“AntiChrist will be Worshiped Freely” Father Herman Kramer

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The Book of Destiny by Rev. Fr. Herman Kramer 1956 
Book Review by Joseph Saraceno

The followers of the Beast are signed on the forehead or in the hand. ( Those who accept the Jewish faith as equal) The plagues of God will single out for destruction those who are marked. page 175 -176 Apoc. 14:9, 16:2, 20:4

Seven thunders, the seven voices equal totally sacred authority. The seven thunders may then be a declaration of an ecumenical council. page 241-42 (The Vatican II Council) (Daniel was ordered to seal up the words of his prophecies until the time appointed by God for their publication.) And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, MY PEOPLE; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.The new mass & the V-2 Church, Apoc. 18:4-5.

The AntiChrist and the False Prophet. The sea is composed of nations subject to the AntiChrist. page 294

“He sits in the temple of God…” Does not mean the ancient temple but a Catholic Church. page 307 (The Holy See).

The Lion is the emblem of the Papacy in the Apocalypse. page 308
It will be easy to recognize him (AntiChrist) in his doctrine and works. There will be no more excuse for ignorance. page 319
(AntiChrist) shall think himself to change times and laws. Daniel 12:4

False Prophet and AntiChrist wins over the Anti-Christian Jews. page 320
(Billy Graham and John Paul II) If Billy Graham should die, his son would take his place.
The Church is defeated. The papacy is abolished. page 321
(Father Kramer sees this as a temporary physical defeat but it’s a spiritual defeat brought on by the V-2 Council.)

AntiChrist will be Worshiped Freely and Enthusiastically. page 320-21
(He will be admired by the World and they will adore the new doctrines.) Apoc.13:3-5, John Paul II was the man of the 20th century and Rev. Billy Graham was second or third.

Chastity a difficult in the days of the Beast. page 322
(One reason being the De-emphases of original sin by the V-2 Council)  Original Sin is the first and most obvious victim of the theory of evolution. (1)

Followers of AntiChrist will have a spiritual blindness. page 340
Their trust in AntiChrist will wane, but pride will not permit them…to change.(No pope no church theory)  page 367-68 (…and they would not repent even after the chastisements of the Apocalypse.16:2-8

AntiChrist will DE-Christianize Nations. page 378 (religious liberty)

The two prophets will offer all men a final choice, after which there will be no more excuse for ignorance. The people who have rebelled against the true faith will welcome or accept AntiChrist. page 310

AntiChrist’s short lived victory. page 338 (The Great Apostasy lasts about 40 to 50 years) (2)

The follower’s of AntiChrist…will not repent anymore; all Grace will be wasted on them – they shall receive no more mercy. page 347
Seven plagues for wicked only. page 363
Wicked will not repent. page 367

False miracles of AntiChrist will blind his followers. page 384
The AntiChrist will be accepted by the Jews – Jerusalem his capitol; (Eventually.) page 253. He sits in a temple of God….a Catholic church, the reign begins in Rome.(The Holy See) page 307

The martyrs who shed their blood under AntiChrist will rule the world with Christ a thousand years.page 452 (conjecture) In recent times on several occasions this Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office has been asked what must be thought of mitigated Millenarism, which teaches, for example, that Christ the Lord before the final judgment, whether or not preceded by the resurrection of the just, will come visibly to rule over THIS World. The answer is: The system of mitigated Millenarism cannot be taught safely. (AAS 36, 1944, p. 212, Decree of the Holy Office, July 21, 1944, D 2296. I have an essay on this subject by Father Courtney Krier which can be sent over the inter-net for anyone who wishes more information on this matter.

The star was an apostate priest who was empowered with the key to open…hell. page 447 (which only a false pope could do). Apoc.9:1 A star falls from heaven upon the earth. In Father Berry’s book, The Apocalypse of St. John, 1921 pg. 98, states, “In the fallen star ancient commentators saw a figure of Arius and other early heretics. As a matter of fact, any priest or BISHOP of the Church who becomes the leader of Heresy may be compared to a star fallen from heaven. But in this case the star refers to some particular person whose revolt from the Church shall lead directly to the reign of AntiChrist.
(The falling star is a traitorous pope who opens the gates of hell, (John 23) and the V-2 Council, which in turn began the reign of the first AntiChrist. (The Man of Sin) Paul VI.For more on this go to my web site…Apostasy & the Beast  and Why Sede Vacante…www.catholicendtimetruths.com

1. Has The Catholic Church Gone Mad? John Eppstein 1971 page 107. Has Nihil obstat and Imprimatur. Arlington House.
2. History of AntiChrist, Rev. P. Huchede, Tan Books 1884 page 59. 45 years. Matt.24:15-34, Generation. Apoc. 17:12, One hour.  As of 2019 we will be in the 50th year.

If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life. Apoc. 22:19The Book of Destiny and The Apocalypse of St. John can be obtained by 

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