All Roads lead to Rome. Today’s AntiChrist and False Prophet Clash

To understand the AntiChrist system there must be fidelity between the AntiChrist and the false Prophet. Now we had this with the Rev. Billy Graham and the AntiChrist John Paul II. ONE key binding factor was the support for the state of Israel. It is noted that during the conclave of JP-2’s election, Billy Graham spent 3 days preaching inside of his Cathedral in Poland and they became very close friends.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case with antichrist Francis and false prophet Trump. Now don’t get me wrong, at the time we had to choose between Trump and Hilary Clinton and in this case Hilary was the worst of the two, morally speaking. Catholics had no choice, as per Church teaching.

Now it’s no secret that Bishop Frances and President Trump were opposites and one of the two had to be eliminated and I assumed, that with the animosity that was being publicly displayed over Francis, that he would be replaced with someone who would have better ties with President Trump. As you can see how wrong I was. Never underestimate the power of the papacy. I can’t say exactly when the power play started, but what stood out was when Francis came out publicly in support of gay couples, just 10 days before the election. That shocked me and many protestant pastors, one in Indonesia? labelled him the AntiChrist and of course it’s the Democrat’s who have the AntiChrist platform. Looking back to after Joe won the election, Francis proclaimed the “year of St. Joseph on December 8th,” to enhance support for the new Saint Joe. Even my daughter exclaimed, after the election to me, “hey we have a  “Joseph,” in the White House.” She never called me Joseph, joke, but not funny.

While us so called Christians and conservatives were celebrating the Liberals all over the world had started campaigning for his defeat in 2020. I’m sure the European Union with their  George Soros and his- Open Society Foundations, which have ties to the Bishop of Rome the U.N. and the like got on the band wagon early and of course the liberals in the United States were growing faster then Conservatives were. So my friends, it wasn’t the manipulation of voting machines that caused Trump to lose, it was the manipulation of the minds of our people which caused Biden to win. Many of the Protestant’s groups became dissatisfied with President Trump long before the election. So the signs were there but we chose to ignore them.

In my title, “All Roads lead to Rome.” (by Michael De Semlyen)

Is mainly about money laundering that goes on with the Vatican Bank. Back then it was the Ambrosio Bank which crashed and the bank president was found hanging from a bridge. In this book, he explains the money went to panama, then back to the Vatican and put into the fund for the solidarity movement where John Paul II took to Poland in  a helicopter where he met with Walesa for the pay-off. At the time I suspected Walesa was his son but could not find enough evidence.

Remember Bishop Francis was in Panama just a few years ago for some youth function, then came a surge of illegal’s to the border Trump had to stop.

Well there you have it my friends. The facts of life, for some strange reason are hardly ever accepted in there time than fiction.
Start preaching for the Coming of the Lord soon at that last Pentecost Sunday and bring people in the faith for the short time that we have left.
Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph
1-09-2021 B.V.M. Saturday