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It has been my experience that Traditional Catholics enjoy a harmonious relationship once they become aware of the following realities:
FIDELITY AMONG TRADITIONALISTS1. We are living in the Great Apostasy spoken of by St.Paul the Apostle.
2. The Vatican II Anti Christs have taken over the chair of St. Peter and will possess it until Christ returns.
3. There will never be another True Pope.
4. Christ will be back in the Generation of the Great Apostasy. Matt.24:34.
5. The general testimonial & judgment day starts on Pentecost Sunday and ends on the eve of Trinity Sunday. After the Great Chastisement.

1. The Heresies stemming from the Vatican II Council.
2. Cultism, elevating private revelations and their messages above the Apostles and the Divine doctrinal teachings of the Church.
3. Lack of Biblical knowledge and study.
4. Mortal Sin.
God bless and see you soon on judgment day. In Christ, Joseph

THE FAITH MATTERS Maryfaithful publication Jan/Feb of 1998

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You can go to Heaven without the Tridentine Mass, but you cannot go to heaven without the True Catholic Faith.

We are not really astonished at this “slippage ” in a Catholic sense. Acting and reacting like a Catholic requires the Faith. The virtue of faith is the principle of a truly Catholic life, and in most Catholics today, as we commonly observe them going about their business at home, at church, and in society this principle, if not dead, remains fruitless. In other words, the Catholic religion makes little impression in their lives and little difference that would set them apart from their non-Catholic contemporaries.

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pope Francis “No Walls.” Speaker Pelosi “No Wall,” Here is your Washington DC conspiracy connection folks

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Now tell me this isn’t a National Emergency – pope Francis “No Walls.”  Speaker Pelosi “No Wall,”

Today, new migrant caravan sets out from Honduras to U.S. in the News. 1-15-19
These migrants know, once they get across our border these Religious groups will come to their aid, especially the Catholic Church. Most Latino’s are Catholic. Talk about a collusion with a foreign power which they accused President Trump of with his ties to Russia. It’s time to investigate House speaker Pelosi with her ties to the Vatican. Don’t forget the Vatican is a Sovereign Foreign Country. She was in favor of the Vatican II Council’s new position on birth control. So if you can’t see the connection here you have to be totally blind. Pelosi is catering to the will of Pope Francis in her obstruction of president Trump’s border wall. She needs to be investigated by the F.B.I. as well.

Build bridges not walls’: Pope Francis

Pelosi says Democrats will give ‘nothing for the wall’

In China, they’re closing churches, jailing pastors – and even rewriting scripture

In late October, the pastor of one of China’s best-known underground churches asked this of his congregation: had they successfully spread the gospel throughout their city? “If tomorrow morning the Early Rain Covenant Church suddenly disappeared from the city of Chengdu, if each of us vanished into thin air, would this city be any different? Would anyone miss us?” said Wang Yi, leaning over his pulpit and pausing to let the question weigh on his audience. “I don’t know.” MORE