah comes into the world,

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La verdadera definición de 666 en el libro del Apocalipsis.

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Cuando se refieren a los judíos, los judíos se asocian con sus 6 días de enseñanzas de la creación y se les conoce como la religión de 6 más 1. El séptimo día es el día de descanso, el sábado. Ahora en la religión judía, (de la cual venimos) la promesa del Mesías es un reflejo del sábado. Siete días son la semana perfecta, por lo tanto, cuando el Mesías viene al mundo,

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The Two Horns of AntiChrist ~ Approved by Fr. Denis Chicoine

Just for the record, this article was approved by Fr. Denis Chicoine former CMRI leader for distribution in late December 1985. Minor changes were made since then.

The Two Horns of AntiChrist & AntiChrists –Joseph B.D. Saraceno

Because of the great demand, I have decided to write about the question of who the Anti-Christ is and when he would come into the world. This is a question that has left us pretty much baffled; that is, until the 1960’s and ‘70’s and the presence of the Second Vatican Council.

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The Great Apostasy–Anti-Christ System & the Second Coming of Christ ~ By Joseph B. D. Saraceno

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As I explain more fully the Marks of the Beast and how we are affected by them is explained in my lecture & writings. Just briefly however, the Great Apostasy does not mean a complete abandonment of Christian principals, but is made up of the Vatican II Council of a syncretism, humanistic, & inter-faith gospel which is being implemented by the imposition of the Secular, liberal,  democracy,  the U.N. E.U., IMF with the Vatican II church. (Religious Liberty). 

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Bishop Williamson, the Fake Resistance, and the Kentucky Fathers

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Dear Friends: For the last 45 years I have been explaining to Traditionalists that the evidence that we are Living in the End Times is the confusion we have among ourselves and as you can see by the latest split occurring among the Resistance. The meaning of the “Great Apostasy,” is not being defined properly by most of the Fathers as what it means Biblical.  The Apostles use the term as a Schism within the Church, not as a total abandonment of the Faith. The Vatican II Council is part of this Great Apostasy.

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