A Look at the past Traditional Catholic Hero’s

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The Catholic Laity “are permitted and sometimes even obliged to express their opinions on those things which concern the good of the Church”…Constitution on the Church.

Vol, 8 – NO. 14 – Nov, 13, 1971 ~ Editor: Hugh McGovern

“VATICAN II DID CHANGE DOCTRINE: IT CHARTED COURSE OF A NEW RELIGION,” SAYS NOTED WRITER – Prof. Marcel De Corte, famed French Catholic apologist and professor of University of Liege, takes Vatican II over the hurdles in fully documented 17-page essay in Courrier De Rome (Paris, France).

He writes: “John XXIII suppressed all anathemas, giving free course to heresy. Paul VI renounced all repressions, giving free rein to vagabond consciences in the Church to innovate countless experiments in their efforts to escape from the supernatural into the material world. It is now required that we be obedient to the world; all license is given to those who substitute faith in man for Faith in God… ‘The Faith listens to the world’ is now the slogan-of-the-day in the Church. Now the Church says: ‘For the progress of science it is necessary that we reform the concepts of Christian doctrine on God, on Creation, on the Revelations, on the Person of the Word Incarnate, on the Redemption.’ And how many of us are aware that this present-day instruction of the Church is the celebrated 64th Proposition condemned by the Decree Lamentabili of July 3, 1907?

It was condemned than and yet today it is the chart of a new religion which proposes itself to the Faithful in a flood of spittle and ink which has flowed from the bosom of the official Church since the spectacular turnabout in the Faith by Vatican II.

I have not invented this new policy-phrase above. It was spoken by the Bishop of Metz in the Official Bulletin of the Metz Diocese Oct. 1, 1967: ‘The changes of civilization in the times we are living bring with them changes not only in our exterior comportment but even changes that must be made in the conceptions we have of Creation and the Salvation brought by Jesus Christ.’ …In a distance of 70 years, the span of a man’s life today, the two texts (Lamentabili and that of Bishop Metz’) collide head-on.

The first is pulverized, annihilated; the second, poised like a battering-ram against the Wall of the Catholic Faith to open a breach and engulf the Faithful, is the unanimous principle adopted, in one way or another, by the adherents, lay and clergy, of neo-Catholicism. It was Renan, many years ago who wrote: ‘In matters of Faith, it is all or nothing.’ And he added, thinking of the adapters-of-the Gospel-to-the modern-mentality: ‘The neo-Catholics are the greatest beasts of all.’”

* * * * *

OH, IS THAT WHAT IT IS? DEPT. — “Church is Calling Together of People” —-so goes the headline over the ‘Know Your Faith’ column by Fr. Quesnell, S.J.  in Catholic Weekly (Saginaw, Mich.)

NEW MASS WORSE THAN HERESY,” Says FR. BARBARA—In tract (one of thousands distributed to Bishops and others in Rome during the Synod) militant French priest and writer Fr. Noel Barbara declaims: “The New Mass is equivocal, whether in Latin or vernacular, because it readily accommodates itself to different and contradictory interpretations. Catholics assisting at the New Mass who wish to see it as a ‘Catholic’ Mass can do so. Lutherans who are at the same ‘Mass’ and wish to see it as a ‘Protestant supper’ can see it as a Protestant supper. This new ‘Mass’ which adopts itself so handily to two different and contradictory interpretations is equivocal and on those grounds it is worse than heresy. In effect it serves as the vehicle of heresy under the hypocritical and deceitful appearance of orthodoxy…This new ‘Mass’ which, at one and the same time by the same rite, signifies the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’, the ‘affirmation’ and the ‘denial’ of even Eucharistic Dogmas can only be injurious to a God Who has an abomination of language with a double-meaning. (‘I detest the twisted tongue’ —Proverbs VIII, 13).”

* * * * *

POPE LIBERALIZES BIBLICAL COMMISSION—In one of his typical quick-shifts from right-to-left Paul VI announced radical re-orientation of Pontifical Biblical Commission—just on heels of declaration to Synod that “We must preserve Doctrine.” he dissolved the Commission’s independence, fired 36 Prelates (many Conservatives) who were members, reserves final word on new appointees for himself. In his directive, Pope states the new Commission “will include representatives of all schools of thought” (RNS). Non-Roman Catholic scholars will be consulted in its deliberations. According to the RNS story the thrust of the new Commission will be “to investigate, like their Protestant colleagues, the possibility that the Bible expresses ideas rather than history” —-in other words: Myths. That this will prove to be true is borne out by the New American Catholic Bible, recently published, which is a long mish-mash of ‘de-Mythologizing’ and the rankest heresies—and for which Pope Paul VI wrote a flowery recommendation, praising it to the skies.

Thank God for these Traditional Militants who fostered the fight against the inter-faith Gospel. Just 15 months latter I got the Divine Truths of the Coming of the Lord on Pentecost Sunday printed in another Traditional newsletter Called ‘Veritas‘ February 22, 1973.