Eastern New churchers Go into Schism from “The Dictator [New]pope” Francis-Bergoglio They Forcibly Block His Illegitimate Newapostolic Administrator and Prevent Him from Turning Their Altars Around

December 1, 2022 – Ferial Day of Advent

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Thousands of Eastern-rite Newchurchers Gather
To Protest Francis-Bergoglio’s Sacrilegious Attempt
To Turn Their Altars around to Face the Congregation
They Forcibly Block Bergoglio’s Newapostolic Administrator
From Entering the Precincts of St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica
And Send Him Packing back to His Residence
The Cathedral’s Vicar then Proceeded to Celebrate
The Divine Liturgy in the Traditional Way
Schism Has Broken out in the East
Against “The “Dictator [New]Pope]” Bergoglio
Just as It Has in Germany

“The Dictator [New]pope” Francis-Bergoglio is facing schism from the German Newchurch and now from the Eastern-rite Newchurch, which is now in full-blown revolt from him. Bergoglio has been trying to force the Eastern-rite Newchurchers to turn their altars around to face the congregation in contravention of Apostolic tradition.

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, a large angry crowd of Eastern Newchurchers physically attacked Bergoglio’s illegitimate Newarchbishop of the Syro-Malabar rite, Andrews Thazhath, and prevented him from entering the sacred precincts of St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica in Ernakulam, India, to celebrate the Divine Liturgy (Qurbana). Bergoglio had forced Thazhath as Newapostolic Administrator upon the Easterners against their will to implement the sacrilegious turning-around of their altars.

The traditionalist Easterners won this round of the battle for their ad orientem altars. Bergoglio’s Newarchbishop’s vehicle was forcibly turned around, and he was forced back to his residence. The cathedral vicar proceeded to celebrate the Divine Liturgy in the traditional way, ad orientem, facing away from the congregation toward liturgical east. Police have now locked up the cathedral, so the Newarchbishop cannot celebrate the Divine Liturgy. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the New Indian Express.]

Traditional Catholics, one cannot help but admire the Eastern-rite Newchurchers in their courageous stand against the Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio. Unlike the western Newchurchers, who refused to fight to save their altars after the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), and subsequently lost the priesthood (1968) and the Mass (1969), the Easterners are fighting Bergoglio in the streets. If only Catholics in the 1960s had just said NO! to the Vatican II Anti-council and its establishment of the Newchurch of the New Order in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church, all of the false Messes, false Sakraments, immoral doctrine, pig-sty morality of the paedophile/embezzling Newchurch clergy, and the pseudo-popes would never have occurred.