Abortion among Excommunication Penalties

img_0233Before Vatican Council II the Church Taught

Excommunication. A penalty imposed by the Church on a sinner in order to bring about his correction and amendment. It consists of the exclusion of the sinner from the communion of the faithful with certain legal effects, including the loss of his right to assist at divine services, exclusion from all the sacraments, loss of all rights indulgences and public prayers of the church, etc. The sins for which a Catholic is excommunicated include the following: 1). Apostasy, heresy, or schism. 2). Publishing, reading or keeping certain forbidden books. 3). Publishing books of Scripture without due permission. 4). Profaning the Blessed Sacrament. 5). Pretending to say Mass or hear confessions when one is not a priest. 6). Falsification of relics; distributing false relics, knowingly exposing false relics for the veneration of the faithful. 7). Trafficking in indulgences. 8). Affiliation with Masonic or similar societies which are out to subvert the church. 9). Violation of Papal cloister or enclosure. 10). Laying violent hands on any cleric or religious. 11). Abortion. 12). Dueling. 13). Attempting marriage before an heretical minister.

Certain conditions must be fulfilled before a sinner guilty of the above sins incurs excommunication: He must be Baptized; he must sin by an external act; the sin must be mortal and known as such at the time it is committed; the sinner must know that the excommunication is attached to the sin (at least he must know that there is some special punishment for the particular sin).

One who is excommunicated must be absolved not only from his sin, but also from the excommunication. Not every confessor can absolve from all excommunications; some excommunications are reserved to the Bishop, some to the Pope. When a penitent is under such a reserved excommunication, the confessor must obtain from the designated superior (Bishop or a Pope) the faculties to absolve the penitent.

So you see my friends, the faith is not a game. I would like to add, who is going to absolve these
Vatican II AntiChrist popes?? Who is going to condemn them? No one accept me and Our Lord on Judgment Day..
In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno