A “Miracle” of Nature Elevates a Monumental Statue Of the Blessed Virgin Mary into the Skies near the Eruption of Kilauea Volcano


A monumental statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is elevated upon a lava flow over the erupting Kilauea Volcano. As if an Observer from Heaven is looking down upon the Apocalyptic event. May 2018. Amidst the smoke and fire billowing from the Volcano.

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

A “miracle” of nature occurred on May 10, 2018, as the lava flow ensuing from the eruption of Kilauea volcano elevated a monumental statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary to look down, as if an observer from Heaven, upon the apocolyptic event taking place during May 2018 on the island of Hawaii.

True Catholics, one cannot help but think of those words in the Blessed Virgin’s Magnificat, chanted by the Church every day at the Hour of Vespers of the Divine Office: “Deposuit potentes de sede, et exaltavit humiles (Luke 1:52/V). Indeed, it seems that God’s power is working these days even to “depose” a fake Newchurch of the New Order and its corrupt Newpopes, perhaps in just such a fire as is spoken of in so many of the Church’s exorcisms, such as those pronounced during the blessing of Holy Water.