California Governor Denies Terminally Ill Access to Potentially Life-Saving Drugs

Jerry-BrownCalifornians who are terminally ill will not be able to access drugs with the potential to save or prolong their lives as a result of Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto of the Right to Try Act on Sunday.

AB 159, the California Right to Try Act, passed the state assembly and senate with overwhelming bipartisan support.

“It’s disappointing that Governor Brown couldn’t see the need to allow Californians the right to fight to save their own lives,” said Assemblyman Ian Calderon (D., Whittier), who sponsored the legislation. “Both Democrats and Republicans wanted this for our California’s terminally ill.” MORE


215China has told Moscow that they will join in the bombing in Syria from their Aircraft Carrier. This has HUGE implications folks. HUGE!

It is a well-known fact that the Nation of Iran today has two chief allies, Russia and China. They have stood by Iran through the thick and thin especially with controlling interest as permanent members of the United Nation’s Security Council. Without Russian and China, Shiite Iran would have been history decades ago. MORE

Here are what every Catholic should know about Francis I, his “pontificate”, and the current Synod

Synod-On-the-Themes-of-Fa-014I really marvelled at the kind of excitement and joy with which, on October 4th, a friend and brother (a well committed Novus Ordite though!) announced to me that “the pope” had excommunicated a dissident Catholic priest! “I told you,” he said. “This pope is wise! He knows what he’s doing! The Holy Spirit is leading him!

I couldn’t just laugh, and I couldn’t cry. I only gazed at him, mute! MORE

Traditional Catholicism in Nigeria

OTHER1318924_Articolo2015 is already here and Catholics, just like other Nigerians, are warming up, getting ready to vote candidates of their choices into different elective positions—in fact, others even warming up to contest! But what actually does our faith as Catholics teach us about modern democracy? Can a Catholic, practising his faith, really participate in our type of democracy and still remains a Catholic? MORE

Obama Bans Pork from Prisons, CAIR Praises Decision

Russian Sanctions Threaten Pork FarmersJust think what this will do to the pork industry.

The federal Bureau of Prisons has banned pork products from being served in the 122 prisons it runs nationwide, The Washington Post reports. 

The ban started with the new fiscal year, which began October 1, and is attributed by the bureau to prisoners not liking pork. Surveys over recent years have found prisoners like pork least of all meats, and it is too costly, prison bureau spokesman Edmond Ross told the Post. MORE

USC coach Steve Sarkisian taking indefinite leave of absence

460xUnbelievable. I knew something was wrong.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Southern California coach Steve Sarkisian is taking an indefinite leave of absence after athletic director Pat Haden determined that the troubled coach is “not healthy.”

Haden announced the decision in a hastily called news conference Sunday after Sarkisian didn’t show up for practice. MORE

‘Queen of All Saints’ ~ under Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn in Vero Beach, Florida

DSC_0033A new church has opened under His Excellency Bishop Sanborn.

Tridentine Latin Mass is celebrated at the
Vero Beach Women’s Club
1534 21st Street
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
Sundays at 10:00 AM. ~ Confessions between 9:15 to 9:50 AM ~ Rosary begins 9:30

More Photos and contact information: Continue reading

Saudi Arabia’s last best chance may be an alliance with Israel

ALLIANCEGiven its location, resources and religious significance, Saudi Arabia should have developed into one of the world’s great powers: a Norway in the Middle East, perhaps, or a South Korea on the Arabian Peninsula. At the very least, someone at the top should’ve realized the good times wouldn’t last—eventually the oil would run out, superpowers would move on, and the country would have to stand on its own. MORE

Pope Francis Reverses Position On Capitalism After Seeing Wide Variety Of American Oreos (Satire-The Onion)

800“Oh, my goodness, look at all these! Golden Oreos, Cookie Dough Oreos, Mega Stuf Oreos, Birthday Cake Oreos—perhaps the system of free enterprise is not as terrible as I once feared,” said the visibly awed bishop of Rome while visiting a Washington, D.C. supermarket, adding that the sheer diversity of flavors, various colors and quantities of creme filling, and presence or absence of an outer fudge layer had led to a profound philosophical shift in his feelings toward the global economy and opened his eyes to the remarkable capabilities of the free market… MORE