Week of the Creation, Happy Birthday World, Adam and Good Friday.

Around March 26th  would be the week of the creation by the solar calendar and spring full moon,  so this year the creation week starts on 26th and Adam’s birth or his creation day would fall on Good Friday evening by the Jewish calendar.(6pmMarch 30th-31st.  Ex:12. The reading  on Good Friday,  Holy Saturday Gen: 1.How ironic that our Lord would die on or about the day He created Adam. Some say that they were both buried in the same area but I can’t vouch for that.

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Insight into the Catholic Faith presents Catholic Tradition Newsletter

Vol 11 Issue 11 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier

All men are vain in whom there is not the knowledge of God; and who by these good things that are seen, could not understand Him that is, neither by attending to the works have acknowledged who was the workman. (Wisdom 13:1)

March 17, 2018 ~ Saint Patrick, opn!

1. Mary as Co-Redemptrix
2. Passion Sunday
3. Saint Cyril of Jerusalem
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices

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Transfiguration , Moses and Elias

Over the years I have asked the Fathers, how did those three Apostles know it was Elias standing with our Lord & Moses. With Moses I could have envisioned him with the Ten Commandments but nobody could give me an answer for Elias till a few Sundays ago where this friend I addressed on the issue. He showed me a picture of the Transfiguration in his St. Andrew Missal for the Second Sunday in Lent, and there it was. Moses with the Ten Commandments and the other person holding a Scroll.

The Scroll represents the Scriptures from the prophets and the highest ranking prophet in the past would have to be Elias. Also these three people were they only one’s up until that time who fasted for 40 days. Continue reading

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Note! Why am I publishing this? Because The Dimond Brothers have condemned every Traditional Catholic group there is, that I know of. They left me out so as to not give me any notoriety.
As I have been saying for the last 45 or so years, the papacy ended with Paul VI. He became the “The Man of Sin,” and started the “Great Apostasy.” From this point on all others are just reigning as the “AntiChrists of Scriptures,” This proves St. Malachi’s prophecies to be in error.
I have all the facts and evidence on my web site or you can ask me if you wish. In Christ, Joseph

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Exposed: Dimonds’ “monastic” life
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Stephen Hawking Dead At 76…

Last photographs of Stephen Hawking emerge showing him enjoying a night out in Mayfair as his children pay tribute to the professor’s ‘brilliance and humour’ after he dies peacefully aged 76 MORE

“Eleison Comments” by Mgr. Williamson

EC 553 (“Parenting – I” Feb 17) has been hitting a nerve. It is not surprising. The Devil has virtually the whole of society in his grasp. The battleground has moved to those families which are not yet in his grasp. Parents, do not despair of God (which is what the Devil wants you to do), but take the measure of the gravity of the situation, and see the logic of the two counter-measures proposed by God through His Mother for this situation. Then do the best you can, and leave your children in Our Lady’s hands. MORE

Pope Saint Gregory I, commonly known as Saint Gregory the Great March 12

“No One Knows When the End Will Come.”

Pope St. Gregory I, also known as “the Great”, made it very clear that we are not to say Jesus Christ did not know when the end of the world would come. In the Pope’s Epistle, “Sicut agua frigida”, he writes: “ It is written: In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…All things were made by him (John 1:13 ). Continue reading

How Tribalism Leads to Satanism

How Tribalism Becomes Satanism

Everywhere today we see open Satanism being tolerated and even promoted in both the secular and religious spheres. In his Bird’s Eye View of the News, Atila Guimarães points out how the cultural revolution of the 1960s progressed, first into Tribalism and then to its final consequence, Satanism. Did the Catholic Church play a role in this process? Yes, she did. Read how here. MORE

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Billy Graham and the new church

Did Billy Graham Foresee that the “Catholic Church”

One would have thought that Southern Baptist preacher Billy Graham, who died on February 21, 2018, at age 99, would have been forthrightly anti-Catholic, just as Catholics would be forthrightly anti-Protestant. It turns out, however, that the once fire-and-brimstone Protestant Graham and the Modernist “Catholic” prelates of the 1950s actually converged on the same Modernist, Oecumenist Religion that was fabricated at the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965). Continue reading

NRA sues Florida to block new gun law section

First of all, the 2nd amendment pertaining to the Militia was really replaced by our police forces and the United States Army. 

Secondly, it takes 2/3’s of the states to change a constitutional amendment and that will never happen over this issue. We have gone 242 years without a dictator in the U.S.

All public semi automatic assault rifles should be limited to a six bullet clip for public use.

Since the Second Amendment states that 18 year olds can buy guns then I would make it a condition that he belong to the National Guard, outside of that, I would raise the age limit to 20 or 21 years to obtain a fire arm. Continue reading