Bishop Frank Slupski Died: May 14, 2018

Wow: Same day as my Mom.

St. Filumena Church <> wrote:

Another Bishop from Bp Guerard des Lauriers/ Bp McKenna line dies:

Here is how to trace Bp Slupski:

Bishop Michel Louis Guérard des Lauriers
Bishop Gunther Storck: April 30, 1984 at Etiolles, France
Bishop Robert Fidelis McKenna: August 22,1986 at Raveau, France
Bishop J. Elmer Vida: July, 02, 1987 in the USA
Bishop Richard F. Bedingfeld: December 17, 1987 in South Africa
Bishop Francis Slupski, CSSR October 12, 1999 at Monroe, Connecticut
Bishop Robert Dymek
Bishop Ramolla May 23, 2012 in Rock Falls, Illinois,.
Bishop Donald J. Sanborn: June 20, 2002 in Detroit, Michigan
Bishop Selway
Bishop Robert L. Neville: April 28, 2005
Bishop Andres Morello: 2006
Bishop Oliver Oravec: October 21, 1988 at Monroe, Connecticut
Bishop John E. Hesson June 12, 1991 at Monroe, Connecticut
Bishop Raphaël Cloquell: October 24, 1996 at Karlsruhe, Germany
Bishop Franco Munari: November 25, 1987 at Ravaux, France,
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Bishop frank Slupski died 15 days shy of turning 83:
Born on May 30, 1935 – Died: May 14, 2018 – Location; Niles, Illinois

Visitation Hours
May 17th 2018
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Wojciechowski Funeral Home
8025 W Golf Rd, Niles, IL
May 17th 2018
Maryhill Cemetery
8600 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL

A Traditional catholic writes of him the following:

What is known about him? He lived through Communist Poland, and was very privacy-conscious as a result of being Catholic and knowing the Communist evils first-hand. He was ordained in 1961 as a Redemptorist priest, and never said the Novus Ordo. He knew all the truth about the Conciliar religion, the Communists, the Freemasons, and problems of the US government. He said Mass in a half-dozen small independent chapels in the Midwest for several decades starting in the 1970’s. He was always driving, always on the road. Sometimes with very little sleep.
One of his chapels was a single-wide trailer with a generator outside, but the inside was completely done up like a church. They had pews and everything. It was right on the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota and it was quite a drive to get there.
It’s true, he made a few mistakes when it came to “who to ordain” once he became a bishop — but again, I ask for prayers for him. He did a lot of good for souls over the years, including my own, and many in my family. May God mercifully judge him, and go easy on him. RIP