“Christ’s Return,” & Why the Vatican II Council, the U.N. E.U. I.M.F. are the, “Beast of the Apocalypse.”

By Joseph B.D. Saraceno
In this lectured  C/D, booklets & documents  explains about when Christ will return, and why He will come back on Pentecost Sunday, describes the Ant-Christ system,  the “Marks of the Beast,” and shows where the Vatican II Council & (popes) is located in the Scriptures.”The Great Apostasy,” booklet focuses on the relationship of the V-2 Council with the One World Inter-Faith, Humanistic Gospel working with the U.N. E.U. & IMF for the one world secular liberal democracy. Continue reading

Researchers locate site of gas chambers in Poland

gasPolish and Israeli Holocaust researchers say they have discovered the exact location of the building that housed gas chambers at Sobibor, one of the death camps operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland.

Israel’s Yad Vashem and the Majdanek State Museum in Poland, which oversees Sobibor, announced the finding Wednesday, calling it an important discovery in the field of Holocaust research. MORE

20 Pics of Strange Creatures Mentioned In The Bible

seraHave you ever had questions about all of the strange creatures in the Bible? Maybe you never noticed how many were mentioned, or maybe you didn’t know that some of them were strange or even creatures because you didn’t recognize the names. Well, I’m going to break down some of these for you, and if you love what you learn, please share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks in advance and enjoy. MORE


DDWhile there are variations in Christian theology about the nature of Satan and demons, traditional Christian thought holds that these creatures are evil, the threat from them is real and should be taken seriously. Exactly what self-proclaimed “satanists” think about all this is unclear, other than that they make a public show of worshiping Satan and calling upon demons for assistance. MORE

Kasper’s response to cardinals’ protests against communion for remarried divorcees

synodA “preventive war” is being fought ahead of the Synod on the Family: Müller, Burke, Caffarra, Brandmuler and De Paolis have published a book in which they express their opposition to making communion for remarried divorcees possible in certain cases. They called this unacceptable. Cardinals Scola and Pell are of the same opinion. Cardinal Kasper rejects second marriages but believes the Church should show mercy and give divorced couples a helping hand MORE

Los Angeles doctor asks feds to study why meningitis targets gay, bisexual men

MEN“This issue also highlights the importance of tracking health data associated with sexual orientation and gender identity,”

With nearly a dozen cases of meningococcal disease already reported across Los Angeles County this year, a local doctor has asked the federal government to look into why gay and bisexual men seem to be at greater risk for exposure and transmission of the illness. MORE