The Four Marks has left us

Believe it or not I got the Four Marks started. At the time Kathleen Plumb had a newspaper called, “The Northern Light.” I ran one of my ad’s in there.  Then came Christopher Ferrier’s condemnation of Sede Vacantists in the “Catholic Family News.” A friend at the time, Dan Capodilupo called me and suggested we start our own newspaper.  Immediately I thought of the Northern Light and told him. Getting on the phone with Kathleen Plumb, she explained to me how much money it would cost and hundreds of subscribers. Having about 100 names on my mailing list at the time, and knew a friend who had a Catholic website called, By John Maffei. So here we had the money and the names and the first thing I suggested, was start a contest over the internet for the name for the new newspaper and the winner was, “The Four Marks.” However, I wanted the paper to be for Traditional Laymen only. But that didn’t last long, and once the Religious got involved they started taking over. Nonetheless, it helped us succeed in surviving as long as we did. So here’s to Kathleen and the three Italian Tenors who sang a song of Catholic Truth that lasted 14 years and just short of the Second Coming of Christ. Amen and Alleluia to all. RIP

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Ten Crazy things some (even Traditional) Catholics believe

Heartland Institute Unveils New Book on Why the Earth Is Flat – FTAP

The world is flat.
It would be easy to dismiss flat-Earthers as simply being misguided due to a lack of education. While there are indications that those susceptible to such views have low levels of scientific literacy, Landrum at Texas Tech says that flat-Earthers aren’t necessarily people who don’t believe in science. “It’s not really an education thing,” she says. “It really is about distrusting authorities and institutions. [It] seems to be based on both a conspiracy mentality and a deeply held belief that looks a lot like religiosity but isn’t necessarily specifically tied to a religion”.

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Then St. Peter drew his sword

For all of us who remember that all the Apostles ran away and St. Peter later denied he knew the Lord, most have forgotten how he was willing to die and fight for the Lord at the time they came to arrest him. MORE

John 18:10 Then Simon Peter drew his sword and struck the … The servant’s name was Malchus. … Simon Peter, however, having a sworddrew it, and, aiming at the High Priest’s servant, cut off his right ear. The servant’s name …

April Fools’ Day: Origin and History

Updated March 16, 2021 | David Johnson and Shmuel Ross and some of Joseph’s Biblical research.

The uncertain origins of a foolish day –
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April Fools’ Day, sometimes called All Fools’ Day, is one of the most light-hearted days of the year. Its origins are uncertain. Some see it as a celebration related to the turn of the seasons, while others believe it stems from the adoption of a new calendar.

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Love Thy Neighbor, Except?…

It has taken me a few hours to diminish the anger that surfaced when I first saw these two pictures below.

As readers will note I have taken exception to the lack of strong leadership from the church during this COVID crisis.  During a time when fellowship is most needed, most urgently needed, many churches are collapsing under their own fear.  This is not a good outcome. MORE

Asian discrimination is a U.S. Tradition, lacking of U. S. History here

If you remember that even during the Gold Rush days in California many Asians lost their property rights. It was the building of the railroad tracks that kept it from getting worse. Here you have  President Wilson in the “The Immigration Act of 1917” curtailing Asians from coming into the U.S. only to be overturned by Congress. Americans need to refresh themselves on U.S. History and stop making all these stupid and false accusations in the name of discrimination. It was from the beginning with many different Races and Religions.
Joseph B. Saraceno