Can the Pope be removed from office?

My Dear friends:

No one can excommunicate a Pope. I have given everyone that has been involved in the Status of the Church, the proper answer and the facts on these Vatican II popes for over 50 years. Any position other than the one I give you is paramount to SLANDER. So unless you want to go to HELL for slander you had better adopt the lawful facts that I have presented to you or wind up losing your Soul.
So preach the TRUTH and save your soul or promote Slander and lose it. The Pope is the Pope unless he’s the AntiChrist period.
In Christ, the prophet, Joseph

Q. 1. Can the Pope be removed from office? Let’s say he is too sick to administer his position as the head of the Catholic Church, can he be removed?

A. 1. The answer to your question is “No!” The Pope cannot be removed from office.

According to Canon Law # 331, the Pope is the Supreme Pontiff. There is no worldly authority above him. He cannot be removed from office.

Can. 331 “The bishop of the Roman Church, in whom continues the office given by the Lord uniquely to Peter, the first of the Apostles, and to be transmitted to his successors, is the head of the college of bishops, the Vicar of Christ, and the pastor of the universal Church on earth. By virtue of his office he possesses supreme, full, immediate, and universal ordinary power in the Church, which he is always able to exercise freely.”