Florida High School Shooting

The scriptures tell us, “The more laws you need, the more pagan society is.” Unfortunately the innocent suffer along with the guilty. We have to add now to the NO GUN list the kids who are expelled form school, those who are fired from their jobs or any other type situation. It may not need to be permanent but start with a two year probation. After that a 30 day review for the obtainment of the fire arms can be had.

This I feel will help prevent more senseless killings and add long prison terms for those who sell guns to those who are restricted.

10 Reasons Why Catholics Don’t Evangelize

In as much as this priest is in the new church, his reasoning is so true. Even among Traditionalists.
I make a few comments on some of these 10 reasons because he himself does not have a thorough understanding of what the Vatican II Church teaches.

10 Reasons Why Catholics Don’t Evangelize N C R.
Preach the gospel at all times. The use of words is necessary.
Fr. Dwight Longenecker
At a priests’ conference not long ago, the speaker quoted some statistics. Christians of different traditions were asked percentage wise how important evangelization was to their understanding of the Christian faith. Continue reading

The Dolorous Passion

Why am I writing this over my concern of the book “The Dolorous Passion,”
First of all, it is not faithful to the Biblical accounts of the Passion as stated in Catalogs.

When Pope John XXIII announced the Second Vatican II Council, he stated in his opening address that he “Wanted to bring all of the Christians together.” However what he really meant was, he wanted to bring ALL of the Major religions together. Common sense tells us that in order to do this: the first change would have to be in making our Lord just another prophet. This was done when they changed Isaias prophecy from a Virgin to a young woman with child, others followed. To make these changes one must come out with new Bibles but, as with the Mass changes they started out with Monthly Missalettes, and as they did with the Mass prayers, started with the changes one month at a time. Continue reading

End Time Prophecy’s of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church

1: The future conversion of the Jews to the Faith

Many Jews have been converted over the years but since the Jewish nation in 1948 I doubt any of these Jews will be converted. The only reason we have the Jewish Nation now is to set up the AntiChrist climax to Christs return and if anything the new Church has accepted them as part of the faith without conversion. Certainly they are not going to become Traditional Catholics.
The AntiChrist, False Prophet, with the heads of many Religions and the Two Witnesses will all gather in Jerusalem for the inter-faith gospel before Christs comes back. Continue reading

Insight into the Catholic Faith presents Catholic Tradition Newsletter

Vol 11 Issue 7~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier

All men are vain, in whom there is not the knowledge of God: and who by these good things that are seen, could not understand him that is, neither by attending to the works have acknowledged who was the workman. (Wisdom 13:1)

February 17, 2018 ~ Flight into Egypt

1. What is the Sacrament of Confirmation
2. First Sunday in Lent
3. Saint Simeon
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices

Dear Reader:

This week, the first full week of Lent, Holy Mother Church takes up our fervor to enter the season by adding the ember days to the week—this does not affect those already fasting, just those who do not fast must also restrain themselves from the use of meat to only the main meal on Wednesday and Saturday. Continue reading

The Eagle has Crashed: The TradCatKnight Deception Exposed

Eric Gajewski’s TradCatKnight Deception Exposed

No, we don’t have a personal axe to grind with Mr. Gajewski. We are sharing this information first and foremost because Gajewski spreads most dangerous errors regarding the Catholic Faith, specifically regarding the unity of the Church, the papacy, and the Catholic Magisterium. Our podcast TRADCAST 003 takes on some of Gajewski’s errors.  MORE – VIDEO

Past suggestions for Traditional Catholics

To read the Readings and Gospel for each day will now be doubled because of the Lenten Readings and Gospel,  if daily Mass is not available. 

Remember that most of the main events that take place in Scriptures take place, from Lent to Pentecost Sunday, The  Creation of the World, Adam & Eve, The Passover, Ten Commandments, The Flood? The Annunciation, The Crucifixion, Resurrection, Opening of Heaven on Ascension Thursday, The Birthday of the Church & Christ’s Return on Pentecost Sunday. And I might add so should the Great Chastisement which precedes the Second Coming of Christ.
In christ, Joseph

Domestic abuse violations, A B C and David Muir

The constant drum pounding of domestic abuse violations against former staff secretary Rob Porter and others, without any knowledge of the facts is pronouncing one guilty without a trial. I myself have known many housewife’s who have beaten up on their husbands or have provoked a fight. Not one word about the other side of the coin.
David Muir’s a Roman Catholic and A.B.C a Disney, Bank of America affiliated with ties to the Catholic Church. A church grossed up with a new liberal philosophy and homosexual priests. A pope who president Trump has clashed with. Is David trying to get even? I have never seen the news media condemn people without all the facts as  has been the case since President Trump has taken office. Why even President Clinton didn’t get the flack as the Trump administration and he admitted his guilt, only it wasn’t sex.