Bishop Williamson called “The Sound of Music,” Off Key? ha.

sofIs this a debate?

It’s hard to convince people gripped by today’s mood of secular gloom that The Sound of Music is a work of abiding artistic genius. The cynic will recall a saccharine musical stretched over almost three hours, involving singing nuns, an impromptu pyjama party, puppet shows and the mawkish strains of Edelweiss. All this soppy madness culminates in a family of nine fleeing from a pack of Nazis, but not before pausing to sing at a music festival. Why would anyone take it seriously? MORE

Iran’s supreme leader has terminal cancer

rtr2qkizI just sent him a letter last month. A follow up from the one I wrote two years ago. I hope he makes it through the current peace negotiations.

Arabic media outlets reported Wednesday that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was hospitalized in critical condition, days after a different report indicated doctors had given the ayatollah only two years to live. MORE

VIDEO: Hundreds of stranded drivers FINALLY on the move after some were stuck in their cars without food or heat

mileslongA treacherous winter storm reaching from Texas to New England closed schools, canceled more than 4,000 flights and stranded hundreds of drivers overnight in Kentucky, where as much as 23 inches of snow fell.

The snow caused traffic to come to a standstill, with a huge section of the freeway between Elizabethtown and Louisville becoming a virtual parking lot – leaving cars and trucks littered across the roads since 9pm Wednesday night. MORE

Assyrian Christians crowdfund an army to reclaim homeland from ISIL (Coptics are fighting back! Patriots are helping!)

COPTICAt a covert training camp just north of Mosul, ten miles from the front lines with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the first wave of Assyrian Christian volunteers for the Nineveh Protection Unit (NPU) have just completed boot camp. Funded in part by an Assyrian-American telethon campaign and trained by a handful of freelance U.S. military veterans, around 500 men are set to deploy next week as part of an unorthodox — and unproven — project. MORE

Netanyahu plays center stage

NETSTGIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plays center stage at the Congress this week to slam the Iran deal-in-the-making, is nothing but a political ploy to enhance his reelection campaign.
Everybody knows that if Iran had the urgency to obtain nuclear bombs, they could easily obtain some on the black market. I’m sure North Korea, Pakistani or even Russia would be glad to assist, if the price is right.

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VIDEO: Villarrica volcano erupts in southern Chile, thousands flee

VOThe Villarrica volcano erupted around 3 a.m. local time, according to the National Emergency Office, which issued a red alert and ordered evacuations. Local media showed images of the volcano bursting at the top, glowing in the dark amid heavy smoke and rivers of lava. Authorities worried that mudslides caused by melting snow could endanger nearby communities. MORE – VIDEO

Mysterious ‘priest’ taking digital confessions

snapchatThe religious sacrament of confessing your sins is about to enter the digital age… Well, sort of.

A press release sent to Fox San Antonio last week claims an ordained priest in the San Antonio area will be the first to begin accepting confessions over the social media app ‘Snapchat.’

The release states the confessions will be accepted by @priestDavid from March 2nd through March 16th. MORE


th (2)President Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu clashed over Iran nuclear diplomacy on Monday on the eve of the Israeli prime minister’s hotly disputed address to Congress, underscoring the severity of U.S.-Israeli strains over the issue.

Even as the two leaders professed their commitment to a strong partnership and sought to play down the diplomatic row, they delivered dueling messages – Netanyahu in a speech to pro-Israeli supporters and Obama in an interview with Reuters – that hammered home their differences on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. MORE – VIDEO

VIDEO: White House denies threat to shoot down Israeli jets

JETThe White House on Monday flatly denied a report that the president threatened to strike Israeli jets after Israel decided to conduct an attack on Iranian nuclear sites in 2014.

“The reports — like many of the ‘reports’ emerging coincidentally this week about the Iran talks — are completely false,” White House National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said in a statement emailed to The Hill. MORE

VIDEO: California Rental Armageddon: Nearly half of Los Angeles adults doubling up, working class moving out, or you have the option of simply living in poverty.

MigrationOut2013This is defined by Zillow as at least two working-age, unmarried or un-partnered adults living together.  So how can someone afford a $4,000 apartment in Santa Monica?  Easy, just have two other people living with you and the rent then becomes “affordable” or at least that is the pitch.  For many, even finding a roommate is too expensive.  Many adults are moving back home: MORE – VIDEO