Father Sretenovic ; Needs financial help in obtaining a small Church.

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The owner is going to carry the note but he wants it payed off in three years.As of now we have about $50,000  and he would like another $50,000 to insure that we could pay it off in three years. Total cost is about $160,000 plus interest. It’s a protestant Church which would have to be remolded on a good size lot. It’s located near the Fresno area near where Msgr. Ruscitto had his Church, Unfortunately most of his money went to SSPX after he died and the Church was sold.
Father Sretenovic favors the resistance position with Bishop Zendejas. A branch of sspx. 
Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph Saraceno

Make checks out to and send:

Father Paul Sretenovic C/O the Verdins
141 No. I St.
Tulare, CA. 93274

Statement from Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO of FedEx Corporation

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The New York Times published a distorted and factually incorrect story on the front page of the Sunday, November 17 edition concerning FedEx and our billions of dollars of tax payments and billions of dollars of investments in the U.S. economy.  Pertinent to this outrageous distortion of the truth is the fact that unlike FedEx, the New York Times paid zero federal income tax in 2017 on earnings of $111 million, and only $30 million in 2018 MORE