George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed by Actual Beetles

george-harrisonA humble Los Angeles landmark meets a bizarrely fitting end - A tree planted to honor of the memory of the Beatles songwriter George Harrison has been killed by actual beetles. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the living local monument fell victim to an infestation of insects that couldn’t be bested. According to Councilman Tom LaBonge, the 10-foot-tall pine planted in 2004 bit the dust only recently, and a new one will be planted in its stead shortly. MORE

VIDEO: 4 COBRAS protect sleeping baby

babycobrasWhat’s wrong with this picture?  What’s wrong with these parents?  There is definitely a spiritual darkness in a culture that allows their precious young to lie down next to venomous snakes.  Even non-venomous like Anacondas or dangerous dogs like Pitbulls for that matter. How in the world do you get to the child if there’s an emergency?  This spells disaster. MORE

Here’s yet another video: MORE

Planned Parenthood Gives Kids Disgusting Advice, “Experiment by Pooping on Your Sex Partners”

PPA Planned Parenthood employee advises an undercover investigator, posing as a 15-year-old girl, on how to experiment with sexual bondage/sadomasochism, including gagging, whipping, defecation, emulating pornography, and going to sex stores to “get educated.” Footage was obtained by Live Action at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Littleton and Lakewood, Colorado. MORE

Animals replacing Children, pet suites in new homes

PetsThis trend of replacing children with animals started in the early 80′s. Like I tell my friends, “Marriage is not forever anymore.” and as a result fewer marriages and less children. Also I suspect that these religions who place animals at the same level or above humans are playing a role in this as they are ever increasing in size in our American society now.Like the Buddhists and Hindus.  MORE

Jihadists seize Iraq monastery

flagjiMosul (Iraq) (AFP) – Jihadist militants have taken over a monastery in northern Iraq, one of the country’s best-known Christian landmarks, and expelled its resident monks, a cleric and residents said Monday. hMORE

Obama Administration Suppresses Talk of Muslim Persecutions Muslim Persecution of Christians

persecutedAlong with an especially jarring list of atrocities committed against Christian minorities throughout the Islamic world, March also saw some callous indifference or worse from the U.S. government.

President Barack Obama was criticized by human rights activists for not addressing the plight of Christians and other minorities during his talks with leaders in Saudi Arabia, where Christianity is actively banned. MORE

‘Christianity is Abhorrent’: More Atheistic Materials to be Distributed in Public Schools

Censored-AtheistA federal judge has given a secular organization the green light to distribute more atheistic and anti-Christian materials to Florida public school students, in spite of the materials’ graphic content and offensive language.

As previously reported, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) learned last year that a Christian ministry had made Bibles available to Orlando high school students on “Religious Freedom Day.” To counter the Bible distribution, FFRF sought permission from the school district to give students a variety of atheistic and anti-Christian materials. MORE