Since the set-off of the Traditional Catholic Movement, I came to the conclusion through a series of my writings that a TRUE Pope could never be elected again, which is one of the main reasons for Christ’s return.

One of the principal objections to my thesis is: God can do anything and we can’t limit what He can do, as it is written, “all things are possible with God.”  In response, I quote Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, pg. 47, by Ludwig Ott: “As God’s power is identical with God’s Essence, it cannot imply anything which contradicts the Essence and attributes of God.  Thus, God cannot change, cannot lie, can make nothing that has happened not to have happened, cannot realize anything which is contradictory in itself” (cf. 2 Tim. 2, 13, St. Augustine , De civ. Dei, V 10, 1; Summa Theologica, I 25, 4).

The main attribute of faith, hope and charity is the ability to reason which helps us see the supernatural truth.  God, in giving us freewill cannot take freewill away from us or we would not be responsible for our actions, which would also bring into question the logic of justice. He cannot take away the effects of original sin—without this punishment we could obtain perfect happiness here on earth, and then, what need of we of heaven?  He cannot change Divine Revelation, without which Christ would not have had to die on the Cross to deliver us from our sins and establish His Church.

As I have indicated in previous writings, Sacred Scripture dictates that in these times confusion among the faithful is one of the signs of the Great Apostasy.  The Vatican II council leaves us without any functioning jurisdictional ecclesiastical hierarchy and with no practical way of electing one.  Or, if we could, whose group of Traditionalists would this pope come from? And who would accept him as pope?  Therefore, where is the unity created by electing another “pope”?

ONCE MORE, my dear faithful, when we look at “all things are possible with God”, we must conclude that it is within reason. For it is also written: “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God, nor have strange gods before me.”  If we do not acknowledge the restraints God puts upon Himself, then Satan also could not be restricted and if that be the case, the Sacraments would be of no value, because the gates of hell have overcome them.

As for myself, I love objective criticism because from this I can hopefully improve myself and be a more credible service to Our Lord.  I ask others to accept the mind of the Church in coming to their conclusions and in so doing we can eliminate the confusion and direct our attention to the Divine Will and not to our own human will. Grace be with you,In Christ, Joseph  3-31-2005