VIDEO: Egypt’s Copts, Muslims Visit Virgin Mary Monastery

Every August, tens of thousands of Egypt’s Coptic Christians and Egyptian Muslims take buses and trains to the Virgin Mary Monastery in Assiut. The monastery is believed to have been visited by the Holy family when they fled Israel out of fear of persecution by King Herod. Hamada Elrasam was in Assiut and has the story.

Blood red moon over New York skyline captured in spectacular photos

BLDMThe photos have been a hit on social media, with Corinne Cavallo commenting: “These are so spectacular!!”

Mehdi Mudassir said: “Whenever I return to the US I would make it a point to photography the Manhattan skyline with you.”

While another fan wrote: “We were driving and saw this great red moon on the horizon .. wishing I had the 600mm to capture it. Great shot. All I had was my phone on the motorway.” MORE


What will happen when SSPX aligns itself with Rome

Muller-FrancisDear friends, here are a few revelations which will occur if SSPX align themselves with Rome. To read all of these transcripts go to this web site on the month of August…

And what is a “personal prelature” in the Newchurch of the New Order? It is defined in Newcanons 294 to 297 of the anti-Catholic Novus Ordo 1983 Code. First of all, it is not a particular church that is equivalent to a Newdiocese under Canon 368. Secondly, it includes only clerics: it does not include laypeople. For example, it excludes monks, hermits, nuns, friars, and other religious brothers and sisters who are not deacons or presbyters. Religious and lay orders can be affiliated to the personal prelature, but they are not part of it. Lay associations can also be associated, but are not part of it either. Continue reading

The Oratory Catechism – My last one – Sale priced

hr-vergrc3b6c39fertHardbound, over 400 pages. Imported from Germany (English).This Catechism is put together by two Traditional Latin Rite Priests with 100 pages of questions and answers devoted to comparing the teachings of the Vatican II church with past teachings of the Catholic Church. Elucidates end time prophecies, and explains what it means to be a True Roman Catholic by clarifying Church teaching and the meaning of the “Great Apostasy.”

$25.00      $6.00 postage  overseas $15.00 postage

Some of the questions answered by the authors.

# 666 Why the sacrifice of the Mass not an Assembly?
# 659 Why is the doctrine of a Hierarchy of Truths to be rejected?
# 669 Why is the doctrine of Equal Rights to be rejected?
# 770 How will the Catholic Church in the end times be recognizable?
# 733 Why the Church in the end times lack state protection

Send to:
Joseph B.Saraceno
17024 S. Western Ave # 8
Gardena, CA. 90247-5215

Iran hails first woman Olympic medallist

57b750ec8d160TEHRAN: Iran on Friday cheered Kimia Alizadeh who became the first Iranian woman ever to win an Olympic medal with President Hassan Rouhani leading the praise over her taekwondo bronze.

“My daughter Kimia, you have triggered the happiness of all the Iranians, and particularly of the women. I wish you eternal joy,” the president tweeted. MORE

VIDEO: Why are the Lutherans attacking Israel again?

0819israelpalestine01The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is a church in decline but one whose enthusiasm for attacks on Israel never wanes.

The decline is very clear in the numbers. When formed in 1988, the ELCA had over 5 million members, but it is now down to about 3.8 million—down over a fourth. The number of member churches is similarly in decline. MORE