California spent nearly $1.8B fighting major 2017 wildfires

In September Los Angeles County replaced Columbus day with Indigenous day. I wrote a Letter to the Breeze newspaper cursing L.A. The paper left out the curse. I figured God would hit L.A. with something, comes October 12. but He did better he got both North & South of California with the Fires. About 5 of them. The biggest and most deadly ever was the Thomas Fire. Hello, the Doubting St. Thomas-es. $1:8 Billion dollars damage and this is not counting the mud slides that happened latter when the rains came.
My readers know that I have been warning everyone about the weather conditions since I announced the Second Coming of Christ in the 70’s. Apocalyptic Weather and the Lord’s Return go hand in hand. Prepare ye for the Coming of the Lord: Unfortunately, not this year.