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It has been my experience that Traditional Catholics enjoy a harmonious relationship once they become aware of the following realities:
FIDELITY AMONG TRADITIONALISTS1. We are living in the Great Apostasy spoken of by St.Paul the Apostle.
2. The Vatican II Anti Christs have taken over the chair of St. Peter and will possess it until Christ returns.
3. There will never be another True Pope.
4. Christ will be back in the Generation of the Great Apostasy. Matt.24:34.
5. The general testimonial & judgment day starts on Pentecost Sunday and ends on the eve of Trinity Sunday. After the Great Chastisement.

1. The Heresies stemming from the Vatican II Council.
2. Cultism, elevating private revelations and their messages above the Apostles and the Divine doctrinal teachings of the Church.
3. Lack of Biblical knowledge and study.
4. Mortal Sin.
God bless and see you soon on judgment day. In Christ, Joseph

Migrants break border gate, force their way into Mexico

Migrants, part of the caravan hoping to reach the U.S. border, walk on the shoulder of a road in Frontera Hidalgo, Mexico

Remember folks; AntiChrist Francis was in Panama a few months ago and please don’t tell me this migrant surge wasn’t sponsored by him. Panama is noted to be the money laundering nation in the world. It’s also now controlled by China. Speaker Pelosi is being used by AntiChrist Francis.

The National Immigration Institute did not identify the nationalities of the migrants, but they are usually from Central America. MORE

Listen to Dr. J. Vernon McGee – Defend Our Lady’s Virginity against the New Catholic Bibles


Dear faithful:When Pope John XXIII called the Vatican II Council he stated in his opening address that he wanted to bring all the Christians together, open the windows and let in some fresh air. However what he meant was, he wanted to bring all Religions together. Question; how do you bring all Religions together with Jesus as God Man. Simple; you make Jesus just another prophet by printing new Bibles and changing those prophecies that make him the Messiah.

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Palm Sunday is the first day of the Creation

Image result for first day of the Creation

Palm Sunday is the first day of the Creation and here you have the people of Jerusalem hailing our King. Little did they realize they were saluting the God-Man Who created them and started the creation on that very day. Then they run away when he’s arrested not realizing that they’re now sharing in Adam and Eve’s sin of betrayal. So, now the Lord goes to atone for their sins and for making the imperfect God in Adam by dying on the same DAY that he created him. Good Friday. The Passover spring full moon is God’s witness in the sky. Psalm 88:38. Happy Birthday World.
It’s so simple and obvious that it’s pathetic, just as the same reasoning of His return on the Birthday of the new life of Man, Pentecost Sunday.

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A Town with No Divorces


Their Wedding Featured a Tradition from a Town with No Divorces …

Did you know that there’s a town called Siroki-Brijeg in Bosnia-Herzegovina where there haven’t been any documented divorces or broken homes for centuries? Perhaps it has something do with an ancient marriage tradition called the “marriage crucifix.” MORE