Joseph’s, Banner & E.U. Flag have the Same Source Apocalypse 12

Dear friends of the faith, ask yourself which Flag you want to be under. You really have no choice. My symbol represents the church in the wilderness, theirs represents the one world secular democracy of AntiChrist, along with the religious liberty of the Vatican II Church, again, backed by one of the most powerful countries in the world, the United States of America.

We Traditionalists and other conservatists need to warn the world of our Lords soon return and all the world is going to suffer the continuing Chastisement of plagues and FIRE before his return. These weather conditions are not just from global warming but from God’s wrath through his Angels. The Church teaches that the faithful will be protected from the FIRE. Remember, the assembly of the AntiChrist and his followers have to gather in Jerusalem first, then the Fire. You should have a sign in the sky of a cross, before the fire. The killing and resurrection of the TWO witnesses. His return comes on the next Pentecost Sunday, Middle East time. We in the west won’t get that last Pentecost Sunday because it will be Saturday night here and different times in other parts of the world. Once he makes himself present the whole world will become Pentecost Sunday. We will all go up to the clouds for the testimonial judgment and we will be joined with those in HELL and those in HEAVEN. I assume we will be in two time zones. I Imagin the Earth will be still visible below us and it’s seven rotations will indicate a week, but we will combine with the other time zone, as was the Creation.I have been warning the world for over 50 years and if you do not see this today, you never will. With God’s grace I was able to open up 23 mysteries of the book of the Apocalypse and in a court of law, I would win easy, but you cannot take religious theology into a secular court of law, and our religious leaders are all divided among themselves.So, do you want to play a part in this greatest event in the history of the world or sit on the sidelines and watch the show? If you sit on the side lines, after the game, I doubt you will share in the Victories Reward. There is NO purgatory for us who are here on Judgment Day. It’s either up or down.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno

John Patrick CoffeyJoseph Saraceno, you are so right. The flag was originally designed by a two Catholics who saw the twelve stars as a symbol of Our Lady (See Rev 12:1). It was originally designed by Arsene Heitz and Paul G Levy who was Jewish convert. Both of them were attracted to this Marian symbol. The flag was officially adapted by EU in 1985. However, the EU has subsequently denied the very Catholic symbolism. However, history is history. Read both stories
Joseph Saraceno Thanks John: I wasn’t aware of all of the particulars of the source for the design. How ironic that we both used the same symbol. My symbol represents the church in the wilderness, theirs represents the one world secular democracy of Satan, alone with religious liberty of the V-2 Church. Go to then to Apostasy & the Beast. God bless.

Arsène Heitz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia