Christian Brothers settle suit with 400 sex abuse victims

christian bros.Gosh, I liked Christian Brothers Brandy. It’s getting so bad out there that you almost can’t go shopping anymore without helping some deviate cause that is being supported by these companies and institutions.  Hurry back Lord, in Christ, Joseph

The Man of Sin


Pope_Paul_VI.jpegHe sits in the Temple of God and gives himself out as if he was God. He will lead a revolt against the true teachings of the Church and will be revealed.  He will try to abolish the true Mass. II Thess. 2:3-4 & II Tim. 4:3 & Apoc. 17:4 & 18:5

The Man of Sin – Paul VI
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‘He wore the Jewish Ephod of Caiphas. – Embraced the Broken Cross, showing the distorted figure of Christ used in the Middle Ages to represent the Biblical term ‘mark of the beast.’ Continue reading

Friday’s Religion News Roundup: Georgia Bibles * AARP’s homosexual agenda * anti-Shariah bills

bibleA Bible in a hotel room image courtesy

If you’re into the culture wars, today’s your day: An atheist who complained that he found Bibles in a state-owned cabin got his way. Georgia officials removed the Bibles from all state park resorts. But now, the state attorney general issued a ruling saying the Bibles are OK because the state hadn’t paid for the books. On Wednesday, Gov. Nathan Deal ordered the Bibles returned. Continue reading

For Those of you Fathers and Sedevacantists That Need a True Pope

pope francis
bishop pivarunas
Which Bishop do you want? You have two bishops to choose from:

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio or Bishop Mark Anthony Pivarunas

What is a Pope? Isn’t he just another Bishop?
This is not to imply that Bishop Mark Anthony Pivarunas wants to be the pope, but this is to indicate the Office of the Papacy is still there as long as you have true Bishops in the world.  The keys would automatically go to the Bishop who follows the Deposit of Faith and the truthful position of the status of the Church as the result of the Great Apostasy that we’re living in today.
God Bless, in Christ;
Joseph B.D. Saraceno

Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma by Dr. Ludwig Ott

by Ludwig Ott (Translator), Patrick Lynch (Translator), James C. Bastible (Editor)

Ready Winter 2009 Recognized as the greatest summary of Catholic dogma ever put between two covers. A one-volume encyclopedia of Catholic doctrines. Tells exactly what the Church teaches on any particular topic. Tells when the pronouncement was made and gives the sources from Scripture, Church Councils, Papal statements and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Essential for priests, seminarians, parents and teachers. Easily one of our most important books. 560 pgs, PB(less)

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