Another Nun Gives Birth To A Baby, No Idea of Pregnancy as well

Q (1)There might be something mystical that’s happening behind the convent nowadays as another nun reportedly gave birth to a baby. And just like the previous article, The nun is also unaware of her pregnancy. What she felt as a stomach pain led her to know that she is pregnant and it is her due date as the stomach pain was apparently called as “Labor Pain” MORE


Pope Francis opens doors to transsexual dubbed ‘devil’s daughter’

TRANSEXPope Francis has met a Spanish transsexual and his fiancée at the Vatican, opening his doors to a man dubbed “the devil’s daughter” by a local priest, media reports said Tuesday.

Diego Neria Lejarraga met the pontiff on Saturday after writing to him in December to complain he was being treated as an outcast in his parish in Plasencia in western Spain, according to the Spanish daily Hoy. MORE

Richard McBrien, outspoken liberal theologian and Notre Dame scholar, dies at 78

RNS-MCBRIEN-OBITI and traditional Catholics owe a lot to Father McBrien. He also was the General Editor of the “Encyclopedia of Catholicism.” 1995. Where I got much of my information, especially on the Vatican II Council. It was one of my sources exposing that the council teaches that one can be saved in any religion.  We were both the same age and his mother was an Italian.

The Rev. Richard McBrien, a renowned Catholic theologian at the University of Notre Dame who wrote comprehensive works on church history and delivered punchy sound bites from a liberal perspective, died Sunday (Jan. 25). He was 78 and had been in poor health for several years. MORE

VIDEO: Protection from Tasers – A taser resistant outfit

FENCIn fencing, a lamé is an electrically conductive jacket worn by foil and sabre fencers in order to define the scoring area (which is different for each weapon). Foil lamés, although traditionally a metallic grey, are becoming more and more popular in an array of colors. In foil, the lamé extends on the torso from the shoulders to the groin area, including the back. MORE

RIP Dr. Hughes

pic007[1]Two of Dr Hughes sons are CMRI priests
Dear Friends,
Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Please remember the soul of Dr. Vincent Patrick Hughes in your prayers. He passed away last night around 10:00pm. He had been in the hospital, failing these past two weeks. Pneumonia, coupled with pericarditis and a septic infection is what I understand were the factors contributing to his death.
A solemn High requiem Mass will be celebrated on this coming Friday. The Rosary is Thursdayevening. May He rest in peace. The family will be grateful for any prayers offered on his behalf.
God bless you now and always!
Sister M. Providencia, CMRI

VIDEO: Set On Fire in Bed While Friend Sings and Videos

FIRESETAn NYU student set his friend on fire as she was sleeping in bed while he recorded the stunt on video. Jaime Castano, 20, posted the video of himself singing after he set his allegedly intoxicated friend on fire to snapchat, and has now been charged first degree assault among other crimes for the incident. MORE

Apocalyptic beliefs may explain why Francis is a pope in a hurry

CardinalTagle2This is a smoke screen for Francis to hurry his agenda of the one world inter-faith religion. Along with the physical part, which is this Secular Liberal Democracy being implemented by the U.N. E.U.  I.M.F and NATO “The Beast of the Apocalypse.”

There were two other tidbits, however, that have been somewhat lost in the shuffle, both of which are important for understanding what is more and more a defining trait of this pope — his sense of urgency.

One of those nuggets is about a book; the other, a trip. MORE

The AntiChrist would have to be a false pope; St. Bernard

lstDear friends of the faith.

The AntiChrist would have to be a false pope; St. Bernard

Any time you hear or see the phrase, Restoration, or the like, denies divine revelation that the first AntiChrist was Paul VI and that the final solution can only be the Second Coming of Christ. Do not trust Traditionalists who preach or indicate, ‘restoration,’ ‘Sedeprivationists,’ ‘material formula popes,’ ‘interregnum,’ ‘a future Pope,’  etc, on these subjects. You notice that I use a capitol C on AntiChrist, which means he has to be a priest, or acting priest.
They are all denying Scriptures. St. Bernard voiced his opinion that the AntiChrist would have to be a false pope. Not an Anti-Pope. An Anti-Pope can still be Catholic. An AntiChrist has to be an apostate.

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Hawaii battling a beetle crisis

COFHawaii has gone down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah. Same sex marriage, abortion and whatever promotes the vices that will feed the frenzy sex fanatics.

Coffee farms from Kona to Ka’u are feeling the impact of spreading coffee berry borer infestations. However, a three-pronged approach aimed at combating the beetle appears to be helping, a University of Hawaii extension agent and area coffee growers said last week. MORE

Russian-led rebels dig in for Ukraine attack

_20Russia’s invading and the world looks away. Remember Hitler started off this way.

Russian-led paramilitaries are fortifying Donetsk’s provincial government building after kicking out separatist administrators, signalling a shift in power as rebels prepare for an expected assault by Ukrainian troops. MORE

The Gay Community’s Serial Killer Problem

gayserialkillerAccording to the Serial Killer Database maintained by Radford University, 52% of U.S. serial killers are white, and 92% are male.

However, in a dated study conducted in 2003, 69% of serial killers were either self-described homosexuals or engaged in homosexual behavior “immediately, prior to, during or after committing their murders.”

In verifying and updating this number, a random sampling of 59 U.S. serial killers after 1960 was collected and studied. Of those 59 convicted murderers, 39 were found to be gay, 66%. MORE