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maxresdefault (1)Vol 10 Issue 16 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
April 22, 2017 ~ Easter Saturday

1. Is the Chair of Peter Vacant? An Argument for Sedevacantism
2. Quasimodo Sunday
3. Saint Adalbert
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices

Dear Reader:One might remember Quasimodi simply as the main character in Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but it points specifically to the name given to the Mass on the first Sunday after the Resurrection: Quasi modo geniti infants (as newborn infants). Continue reading

500 ineligible voters cast ballots in North Carolina

BALLOTSNorth Carolina elections officials found that about 500 ineligible voters cast ballots in the 2016 general election — but not enough to change the outcome of any race, according to an audit released Friday.

The State Board of Elections report said the 508 cases — the vast majority active felons — represented a small fraction of the 4.8 million ballots cast. The report didn’t include any evidence of coordinated fraud, and many of the voters claimed to be confused about their eligibility. MORE

SSPX uses Apostate catholic church for Funeral

betrayal-by-judas-2This is without a doubt a Sacrilege. They preach for us to stay away from the N/O Mass and they turn around and use their Churches. “They worship me with their lips but their heart is far from me.” Jesus Christ.   Joseph

SSPX uses Apostate catholic church for Funeral.
John Vennari Laid to Rest in New York April 12, 2017
District of the USA  Fr. Adam Purdy, SSPX, presides over the Funeral of Mr. Vennari
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Diet Sodas Raise Risk of Dementia and Stroke

SODAPeople who drink diet sodas daily have three times the risk of stroke and dementia compared to people who rarely drink them, researchers reported Thursday.

It’s yet another piece of evidence that diet drinks are not a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, and suggests that people need to limit both, doctors said. MORE

POWER OF THE GOSPEL. For 50 days, Pentecost

ASHAMProtestants are campaigning for a Pentecost 50 day revival across the country. This is something Catholics should be doing since we are the originators of the faith. Understandably most Catholics pray the Rosary every day but let’s add the prayer to the Holy Ghost this season.

Prayer to the Holy Ghost

Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of your faithful.
And kindle in them the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.
And you will renew the face of the earth.

reviveTX :: Dallas-Fort Worth is a movement to unite the many congregations of DFW for the sake of seeing our community revived by the POWER OF THE GOSPEL. For 50 days, in 10 colorful regions across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, believers are coming together to leave familiar church walls and hit the streets to share the Gospel and make disciples.

50 Days :: Easter to Pentecost :: April 16 – June 4, 2017

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” – Romans 1:16

“All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain”

JONESThe truth is that every one of the main characters in Jones’ book – Voris, Father Paul Nicholson, Marc Brammer, and the author himself – is tied to Opus Dei in a concrete way and that the Jones’ tale is really a story of an Opus Dei media venture gone wrong…

Two of the questions which have been repeatedly asked by readers of The Man Behind the Curtain are, first, why did Jones write his book on Voris and secondly, what was the exact nature of Jones’ relationship with the key players in the affair, specifically with Marc Brammer and Father Paul Nicholson, Voris’ “tell-all” spiritual director…

There are still many other unanswered questions about the men behind the Opus Dei curtain including a very basic question – Did E. Michael Jones really write The Man Behind the Curtain? I think the question list is endless…MORE

Young woman not rushing to get married and have a family.

OLD WOMANThe milestones of adulthood for today’s millennials: economic security and finishing school — not rushing to get married and have a family.

And once they are married, young women in America are less likely to see homemaking as a career.

The share of young women 25 to 34 who opted to forgo outside employment in favor of managing a household plunged from 43 percent in 1975 to just 14 percent last year, according to the Census Bureau. Census demographers believe that number could be among the lowest on record. MORE

Trump team exploring possible Pope Francis meeting

TPThe White House said Tuesday it is reaching out to the Vatican to set up a possible meeting President Trump and Pope Francis, little more than a year after they clashed over Trump’s proposed anti-immigration wall between the United States and Mexico.

“We will be reaching out to the Vatican to see if an audience with the pope can be accommodated,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer said. “We would be honored to have an audience with his holiness.” MORE

Five Misleading teachings taught by many of the Fathers & Doctors of the Church


1. There would never be another physical State of Israel.

They began to apply Israel (God’s People) to the Church in meaning in new biblical translations because after the final destruction of Judea the Jews were dispersed through out the world and the Roman Emperors issued an edict that Jews were forbidden to return there. Even after Constantine freed the religions he and others never thought of lifting the edict. In 600 the area was mostly controlled by Arabs and they were the ones who opened the door for the Jews to return.
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Easter, Opening of Heaven on Ascension Thursday, Pentecost and Parousia

Ascension-Piotr-BasinA Blessed Easter Season 2017
Christ’s death and Resurrection begins the work of Our Redemption, but Christ’s work is incomplete, 1 (666) as Heaven needs to be opened and the Birth of the Church needs to be propagated.

Heaven having been closed now for about 4000 years is once again opened on  Ascension Thursday. “He ascended into heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God , the Father Almighty; FROM THENCE He shall come to judge the living and the dead.”  2
The Limbo of the Fathers also called Paradise and the Opening of Heaven a place and state of rest wherein the souls of the just who died before CHRIST’S ASCENSION were detained until he opened HEAVEN to them; also referred to as “Abraham’s bosom. Continue reading

Insight into the Catholic Faith presents the ~ Catholic Tradition Newsletter

Vol 10 Issue 15 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
April 15, 2017 ~ Holy Saturday

1. Is the Chair of Peter Vacant? An Argument for Sedevacantism
2. Easter Sunday
3. Saint Benedict Joseph Labre
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices

Dear Reader:
I want to wish everyone a most blessed feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As Catholics throughout the world celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ it reminds them of the reason of their faith: God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. (John 3:16) Continue reading

President Trump’s hard line on Immigration is already showing progress at the border.

170203114752-trump-border-wall-large-169Arrests of people caught trying to sneak into the United States across the Mexican border plummeted in March to the lowest monthly figure in more than 17 years, the head of the Department of Homeland Security reported.

That’s a likely sign that fewer immigrants are trying to make the trek into the United States.

Secretary John Kelly said the steep decline in arrests is “no accident” and credited President Donald Trump’s approach to illegal immigration. MORE

The CANONICAL, MORAL and DOGMATIC Grounds for rejecting the NEW (Mass) and Retaining the TRUE MASS.–1975

sddefaultNow available, and back in print by yours truly. Written by Father Gommar DePauw R.I.P. a doctor of Canon Law who wrote and spearheaded the Traditional Catholic movement in late 60s. Thirty eight pages explaining why we must reject the new mass. Page 23 .
“Among the twenty-seven dogmatic reasons cited by Cardinal OTTAVIANI and BACCI as justification for rejecting the “New Order of the mass, “the Number Eleven, dealing with ” THE CHANGE IN FORMULATION,” calls for our special attention.
Ever since the COUNCIL OF TRENT’s INFALLIBLE definitions on the Mass were published in 1566 by Pope ST. Pius V, no Catholic has ever questioned the Church’s teaching that the proper FROM for the Consecration in the Mass Continue reading

Some facts on the New Mass of 1969 from Traditional Catholics in India:

INDIAPaul VI found the traditional Mass too Catholic and directed that it had to replicate the Calvinist Communion Service as revealed by his confidant, Jean Guitton;
The New Mass closely replicates the 1959 Communion Service of the Protestant “Church of South India;”
The New Mass never had an Offertory.  Preparation of the Gifts is one of the 18 blessings taken from the Talmud, reference, REAL STORY OF THE OFFERTORY’S REPLACEMENT