On the First Anniversary of the Voris/Jones Affair

Randy Engel <newengelpublishing@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Friends – Here is my follow-up article to “All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain,” which appeared in April 20, 2017. The new text is available at https://akacatholic.com/on-the-first-anniversary-of-the-vorisjones-affair/.  You are welcome to leave a comment at the AKA website.

EXCERPTS From “On the First Anniversary of the Voris/Jones Affair. A Response to E. Michael Jones with Follow-Up Questions

Quoting in part, the sentiments expressed by Professor Javier Sainz Moreno of Madrid University who refers to Opus Dei as “a financial multinational,” and not “a spiritual organization,” Hutchison states, “… Opus Dei members believe strongly that Gods spoke to Moses, and also to Escrivá de Balaguer, but that money speaks to the world.”

While IESE fellows are urged to base their business practices on the highest standards of professionalism and accountability so as to be worthy leaders of business and society, in private practice, Opus Dei admits to the necessity of pilleria (dirty tricks) when warranted. Escrivá justifiedpilleria in business on the theory that “our life is a warfare of love, and for Opus Dei all is fair in love and war.”
Many centuries ago, St. Jerome in his Dialogue Against the Luciferians, 19 wrote a most remarkable comment on Arianism which remains with us till this very day – “The whole world groaned and marveled to find itself Arian.” Let us pray that one morning Catholics do not wake to find ourselves in the Church of Opus Dei.