Judge Roy Moore

Patriot, I’m Judge Roy Moore.  
You probably know me as “The Ten Commandments Judge.”
But today I’m writing you as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in the upcoming August 15 Republican Primary.
As the first U.S. Senate race since President Trump rocked the political establishment back in November, most pundits are calling this the most important special election of the year.

U.S. News and World Report even referred to it as “GROUND ZERO in the political and cultural war.”
That’s why the Washington establishment is dumping MILLIONS of dollars into Alabama as part of their plot to install their hand-picked lobbyist as the next Senator from Alabama.
If you’re beyond frustrated with GOP “leadership” in Washington and their flat-out refusal to take a stand and “Drain the Swamp” like the American people elected Republicans to do . . .
If you’re sick and tired of the excuses coming from the lips of weak-kneed Republican politicians every time they compromise on our principles and values. . . 
If you’d like to see another firebrand conservative fighter in Washington who will roll up their sleeves and give it everything they’ve got to help Donald Trump Drain the Swamp of corruption and cronyism in Washington .  .  . 
For more than 15 years, I’ve been on the front lines of the fight against the ever-encroaching federal leviathan in Washington, D.C.
I’ve twice stood up to activist federal Judges, not because of my personal opinions — but because of my duty and oath to protect the Constitution and the rule of law.  
But after 15 years of fighting to keep Washington out of Alabama, and after much prayer and discussion with my wife and family, I decided to run for U.S. Senate.
You see, our nation is at a crossroads.
And I believe it’s vital you and I send men and women of character to Washington.  
Principled men and women with the spine to stand up and defend our values even if it means standing alone.
My 15-year track record proves I will not back down or compromise our principles and values — even if intimidated, fined or threatened with termination of employment
But I can’t take the fight to Washington without the help and support of patriots like you.
So today, I’m asking you to please do the two following things:
Knowing I have an army of good folks like you standing behind me helps give me the strength and courage to continue fighting with everything I’ve got.
Click HERE to add your name as a supporter.
The entire GOP establishment is pouring MILLIONS of dollars into this race to defeat me.
I’m facing vicious attacks from the radical liberals at the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
I don’t have the backing of the special interests groups.
And I’m not wealthy. 
But I do have the friendship and support of dedicated, God-fearing conservatives like you who care deeply about the future of our nation and the direction our country is headed.
SECOND, please take a moment to forward this email to EVERY conservative you know — whether they live in Alabama or not.  
As the first U.S. Senate race since Donald Trump’s election, the outcome of this race will be used to set the narrative heading into the critical 2018 mid-terms.  
That means this race has implications for conservatives nationwide.  
Friend, I graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1969, and served our Nation in Vietnam.
And while in the military, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. 
As a Judge, I’ve taken a similar oath, with one hand on the Bible and the other held high.
As a Christian, an oath to God is something I take seriously.
That’s why, whether it be defending Religious Liberty and the Ten Commandments or fighting to preserve the sanctity of traditional marriage, I’ve never once hesitated to stand up and fight for our values.
If elected as the next Senator from Alabama, you can count on me to be the standard bearer in Washington.
Some folks may be able to contribute $2,700 ($5,400 per couple) — the maximum legal amount under federal law.
If you’re one of those individuals, I ask you to please make a maximum contribution today. 
But I understand most folks may only be able to afford $25 or $35 at this time. 
But every dollar matters — especially in a special election like this.
So all I ask is that you please do all you can at this time.
Thank you in advance for your support!
It means the world to me.
Judge Roy Moore