VIDEO: An Italian rock band in the Bible and Perry Como’s song Till the End of Time

For your humor.  – There is an Italian rock band in the Bible called the “Caesarea Miracles,” directed by a centurion called Cornelius.
Acts 10:1
And believe it or not. As most of you know, I have been preaching the End of Times for the last 47 years. The song, “Till the End of Time,” was made famous by Perry Como in the 50’s.  (Video of Perry Como is at the continued page.) The music comes from one of Schubert’s serenades, but the words comes from a friend I met in the late 50’s, named, “Ted Mossman,” Some of the guys I was working with used to get something to eat and drink after work at about 9 pm at night. This restaurant we stopped in was called “Tiny Naylors”, they also had a cocktail lounge. Ted got hired there to play in the Lounge. He had one of those pianos that had other instrument sounds so that it sounded like a little band. So once or twice a week we would go in there to eat drink and sing,

He also started a mutual fund called Value Line? I bought some over the years and it didn’t do anything so I sold it. About 10 years later it tripled, ha.
Not much of a Catholic at the time and we worked on Sundays, I never dreamed I would become one of the torch bearers of the Traditional Catholic movement.
So here I am, “Till the End of Time,” for us all on that last Pentecost Sunday or Saturday night in the West.

God bless, In Christ, Joseph